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Here is one more update on a furry sex game that we posted earlier. In the game you meet a beautiful girl named Casey who lives in a world of animals that look human. Casey does her best to be helpful at work and to not get bored of her life as well...

PS: The game has no preloader. If you see a white screen for some time, please wait until the game begins.
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Comments (31)
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Anon 2017-02-08 19:35:12
First nigga
yo 2017-02-08 19:47:38
First white person
tophat man 2017-02-08 20:10:34
ah yes! good day good sir :3 *sips his tea*
Anonymous 2017-02-08 21:14:43
cheats please?
incog 2017-02-08 22:22:09
bugs, like any other version..
Anonymous 2017-02-09 02:35:34
need cheats now?
Anonymous 2017-02-09 03:13:14
myslut myfriends myprof(only works twice) mycash
Gallery 2017-02-09 06:02:16
Does anyone know the gallery code?
LOL 2017-02-09 15:53:15
i just tried "mygal" and it actually is the code for the gallery
LOL 2017-02-09 16:21:57
A man a hero
Anonymous 2017-02-09 23:12:03
myfriends works more then twice
Anonymous 2017-02-10 06:27:30
how can we make the boss be happy?
PPP 2017-02-10 12:56:56
Context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing device
kett 2017-02-11 11:29:25
the game isent done yet
Really? 2017-02-12 10:17:47
It Literally isn't hard at all to just disable the fucking trigger in the code that leads to a incomplete section, Or you know, Label it in the Gallery. How is this still funded?
Steven 2017-02-12 23:32:00
How do you give Boss a blowjob like in the picture ?
Shh 2017-02-13 18:43:49
v1.4 cheats anyone???
fkn bugs 2017-02-14 19:12:18
If you do any of this, you will have to restart: grab coffee with Jack, scan your tits
fkn bugs 2017-02-14 19:24:02
don't try to spy on the boss and kelly
fkn bugs 2017-02-14 19:56:03
don't try to fuck ram
... 2017-02-22 22:20:40
29mb of bug's. . . nice game, but the 'crashes'....
Someone 2017-03-13 16:35:39
"mygal" to unlock gallery, "myslut" to increase sluttiness, "myfriends" to increase relationships, "mycash" for cash, "myprof" to improve career (only works twice)
Noobie19 2017-03-24 05:29:25
Use right click show all on the bugged scenes
DionĂ­sio 2017-04-01 23:48:57
Infelizmente aparece o aviso de: "Context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing device" durante uma cena importante do jogo...
pussylover 2017-04-09 09:33:11
damn i love pussy anyone up for dirty chat
demonhead 2017-04-18 17:36:49
how do you buy clothes or outfits in this game?
Nesser 2017-07-26 11:35:37
Infinite Loading Screen help
Needs improvement 2017-08-16 03:22:32
I wish there was an option to make your character a furry too...
Gamers 2017-09-08 10:03:08
Context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing device support. ERROR GAME
miles 2017-09-25 00:15:34
how far did anyone get into this game, Cuz I already "came" when That rude ass mutt striped here tits, out of no where(unpredictable MF) . is there any lesbian shit in this game cuz that bitch twerking never has a spare training uniform.... and this bitch can't go to target cuz her slut brian only understands house, work, and bar (with one waitress and no one else)?
OuO 2017-10-20 04:29:16
I should get a job here~