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Today you're going to play strip poker against three hot beauties Brandie, Jessica and Crissy. All of them are a good judge of that game. You have to try your best to beat these ladies.

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  12. Excruciating load time.

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  14. what should i do for play ?

  15. How can you call this a stupid game? It is great!

  16. If you write messages before the game loads, the loading will drop back down to zero.

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  18. What is jessica's full name>

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  20. Finally a game that isn't that crappy MNF...

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  55. does anybody know what's crissy's full name? thank you...

  56. does anybody know what's crissy's full name? thank you...

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  74. Does anybody know Brandie's full name?

  75. why are all the tits fake?

  76. Plz anyone!... What's Brandie's name???

  77. MMM-MMM-MMM!!! Chissy is absolutely awesome!!! I can't believe I haven't seen her anywhere else!!! Total perfection and great game!!!

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