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The worst Sonic's enemy Eggman has found a lost magical artifact in Emerald Hill. It's a diamond that is able to transform a man into a woman. The villain decided to test it on Sonic converting him to a busty pornstar :)

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220 Responses to “Sonic XX”

  1. no numbers!

  2. Number 2

  3. How does it work?

  4. Number 3

  5. this game takes for ever to load

  6. What's the key with the chao feeding?

  7. What's the key with the chao feeding?

  8. hat's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key with the chao feeding? What's the key w...

  9. cant get past eggman location

  10. for the chao feeding go to the scene with the flying things and hold her boobs

  11. where is the fourth emerald

  12. how do you get the friends to follow you and get the last unlockables?

  13. how can we found the fourth emerald?

  14. how to follow the fellow and unlocked the last thing


  16. how can i get the sixth emerald from someone? i dont get ist

  17. how do i get the fourth emerald?

  18. how can i get the fifth gem

  19. These hints suck.

  20. how can i get the fifth gem

  21. I'm stuck at the fourth gem too. I tried all clothes and haircuts in every room but can't find it

  22. me either stuck at fourth anyone have done fifth?

  23. How do I get the fifth gem?

  24. Use one of the outfits and hold her boobs for a long time for the fourth gem

  25. tin yur l.c om / 72o 98ko

  26. where abd what outfit

  27. done .. for attrackting a friend you have to whistle at him .. then play with ur boobs. .. then hit him again.

  28. The game doesn't take forever with the loading. If it did it would never load. Think before you type retards.

  29. to get the chao one have the hair from the top row and the yellow outfit from the forth row down then click and hold on her breasts for a while then when you let go of the mouse button it should give it to you

  30. Press Tab and Enter you can choice with no unlock

  31. how to get the fifth emerald ?

  32. How to go to the fourth scene? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  33. final gem how do i do unlock ?????


  35. Love sonic xx and If u xxx add me on facebook email me your fb rite now

  36. rzarzarza

  37. AEZOp eAPOIEpa

  38. i did it by touching her boobs,pussy or lips then eggman outfit and place then you wear the orange outfit and go to the chao and touch her boobs and then get one of the guys with a ceatain outfit and touching her boobs, pussy or lips

  39. how do you get the final segment? its not working for me

  40. i like cake

  41. nice game

  42. How the hell do you get the fourth gem please anyone i need to know how to get the foruth gem please!!!!

  43. how to get the fifth gem

  44. Guys forth gem there will be a red back ground then u use the pirate suit then u squeeze the boobs

  45. How to get sixth gem. I went to the red background. Hair on top row, dress was the left one on the fourth row. Click on the dude to whistle. His eyes stay focused on sonic, click her lips to blow a kiss. After he stands beside you, go to bedroom, strip sonic, and click her pussy.

  46. I got all the way thru it. Check outmy profile if u like me!!

  47. I got all the way thru it. Check outmy profile if u like me!!

  48. Hi KacyLuvsU, I like you, I think you're beautiful, hot and very sexy. Talk to me, I want to know you more.

  49. how do you get him

  50. Nice. I loved the story at the end (egghead's plan to vanquish Sonic). Pretty Clever.

  51. to get the ppl to like u u gotta wear different outfits and click on them. when they keep watchin u click on either breasts or pussy

  52. whwere is the 5 gem??

  53. still can't get past the fourth gem

  54. how can i get the fifth gem

  55. How I can unlock the last gem... I know you need to whistle but what outfits and hairstyle i need?

  56. where is the gem number 5 ?

  57. last gem use the outfit with heart and last hair style whistle and than kiss he folo i need help after that

  58. Not too bad if you unlock all the sex scenes ;)

  59. anyone knows how to bet the part that says it's time to find the place

  60. When someone says 'it takes forever to load', one means is as an expression ... retard!

  61. When someone says 'it takes forever to load', one means it as an expression ... retard!

  62. to get knukles to follow you put on rouge outfit and click your pussy to get shadow to follow you put on amy outfit and kiss to get tails to follow you put on cream outfit and click boobs

  63. where is the gem number 5 ? and 6 please help me

  64. How I get the gem number 3? xD

  65. i can't figure out the fourth part

  66. How do you get the Chao one?

  67. what do for have the 5 emeradal??

  68. where is the gem number 5 ? and 6 please help me

  69. pretty hot game

  70. How do I get the fifth gem? damn it !!

  71. can someone help me with the fifth gem :3

  72. i know that 5 gem it is easy s econd background and fouth hair and fourth outfit then hold boobs long time

  73. childhood ruined

  74. Anyone can help me with the gem number 6?

  75. Awesome game! Hoping for a sequel, like with more options and characters. Maybe Rouge, Amy, and Cream can be partners?

  76. How do I get the fifth gem? How do I get the fifth gem? How do I get the fifth gem? How do I get the fifth gem? How do I get the fifth gem? How do I get the fifth gem? How do I get the fifth gem?

  77. I liked this game. It got me kinda wet

  78. God damn lezzie18. Your tits are fucking nice!

  79. I know ,chose the final scene, chose cloth that you thing it hot then click to the air plant

  80. How do you get the last emerald? I just wanna know.

  81. check my profile ;)

  82. Click on her pussy in the bedroom to get the last gem and unlock the special scene. Use heart outfit and then kiss for Shadow. Use Orange outfit and then tits for Tails. Use rightmost outfit on the fourth row and then pussy for Knuckles. Each have different scenes. Your hairstyle doesn't matter for anything. Also, you can make her lactate by squeezing her tits with Metal Sonic for a bit while she is naked.

  83. how do i go to the 5 gem?

  84. Took me a bit to get the hang of the button in the sex scenes. Kinda hot.


  86. not bad once I eventually figured it out...was fun

  87. Someone can describe it accurately acquire the fifth emerald?

  88. Someone can describe it accurately acquire the fifth emerald?

  89. Someone can describe it accurately acquire the fifth emerald?

  90. make more of these someone

  91. how do you unlock the fourth fucking gem

  92. funny and hot

  93. It's not letting me post anything.

  94. the fifth?

  95. Can't wait for the sequel!

  96. The fifth gem how

  97. fuck my brain MY EIES !!!!!!!

  98. its egg dress+place

  99. click breast, click lips and vagina, go to the eggman world, choose one of the clothes in that world and click her breast,

  100. I love this game i have played it so many times need help post on here i check it everyday

  101. Someone can describe it accurately acquire the fifth emerald?

  102. wtf is this shit

  103. nice game

  104. great game

  105. girl did his game make you wet

  106. I can't click on either special segment or background above that - is there any way to do it 'properly'?

  107. Plz how do you unlock this stupid stage

  108. how do u get the fifth gem?? please be specific, been figuring this thing out for five hours....

  109. Fifth Emerald: background needs to b Chao Garden (green fields), dressed as Tikal (gold necklace, white shirt, green skirt), squeeze boobs for 5 sec

  110. i have 6 emeralds

  111. I Finished This Game

  112. fourth gym is egg man suit and and egg man background hold boobs

  113. Awesome game!


  115. wont start

  116. great game anyway, check my profile :D

  117. sixth emerald please

  118. que alguien me ayude a obtener la ultima gema bn explicado por favor

  119. i find this game needs more scenes , story

  120. sexy and ready to play

  121. nice gave me big boner

  122. can be any of three character options, click a background, wear dress from forth row that keeps attention when you whistle, click pussy lips or boobs to bring friend to your side

  123. go to bedroom, undress, click pussy, click special segment

  124. I can't find rhythm for sex scene i got about 3/4 fill but can't continue

  125. kiss my pussy

  126. interesting concept

  127. for the fourth gem, pick the pirate outfit and hold her boobs

  128. I made it through

  129. how do you get the fourth gem?

  130. How do I work the button?

  131. how to get sixth gem

  132. they should have had a futanari attatchment for sonic

  133. sunny all kiss your pussy and lick it too

  134. fucking is good

  135. great game

  136. girls for a really hot night with me

  137. I made it through

  138. 1. click boobs

  139. fun game

  140. How do u get past the choa thing?

  141. nice who whats to have sex

  142. "Eggman" will always and forever be Robotnik to me (his name is Robotnik in the original games). It's a lot more sinister than "Eggman".

  143. how do you get tails attention?

  144. hot and nice... i'm so wet now

  145. sweet becky mm all fuck it out of you then

  146. after one hour i finish it

  147. five esmerald please!!!!!

  148. fuck you gays you won't give me the answers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. where is the fifth emerald some one tell me

  150. i dont know how to whistle at fifth emerald

  151. dam good game

  152. you guys could just tape it and put it in you tube and say matured for 18 only

  153. wtf how do you attract the dam friends???

  154. cant get pass level 2 ..

  155. Dress in the cream dress and hold the mouse n her boobs

  156. The sex scenes were pretty good... they did get me a bit hard

  157. cool game and very vulgar

  158. how to get 6 gem?

  159. Special Segment doesn't work!

  160. check my profile and let go for fun on cam

  161. easiest adult game ever

  162. y da fuck does this take so long 2 load

  163. ?????????????????

  164. lolololololololololololololololololololol

  165. this game is so easy

  166. this is way to ez

  167. this is way to ez

  168. i beat it

  169. Gosh I love porn

  170. it was so ez

  171. lolzlozlzlolzozlkcfjdg

  172. help i need the sixth emerald

  173. hot game fury,strip fuck

  174. Some hot game

  175. Load totally wrth it, I hope.

  176. jhfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffhvk hfgvhbhvftygbkjb :

  177. jhfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffhvk hfgvhbhvftygbkjb -

  178. in the fourth emerald to get it you need to squeeze sonics tits ithe chao room hold on when squeezing her tits thought

  179. how do i get the fifth gem? can someone help me?

  180. 3 emrald please

  181. i want to get fucked so hard right now can anyone here me please pleasure me i want a penise up my ass and threw my vagina hole im only 16 but i want sex from a guy now!

  182. nice game , check my profile

  183. hey Anonymous how do you get the frouth gem and what it the chao room

  184. im still the sixth one i tried doing everything but it don't help plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz someone help me

  185. idiots,idiots everywhere

  186. hi,im new here what are yall's names

  187. why isn't silver never in those games?

  188. i do'nt know to play this games

  189. too long to load

  190. how to get fifth em

  191. How do I get past the fourth emerald?

  192. how you get the last emerald

  193. I beat the whole game no lie

  194. 1st crystal: nothing, it's given 2nd and 3rd: click boobs, lips and vag 4th: Go to scary looking map (xD) put on pirate outfit and press boobs 5th: 4th outfit, fourth hair, 2nd map, hold boobs for 5 seconds 6th: attract them Special segment: Bedroom, strip, click vag

  195. well then.... good game, just hate the first part

  196. I know how to find every emerald

  197. 4th emerald you need to wear orange dress and press boobs about 2seconds in chao world

  198. and how to attract sonic friend : for red one you need to wear pink dress ,click red bunny then he will stare you and you click your pussy and don't forget to be naked before you have a sex

  199. only a badend?

  200. how to get six gems

  201. how the fuck can you get past the emerald part give me better hints

  202. All this for a blowjob? The fuck am I doing with my time...

  203. the hints are so hard

  204. the 4th emrald is hard



  207. hot girls text this number 716-812-6204


  209. I love sonic xx

  210. nice game

  211. fourth gem to unlock click on boobs and hold for 3 seconds in while wearing eggman outfit in eggbase

  212. nice game


  214. dam it takes for ever to play!!!!!

  215. 2 touch boobs or mouth 3 touch all 4 in eggman room touch boobs whit the first dress 5 dress sonic like "Tikal the Hechidna" and go chaos room , touch boobs 6 go to tails room , dress like "Cream " kiss and touch boobs 7 just use imagination

  216. Nice game...

  217. 9726912954

  218. were the fuck is the fifth gemmer

  219. For those that are wanting that final chaos emerald, I know how to get shadow You need to have Rouge outfit on than whistle at him than click his lips.

  220. -1 emerald: touching the tits -2 emerald: touch the vagina -3 emerald: put on the first suit of the third row and then press the tits -4 emerald: put on the orange suit and go where the chao and presses the tits for 10 seconds -5 emerald: put on the suit of heart and then go to the third fund, and call the attention to shadow and touch the mouth Then undress and go to the room and touch the vagina and READY I'm sorry for my English

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