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As you may know from the thumbs, this is the game for the lovers of furry hentai. Polish your hard cock between the huge boobs of that lustful zebra. Enjoy!

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43 Responses to “Wennie - the Zebra”

  1. weird but got me hard

  2. Die numbah 1! Game is kinda short(yeah, size matters) but not bad for minigame.

  3. weird, thats true :P

  4. Very nice considering the length.

  5. nice tit fuck

  6. looks like my cock

  7. really stupid. Don't waste your time. I couldn't finish the game it was so bad

  8. schade viel zu kurzes game

  9. make a fury game whit a cat and a dog

  10. who wants to unleash the beast in me

  11. There might be a niche for this kind of video, just like fucked up donkey porn in real life, but wherever it might belong it sure aint here!

  12. i love stuff like this i got so hard

  13. poor cumshot

  14. meh decent game. Any girls wanna have some fun check out my profile ;)

  15. I liked the way it looked like real cock rather than that scary looking wolf penis that the zebra usually sucks. Bit dull though. Cumshot was weak too (although it looked like it was supposed to be. 2/5 from me.

  16. stolen from hth

  17. I dont like furries really but i do enjoy the story aspects to hth, shame there is none of that in this game

  18. I Love Furry , Boring Game But Sexy

  19. i don't like Furry...

  20. i live sex

  21. pretty hot

  22. Really hot

  23. i like it

  24. not bad ;) so hot tits ;)

  25. add more games like this

  26. SEXY YOU ALLL......

  27. fuck this game fuck you games of desire this game suck shit

  28. i like furry ...............hum im very hot

  29. check my profile

  30. girls check my profil

  31. check me out

  32. nice but too short

  33. Hot, but short

  34. i am big fury thus i love this

  35. im a big furry fan thus i love this

  36. hot game....check out my profile...lets have funn ;)

  37. BAD BAD BAD GAME ............. YOU HAVE TO SEE THE (BLACK X GAMES) YOU CAN FIND A LOT OF COOL GAMES ::::::porn games fuck sex ...... you can any think you want go check my page

  38. big boobs now that a women

  39. This was an awesome game!

  40. who want sex with my

  41. who want sex with my

  42. This game was ok. nothing special

  43. don't know how to start I clicked everywhere and it doesn't do anything she is just laying there wth

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