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The game plot is about exploring a mythic labyrinth with your own customizable dragon. There are lots of walking around the dark corridors and fights with bizarre creatures. Pretty interesting game for all the furry sex lovers.

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22 Responses to “Lusty Labyrinth”

  1. First !!!

  2. I like turtles

  3. old but gold

  4. old but gold

  5. very thank you!!

  6. old butt gold ^^ this guy man, dis guy

  7. wow need some action here static pix yay(yaun)

  8. Too little frames, no fun looking sex scenes. Concept is pretty decent though.

  9. playing through this takes ages... literally...

  10. game doesn't save for me :( kind of a fun rpg game though

  11. mmm it was fun...

  12. I hope this game saves when I log out.

  13. Cool new porn game -

  14. only up date the site 1-3 times and your save is back

  15. This is some old garbage

  16. cant move my dragon... wasd or arrow keys dont work

  17. Strangely addicting, but if you've played through the first few levels you've seen every enemy (Succubus, Naga, and Dragoness)

  18. I love it! Wish it had sound thou.

  19. This game is very addictive, even minus the sexual content. The closest relative to this game I can think of is the Enchanted Cave, one of the top games on Kongregate. That game, however, didn't have the ability to determine how much damage you do to the opponent vs how much they do to you through a minigame like this one does. In summery, this game is one that is highly enjoyable, even if the sexual content was removed.

  20. mmmmm i don't like

  21. how do i go into my invt

  22. Why can't I move my character? Everything works except the WASD or the Arrow keys. Da fuq?

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