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Naruto has had no sex since xmas. There is no wonder that his balls is about to blow up. Help the little bastard to sneak into the Tsunade's house to drug her again.

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48 Responses to “Meet and Fuck: Tsunade Stalker”

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  6. this one sucks...literally.

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  8. The boobs are so large it's unattractive, please tell MnF to tone it down.

  9. Heh. I like what they did with the ending cumshots across her tits.

  10. This boy makes me proud.

  11. good game

  12. The boobs are so large it's attractive, please tell MnF to never tone it down. If normal boobs that can exist are your preference you are catered to by 99% of all the porn ever. Also hurry up and add some real mnf sized breasts to that mmo

  13. loved the titfuck angle and the cumshot over tits at the end

  14. wow fantastic game......i gona do it in real life

  15. anyone else think this is getting a bit creepy. i mean even for a porn game

  16. MnF Games, encouraging the use of rohypnol.

  17. I wonder how MnF are avoiding getting sued for this bullshit

  18. How do they think people will pay for these games when they cant even have the speech proofread? And the graphics are so lazy most of the time...

  19. Its so cook

  20. so bored

  21. Why is Naruto a rapist in every Tsunade game that involves Naruto?

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  45. some levels are dificult

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  47. uyotan is good to the children

  48. good game but whenever I try to get past druging her I keep getting busted

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