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Strip Poker with Viki

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Viki spends up to 5 hours a day taking care of her body and her skin, doing sports, relaxation and having long baths with oils and perfumes, all to get ready for a hot night of strip poker with you!
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Comments (42)
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Anonymous 2010-10-14 16:51:38
number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonim 2010-10-14 16:55:36
Number 2!!!
fucking 2010-10-14 17:31:49
whats wif da numbah??!!
aids 2010-10-14 18:45:53
... 2010-10-14 19:33:30
Enough with these fucking numbers!
cutie88 2010-10-14 19:34:38
nice tattoo
Anonymous 2010-10-14 20:44:37
They don't know when to give up the number lol
niceguy 2010-10-14 21:31:37
I wanna fuck cutie.
Awesome 2010-10-14 22:33:54
number 3 since no one else claimed it!
dreidz 2010-10-14 23:04:45
About the same as last one..,
xxXEveryone-wants-meXxx 2010-10-15 00:22:37
Can i made your dreams true? Add me on skype or msn. Skype: everyonewantsme MSN: ! For a real big dick :)
justordinary 2010-10-15 02:00:00
there all the same for the most part
Hotness 2010-10-15 04:27:58
Yet another game that involves me sucking at poker. Good for those playing against me, I guess. Check my profile
jianqing16 2010-10-15 05:12:59
i've fucked her sweet pussy .
celia_mendoza31 2010-10-15 06:36:11
check my profile
TheGoldenboy 2010-10-15 06:51:05
Yeah... this was a waste of time. Oh well, I had the time to waste.
mcjokerscock 2010-10-15 10:12:28
i can strip like her too
sweet becky 2010-10-15 12:29:04
it's impossible to win wtf
pissed off 2010-10-15 21:54:54
It fucking cheats!! I had two pair, she had one pair, but it gave her the pot!!!!
Anonymous 2010-10-15 22:35:15
Number 20.
Jim 2010-10-16 00:52:16
Its Holdem, sure as hell isnt the poker I learned to play
reaper 2010-10-16 01:18:42
omfg every good fucking hand i get she fucking folds
young and ready fr 2010-10-18 07:23:47
who want to play at this game with me ???????
juicycock 2010-10-19 00:06:10
sweet becky i want ur pussy
dariaolsen 2010-10-19 13:19:05
raise all the time
younghungdumb 2010-10-19 13:30:24
I'd love to be playing some real stripping games right about now
younghungdumb 2010-10-19 13:42:23
she's got me sitting here butt naked...what do I do now?
WTF 2010-10-19 20:03:50
Bullshit cards.
styx1988 2010-10-19 21:34:02
genial, de verdad, es bueno el juego pero ella esta buenisima
xxnaughtygirlxx 2010-10-21 13:53:32
woohoo! another strip poker game! because we don't already have enough! damn.. girl was hot though
guyhard 2010-10-21 15:43:56
Love poker, especially love women who are willing to play, but suck at it! I need to cum, and ladies wanna help? call me 1-559-309-4016. girls only
sweet becky 2010-10-21 21:17:50
good pics. but it's very hard to win
ItaCurious 2010-10-22 15:20:29
it's very hard...but not only to win...also something else :P
poe124 2010-10-23 03:14:06
i wanna fuck becky
BrandySlut 2010-10-23 18:25:47
That was fun, but i lost
LOVEU! 2010-10-24 00:12:18
nice pussy Oo
dariaolsen 2010-10-25 08:28:13
takes a long time
BRANDYSLUT U LUV U 2010-10-26 12:21:29
BRANDYSLUT U LUV U 2010-10-26 14:31:36
that was really fun :X:) is not hard like u guys sayd:P anyway brandy i wanna lick ur pussy very very much :X:X:X
oralboy66 2010-12-07 22:23:02
pretty fun game. Add me women, I love older women and love licking pussy. I'm 18
MrTongue 2011-05-26 05:47:24
looks like a nadia game ;)
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