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Poison challenges Ryu to a fight. Defend him from Poison's fierce attack through 4 rounds and get a nice wet blowjob as a reward. Good luck!

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35 Responses to “Meet and Fuck: Poison Strip Fighter”

  1. I love this gameplay!

  2. Hmhhh... she looks sexy :)

  3. like this game its greaht i love Poison Strip Fighter. you as a creater f this game did a good jobb

  4. tab + enter spamming is an instant win for the fights

  5. If anyone wants to roleplay: (619-889-7201)

  6. Training for cs go

  7. how old is this, been around for ages

  8. Poison is transgender so she is a he hahahahaha nobody thought of that one

  9. you have what you earnd!

  10. Poison is a where's his dick?

  11. @fundog That was retconned as of SFIV. So it's been retconned for a long while now. Capcom is treating her as a full born female.

  12. wtf no anal? bad game

  13. this game takes a long time to load

  14. Who have more such sites

  15. Poison has a penis... i swear these games get worse

  16. I love the BJ scenes in these games. they always make the dick look soooo good!

  17. The scenes in the game are nice but no anal fuck

  18. The scenes in the game are nice but no anal fuck

  19. Considering that gamesofdesire is a north american based site, they're following the NA Poison (which states that Poison is a post-op transexual so no PENIS).

  20. She is sexy as hell and the animation is wonderful

  21. short game, but good!

  22. She makes some weird sounds, even laughing! who laughs during sex?

  23. very bad game

  24. She's got a very small pussy!

  25. This is fucking awful

  26. this game make me want to fuck some pussy

  27. how to download............for android

  28. so seaxy games

  29. very porny

  30. this fuck games... very short

  31. poison is a man where is her dick and no she wasn't change to a woman in SF 4

  32. sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  33. sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  34. i love the game

  35. blondie do you want to have sex with me

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