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Our hero is a young and promising detective Paul McClain. Today he's got a very important job. He has to find a daughter of a rich landowner from England. You should go with him to a small american town called Springfield. There are many young sexy girls who can be his daughter by the age. But it is not going to be an easy journey, numbers of sex adventures await for you until you find the one who has a family birthmark on her ass. Good luck!

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1662 Responses to “Meet'N'Fuck Detective RPG”

  1. WEEEE another Meet n' FUCK! RRMDL

  2. a birthmerk on her ass... sure -.- what a crap

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  18. The best Meet 'N' Fuck ever.... so far, lol. I can't wait to see how they top this one.

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  27. Another great game...You never let us down !!10!!

  28. best ever. that tennis player. lol

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  41. long load, but fucking amazing game

  42. This was a really good game for me G.o.D. You have not made enough of these!!! Create more in a hurry!!! I really enjoyed the length of this RPG game & how many scenes that Detective Paul could creampie the girlies!!! Really Nice work on this Game!!!

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  49. Best Meet'N'Fuck ever

  50. takes too long to load but not bad

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  81. I see now why it's called "Meet N Fuck"

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  83. In the maid scene(Doggy style), if you keep clicking on the icons, it creates an echo effect.

  84. Really nice and funny game

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  86. needs long for load but its realy realy good we need more meet and fuck games.

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  120. Meet'n'fuck seems very popular around here.... This one is kinda like me... I have a birth mark on my ass....

  121. They outdid themselves with this one

  122. excellent game!

  123. Pretty cool game. I wish Franco Saudelli had done the art work instead of Hentai though. More detail & human like, right down to the usually bare feet. I would have liked to have at least one of the girls tied-up, but that's just me.

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  129. Not very good audio but still there is audio.A great game at all the best 'till now!8-)

  130. hey, how come I cant take the Gardener?

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  132. Awesome game. One thing though... does anyone know what music is being played while they're fucking? Its really good.

  133. this was perhaps the best MNF game in the series I don't know how they can possibly come up with another one, I mean just the variety is crazy! 10!

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  136. AWSOME. Is this the reason the other one was so late? If it was, it was well worth it. It's more like a game in here. My favorite girl would have to be the one you need to find.

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  139. awesome, this was the best one of all, fantastic work, i love the idea of so many girls, springfield must be a slutty place lmao :P eitherway great work

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  165. love the choice among girl, but the sex icons are a bit annoying. i wish they were a little smaller and the green doesn't work either.

  166. Ya know something, there should have been a post truth sex scene after they got married.

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  173. have no idea if you guys actually read the comments, but I have to tell ya, you've really outdone yourselves with this one. Easily the best Meet n' Fuck game released yet, and I honestly don't see how anything could top this unless you follow the same format. An interesting story with a very fun way of implimenting it, a HUGE number of girls to fuck compared to the past games (and a fun way of tagging them, by asking the correct questions and giving them the correct items you get from someone else) and an easy interface during the sex scenes. There's no reason to make it overly comp...

  174. the best ever in da M'N' F series yet

  175. So Much Fun In This Game And Too Many Hot Girls To Fuck ... Love It ... I Loved The Bar Girl The Most And The Young Girl in The Park

  176. you can't fuck the secretary and gardner?

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  194. great job. The story cooperates well to the sex game.

  195. I would rather have the oceanologist or the gardener to be the heiress. A stripper for the nobleman's daughter ? You must be kidding.

  196. this game hasn't been posted more then a day and till now more like 200 comments

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  203. This was pretty much the perfect game. Absolutely excellent.

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  216. but i think this was the last meet'n'fuck

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  218. NicE GAme! caN I Do thaT SomedaY?

  219. for those of u who complain about sum little annoyin things bout this game just rememba how cheesy they used to be i mean its not like they have millions to spend on it

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  225. Best meet n' fuck yet, by all accounts. Completely awesome sexscenes, and the story wasn't all that bad either.

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  227. too much loading time but nice game ^^

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  230. It would be better if the girls wouldn't be fucked in the ass EVERYTIME, cause girls don't really like it and they don't can come to an orgasm that way. AND not every woman can squirt milk out of their (HUUUUUUGE) tits. Why don't you make it a LITTLE BIT MORE REALISTIC!!??

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  245. awesome game as usual but the owner has threatened not to make any more until ppl who sit and beg MORE M N F and THIS GAME SUCKS on other games stops so i think if you dont like the game that isnt M N F and your going to put in THIS GAME SUCKS MORE M N F then stop and think do i really want the owner to stop M N F for good and if the answer is no then DONT FUCKING COMMENT

  246. Best one by a long way so far.

  247. The secretary can be fucked if you have perfume and the gardener can be fucked after you get the plant from the secretary.

  248. Tons stuff to get thruogh this sex adventure

  249. hehe:P a man like him married??:P I doubt if that's gonna last long:P LOL:D

  250. wow currently the best m'n'f ever i mean ever!!!

  251. you can comment:P no problem, as long as you don't say anything about M'n'f but if you say thinks like: I don't like the game because it too short. Then it's okay

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  253. wow good games;)

  254. nice game but the loading time is way to long

  255. nice game...more rape games...

  256. Damn, best adult game ever made. Cheers ! But, I mean, guys, honestly ... don't you think you'd better leave your computers and meet (n fuck) real people ?

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  267. one of the best games ever, although its long, and on the beach babe, have they not heard of medium, not middle, jees, but the young girl in the park was really nice, i liked it, sure all the women are beutiful, but only few are the very best. And there quite the irony in the end, lol.

  268. damn the stripper is the girl you were looking just give her the pearl from the lifeguard after you get the water from the tennis player

  269. AWSOME!!! extremly nice game!

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  272. is there a way to save your progress?

  273. perfect game!

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  275. I've fucked every single girl of the game!All of''em

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  277. best one yet keep up the good work

  278. where give me the perfume? i can´t fuck the gardener and the secretary:-((((((

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  284. I loved this game. I liked it much more than 'Meet N Fuck Office Romance'. I nearly cried at the end. Fucking hot graphics, too.

  285. lol raping much?

  286. oh man, I'm blind :-) the bar singer which I totally overlooked, yeh ring it now!

  287. It was a good game, but there was too much anal in it. The ending was also disappointing, there should have been a wedding night fuck to complete it.

  288. Dam wot a fucking game the best fuck game in the world

  289. ^0^ OOooo what a fun game~!

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  291. y mine loading until 6.0 den stop loading ler?

  292. i love dis game...they should totally make a lesbian one =) kick ass game

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  295. the game really good Damn Paul is my hero,

  296. chea by far the best one yet and way longer than the other MnFs

  297. magnificent game

  298. This was great, so many girls! I liked the ending as well. She was cute!

  299. amazing!!!!!

  300. amazing!!!!!

  301. best one yet

  302. best one yet nice with a storyline and small side quests, only bad thing is that you drown in all those big breasts lol :)

  303. Best one yet!

  304. I don't suppose anyone knows what CG series/anime the girl in the park waiting on the internet guy (Meghan) comes from, do they?

  305. i loved it


  307. how the frick do you beat this game! I've only been able to have sex with the maid! Please help!

  308. "how the frick do you beat this game!" gtfo kid

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  316. y mine stuck at 14.3

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  319. I agree, this is the best M&F yet! I always think they don't have enough anal...

  320. he is such a lucky bastard

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  322. How come he says birthmark is on the left buttock but it's on the right in the end? He's so fucking lucky.

  323. they need to make one with lesbians

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  327. ... is from Doki Doki HAHA Musame lesson

  328. ... is from Doki Doki HAHA Musame lesson

  329. Somebody help...I can fuck with the secretary & gardener...What item do I need nd where 2 get it?

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  343. LOL! They got married!

  344. is the best 1 ever



  347. Is it just me or do almost all the girls in the game have a sunburn? Other than that totally sweet game! Keep up the good work. Oh and we do need more medical themed porn games on here other than just that one nurse meetNfuck game.

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