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Name of our new hero is Sherman Dooffy. He is a smart enough guy, but not very popular in his school. Sherman is one of those students school people call "geeks". Today in the school library he's found an ancient magic book, which can change his whole life.

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418 Responses to “Meet'N'Fuck Magic Book”

  1. YAY!! A new M'n'F :D

  2. number 2

  3. Fuckin Sweet

  4. nice.....

  5. firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttt sukas


  7. great game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. its a bit lame that you cant even cum :(

  9. number 3 good game very plaisant

  10. its so great make i cum

  11. verry erotic game

  12. Good game and stuff, but it's just the same as magic shop...

  13. Oh, and the best one is: Word over Moon + Word over Skull and Book = Twins

  14. you know what it wasnt that bad and i know that not cumming sucks but in what mnf game do u get to see upwards of six different sex scenes

  15. yeah finally a new M'N'F game and not a rip off

  16. not quite the same as magic shop, i personally thought this one was a lot funnier.

  17. La madonna e' troia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. pazuzu+sidragasum=hot threesome,kabhanda+incubus=gangbang

  19. New meet N' FuCK ! and its not a Demo ! ... Let me Check... myself am i sleep ?

  20. that was fuckin nice game

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  22. once the same story have happened with me


  24. Aw if only magic was real oh well good game anybody wanna try it out

  25. I am exciting

  26. They could stop creating storys about casanovas and stard create storys like this, it rl more intresting

  27. furcus and nekomata = conan fucking her in the ass...oh it was so hot!

  28. i onl found 37 can eny 1 help

  29. you said it sister

  30. haha.... So many different persona's .... Sheeva from Mortal Kombat !lol

  31. they are a bitchs

  32. Would have been better if all the transformations had an action.

  33. A Great Game....

  34. i found 39

  35. i cast baleful polymorph and turn you into sheep. hehehe sheep.

  36. waist of tome


  38. damn that was fun... all the male transformations had such big cocks! Excuse me for a while I have to take care of something on fire

  39. Hell Yeah!!! i'm found all 42, baby!

  40. my cock is even longer than those ;) some one wanna hock up? ;)

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  42. NOT A DEMO! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

  43. ohh my god *-* his dick is so fucking huge

  44. wheres the CUM BUTTON when you need it?

  45. that was awesome

  46. sex scene with centaur was the hottest!!!

  47. best m'n'f untill by now. I noticed all the spell parts are acctually different types of demons.

  48. Who laughed their ass off at the mario one? you know who you are

  49. so horni now

  50. this reminds me of a game with a spell shop. kind of a rip off if you ask me

  51. dis game wa sfucking aweome as:)

  52. Nice cameo with Farah btw. I gotta tell Swegabe bout this, sweet.

  53. yay a free MnF! thanks a bunch!

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  55. Nice lad.

  56. This game is good and least not asking for money... but wish every character had a fuck option cause of some I hoped for it but just a nice view and music!

  57. poenr mas juegos con mas chicas y mas sexo

  58. yeah that was fun. But it could use some cumshots.

  59. This game was awesome! Thanks GoD!!!

  60. Fuck yeah, it's the expansion to Magic Shop that I've always wanted, and it taught me a valuable lesson: Remember kids, nerds make the best lover because nerds are creative!

  61. this was a great game, more like this one

  62. Wait a minute, did the ballerina spell give the bully a small dick or did he always have a small dick. From my past experience, I'd guess the later. Also, the music here rocked, does anyone know where I can find an mp3 of it?

  63. I loved that game it was sweet

  64. i would suck the big tit spell and drink her milk even my parents were watching i would fucked sucked and loved

  65. This game is cool!!!

  66. hey face book friend... hows it???

  67. that ending had more iriony than a prims diet

  68. haha ! the ending FTW !

  69. this somking hot game in the fucking worst way that kimberly i would fuck that bitch so fucking hard

  70. shit game .... worst MnF ever

  71. hey guys i just found a furry spell

  72. was alright they should have continued the story after they turned the dude into a ballet dancer

  73. mnf rules

  74. I always makes up the mnf and mns

  75. HEY! YEAH! A new Meet and Fuck game which is NOT a Demo! COOL!!

  76. the new mnf games are soo much better than the other crap they pu ton this site

  77. Really damn good. And it wasn't just a demo!

  78. quite funny games i like

  79. the threesome scene with twins was really hot


  81. Haha... Great game... Needed only few more sex options!

  82. Okay, this was just plain awesome because a) Magic Shop was great, so if MnF wants to steal their idea, then all is fair in love and porn. b) it's not a bloody demo! and c) Some of the music nis nice. Improvements would be the cum button, as we've all said, and action with all the transformations. But hey, at least there weren't too many useless ones, like in Magic Shop. (Balloons? A rock? Not really sexy.)

  83. trop de la balle ce jeux...hummmm



  86. wow..Sexy..Fuck..I love!

  87. Kimberly had huge tits.... Woulda loved to fuck them in one of the transformations

  88. Great game, but next time can you make it so the boy monster and girl monster can fuck it out?

  89. girls plz e-mail me!

  90. finally a good game again!

  91. Female Drekavac + Haagenti - angel (69) Drakavac + Jikininki - big tits Labase + Sidragasum - SM Pazuzu + Teeraal - Hindu/Indian Pazuzu + Sidragasum - Twins (Threesome) Male Rahovart - Cerberus (Centaur) Rahovart - Furcast (Tentacle sex) Nekomate - Furcas (Axeman) - Anal Kabhanda - Cerberus - Big dingdong Kabhanda - Incubus - Three monster - group sex

  92. love this game, I want more to the ending. But maybe its for the best, I'm already walking a little funny after doing something all day lol

  93. This was copied off of Magic Shop

  94. found all transformations :)

  95. very good game

  96. Jeff has such a tiny cock!!!

  97. what a tit fucking game it is ............ and many characters are involved in having fun with the girl

  98. yeeeyyy finally not a demo.

  99. YAAAAAAAAAY greatest ending in history of games

  100. LOL nice

  101. search "magic shop" on this site's search bar, that game is a lot like this one. they never finished it but it's still pretty awesome

  102. OH MY FUCKING GOD! FINALLY PROOF THA MnF IS STEALING! The egyptian queen that you can get using a spell is known as Lady Farah, made by Gabe at Gabeworks. He made and entire game himself off his egyptian queens!

  103. close the book and you get a sex scene

  104. o my god this game is awsome

  105. Very good game, a lot of nice transformations. But some cum would be nice ;).

  106. really good

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  108. find all but no extra sences

  109. awesome games from m'n'f although i wish they did more faster

  110. how to play

  111. is this sht demo =.=" i hope it not

  112. ang sarap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  113. hey sexy ladies

  114. after seeing the amount of feedback you would have thought they would make more MnF tbf

  115. i love this games becauses it reminds me when i went to campus

  116. i found 41

  117. Best M&F ever!!!

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  120. make OUT

  121. Meet 'N Fuck = Great Games. Meet and Fuck = Shitty Demos. One's been stolen and used against the will of the creator, the other, is badass shit with loads of crazy stuff in it.

  122. it's a good game but it needs more actions

  123. Really cool game!

  124. finally full meet and fuck,not some stupid demo. =]

  125. Sometimes they do it good! No more demos ;)

  126. yeah really soooo hot and sexxy game i like it..

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  128. I would like a sex scene with the demoness

  129. Cool Game...............

  130. very cool and sexy MORE of this^^

  131. haha, the bully had a tiny cock in the end. nice work!

  132. I think cutie88 like centaur sex fantasies ;).

  133. At myth game she posted too, that centaur scene was the hottest.

  134. That was a great game, it's better then the magic shop!!! XD

  135. penes para todos

  136. Drekavac+Haagenti Beautiful as an angel... literally

  137. im so horny rite now i am wanking any one want to help me

  138. I love cerberus and kabhanda

  139. Shit gotta love the Sasquatch scenne!

  140. ok game, it was basically the same as magic shop, but it did have a few new ideas including the male spells

  141. loved this game so much, very hot

  142. Yeah a Meet and Fuck game how i like it!!! Great

  143. I wonder if they've noticed magic shop was a beta version of this game >.>

  144. Centaur one was the best

  145. so hot. i'd want someone to cast some magic spells on me. if you're up for it check my profile.

  146. I want that book

  147. best one ever

  148. more of this

  149. awesome wish i could have the pirate babe..... much less the book

  150. yay man so cool game

  151. my ass god


  153. my problem with this game is not enough sex scenes and the ones where the chick is hot as hell there is no sex scene wtf mnf

  154. I love Pazuzu + Teeraal , Jikininki + Sidragasum , and especially Kabhanda + Cerberus

  155. how much better would it be for both the guy and girl to transform simultaneously?

  156. It was good, interesting & different... however, a final sex scene where they finish the job would have made it amazing.

  157. yes!!! for once the nerdy dude wins! awesome!!!

  158. the way she bounce her assss at the end fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. lol! that egyptian girl was Farah from queen opala RPG game XD! totally unexpected. oh and after seen the twins, Farah and the foursome, Rahovart + furcas was an overkill. Now you know kids! you can find interesting things in a library XD

  160. some of the male spells made me laugh. quite ridiculous. Orgy and centaur did for me.

  161. this is a direct rip-off from a far more original game called Magic Shop by Roninsong. total crap.

  162. is similar to the magic shop

  163. Damn Hot

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  166. though it's similar to magic shop it was still a great game

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  169. el peor al que e jugado

  170. cant find #42

  171. Cant find last 2 transformations =(

  172. thank you for making a GAME!!! and not a DEMO!!! why cant i fuck demon chick????? or pirate???? or Russian chick????

  173. Kabhanda Cerberus - Blowjob Kabhanda Incubus - Furry Foursome Cerberus Rahovart - Centaur Fuck Rahovart Furcas - Tentacle Furcas Nekomata - Anal Drekavac Jikininki - Milk Drekavac Haagenti - 69 Leeraal Pazuzu - Sex Labasu Sidragasum - Spank Jikininki Sidragasum - Jessica Rabbit Pazuzu Sidragasum - Threesome

  174. Yeah So Nc!!!

  175. anyone have a spell book to use on me ?;)

  176. idiot game.....................!!!!!!!!!

  177. @cutie: I would love to use those spells on you ;). What female spell do you like most?

  178. Or what other spells who weren't in the book you would like?

  179. What r the last two transformations

  180. This game is super!!!

  181. water+snow= enlargement, water+mountain= werewolves, snow+sun= centaur, sun+rock= tentacles, rock+tornado= barbarian

  182. missing one!!!

  183. funny n.n


  185. doas anyone have a meet n fuck games account i just want play the games on the site

  186. knock off of magic shop

  187. nice one

  188. i wish that magic book was real

  189. SPOIL ! I found all the spells : leeral+pazuzu, jikininki+dreakavac, sidragasum+labasu, sidragasum+pazuzu, drehavac+haagenti for the girl ; kabhanda+berberus, kabhanda+incubus, cerberus+ravohart, furcas+nekomata, furcas+ravohart for the guy. drah

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  191. got all and it was funny and not a demo

  192. leeral+labasu=MORTAL KOMBAT

  193. Found all #42 :D Best one : Bahovart and Furcas "Male"

  194. please add cumshots.. pls!!

  195. u can download the full version of demo Meet n fuck's from esoft site. just type meet and fuck in the search space and the 200mb file collection will appear

  196. Wish you could have used all the forms though. Overall I liked it.

  197. It would have been nice if every single person was fuckable. I wouldnt mind fucking the Avatar chick and Chun-Li

  198. Jeff got screwed in the end lol.

  199. Awesome game. But I have a hard time imagining that no one else would notice these outrageous sex scenes happening in the library! :O

  200. I so wanted to fuck Jessica Rabbit

  201. need some more like this.. shit fucking rocks

  202. I'm horny

  203. is that egyptian spell supposed to be farah or a tribute to farah, one of gabe's egyptian royalty characters? or just a generic egyptian queen look?

  204. interesting, now i want the same book! but which girls wants play? another great mnf game!

  205. Very Good Meet n Fuck game!! i waited so long for a good one

  206. i like the one that turns kim into neytiri, too bad you can't fuck her

  207. the neytiri one is "labasu haagenti"

  208. This game makes me so f*cking horny! Girls message me

  209. SDhame that you cant f*ck all the characters though

  210. nice to see the good guy get the girl and the transformations are neat

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  213. Well, Sorcerers get all the girls - lol.

  214. yes !!!! a new mtf game i loved it

  215. if you'd given actions to all the forms it would have been great

  216. This was a very good game!


  218. yo girls hit me up

  219. Awesome game, and love the music! Anyone know how to get my hands on the soundtrack for it?

  220. very beauty M`n`F game i like it!

  221. all in a library? epic game=)


  223. fuck this game made me hard

  224. the sexiest and funniest game ever

  225. I practically had cum dripping down my thighs this was sooo hot

  226. this one is the best game i ever played!!!!!!

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  228. i like the game, lovely art. but there isn't too much action on it

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  231. no because i like it

  232. To a guy who asked about a soundtrack, if you mean this particalar MnF game, that's the song "Drakon" ("Dragon") of a russian folk music band "Mel'nitsa'" ("The Windmill"). Besides, in the end you can hear a rip-off from the song "Gospodin gornyh dorog" ("The Lord of Mountain Paths") of the same group. No idea how it happened to be used in a porn game made by and for English-speaking people, though. ^-^

  233. this game has everything. i love it


  235. Yeah i love this game, it has everything like a search book :D

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  237. hey horny porny cum 2 my place & i'll give u d banging of alife time

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  239. Great work. The only missing scene is the one at her house.^^

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  245. found all 42

  246. I liked that game. I wish I had that magic book. Iliked when that Sherman fucked those twins.

  247. it's not that hard to find all scenes, just have to go in order from top to bottom

  248. as usuall...nice game fm meet and fc

  249. Great game from M&F... :)

  250. lame.......u cant even cum!!!....... :((

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  259. Awesome!! Want to see more of the Meet & Fuck Magic Book - a seguel.. MORE!!!

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  261. fire+rain=solviet embessy chick from destroy all humans 2

  262. okay it was different..except no cumshots

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  268. love this game. made me excited, wish i could've been the girl on several of those occassions. mmm

  269. love this game i want more a more game as this

  270. only one thing somemore of the spells should have actions

  271. make it better quality lmao and i need him to cum :P

  272. There were some pretty hot scenes in there, but the poor baby didn't get to cum :-(

  273. wazuuuuuuuuuuuuuup I love such games

  274. name of the indian girl with the golden anklets and bracelets, anyone

  275. i love that the geek gets the girl in the end of this one! great job on all the transformations, too

  276. great game i masterbated 2 times babes

  277. the best furcas + nekomata

  278. Who is the character for "Jikininiki / Haagenti" ?

  279. gotta love furcas + nelromata.... i do for obvious reasons =P

  280. it's so good but any transformation is not play -_-"

  281. awesome............

  282. i think it should have been longer and showed u him at her house but apart from that it was brilliant

  283. Amazing!

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  295. drecavak - haagenti (angel form) is the best!!!

  296. why can not be there a futanari-option^^

  297. 1 . Mario is Missing All Character 2. Meeet N' Fuck Gamesss NEED SOME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  298. that was fun XD and i lolled at the end

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  305. This game was inspired from the R.J. berger series, very cool movie, watch it.

  306. love the tentacles and twins

  307. Heyy.!!!! Continue it.!! i thought they will have it on KIM'S HOUSE!!!! I'm Waiting for that..!!

  308. what a fucking game



  311. good......

  312. wat is the character from when u mix the male spells and use Furcas and Incubus;i really wanna know plz tell me lol ^_^

  313. wat is the character from when u mix the male spells and use Furcas and Incubus;i really wanna know plz tell me lol ^_^

  314. the game is interesting and a lot of fun

  315. wish i could bang the vampire chick

  316. When will new m'n'f came? i want that :)

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  322. great graphics, to the point, could have had cooler animations, all in all good game

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  328. i get the sinking feeling that they're not going to make more. after all, it's been almost six months...

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  359. awesome on cheating

  360. How do you get all the transformations I only found about 39 as well

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  362. Did it bother anyone else that they were doing it in the children's section of the library? Or that with all of the noise that they were making no one came to see what was going on?

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  380. Lmao! That was soooo funny!

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  382. Love this game! PS: anyone know the name of the music in this game (I really love it)

  383. the TMNT one has the best theme.

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  385. I'd love to hab=ve that book, and a sexy girl to try that stuff with

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