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The guy's name is Hugh. He has been arrested for spying and masturbating on the beach girls. Now he has to spend a few days in prison. But Hugh thinks that's too cruel punishment. Help him to realize his jail-break plan. Good luck!

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44 Responses to “Meet and Fuck: Jail Break”

  1. Wtf this makes no sense how does it end like that

  2. it was too short and made no sense

  3. Long waited for Full Version, Demo was rlly nice, but this makes no sense and rlly isnt the best i ve seen..

  4. what is with that dog it won't stop

  5. Weeeell... He will not be into jail for masturbating at girls, he will be for being a rapist.

  6. I can't belive people actually pay for this...

  7. That's it?

  8. Ha just like the meet and fuck games to release most of the game as a demo just leaving the crappy ending unseen.

  9. too slow

  10. very good

  11. Nice the prison rape scene!!

  12. that was very hot. keep up the good work

  13. For one thing, would it kill you to make our character nicer to look at? Two, how did we end up fucking the guard? There is no transition between from our escape whatsoever. And why is she wearing a ball gag?

  14. That was just absolutely ridiculous. These games just keep getting exponentially worse.

  15. Make Ocarica of Time full please

  16. can anybody tell me the name of this artist????!!!! thanks.

  17. i wish somebody would fuck me like that i'm a girl

  18. Was Nice, Look at my profile guys

  19. The demo is F--king better!!!!!

  20. How it,s better!

  21. great game. need more scenes though

  22. fucking gay

  23. Who the fuck pays to play these games

  24. Ugly drawn and an rape fantasy... no, thanks.


  26. ugly!!!!!!!!!

  27. not so good

  28. I love assfuck,girls check my profile

  29. fucking stupid

  30. my favorite position

  31. hitty annoying gameplay for 15 minutes, for...I don't even know what? And fuck! Nothing makes sense nor has logic! I'm not talking about realism or anything, but just inner logic! Like the dog: obviously smart enough to try to prevent you from escaping, but not reacting when her mistress get raped! And the door that opens enough for you to put an arm and a shoulder through, but that you have to unlock! And where did he found these chains and ... that weird bondage mouth ball in a police station? And if the girl is an officier, how doesn't she has some gun or anything to protect her? And if she...

  32. hahah this is a porn game, why are you all critics.. please hahah

  33. jettyjyrt6uj

  34. That's...all? Meet and fuck,really.

  35. Jessy, please keep your asshole on my panis...

  36. I can believe this guy was arrested for masturbating while looking at little girls at the beach.

  37. very .....

  38. awesome game love fuck girl's like that girl's check-out my profile ;)

  39. what a stupid game!

  40. it was not suppose to end that way we tried lot to finish 3 lvls and sex lasted for 1 min max in this game i hate this game

  41. That should have more dogs and she should think less often for be sure to never win

  42. Very porn sex

  43. im gonna make a game that have no loading

  44. "The guy's name is Hugh."-- Hugh Mungus wot???

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