Meet'N'Fuck: Dance School

Sex game: Meet'N'Fuck: Dance School

Sex game: Meet'N'Fuck: Dance School Sex game: Meet'N'Fuck: Dance School Sex game: Meet'N'Fuck: Dance School

Name of our new hero is Jeremy. He's working as ballroom dancing instructor. And of course, he likes this job very much because a lots of young pretty ladies visit his classes. Today he has got a new student named Emily. She's one of those girls you dream about holding and caressing all night long. She has wonderful blue eyes, long graceful legs and firm juicy tits. You should be confident, catch your chance and fuck her today!

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892 Responses to “Meet'N'Fuck: Dance School”

  1. Meet'n'Fuck Finally

  2. awesom...i am number 1..

  3. 3 XD Love it!

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  7. YEH!!!!!!!!!!!FINALLY A NEW MEET N FUCK IM SO HAPPY!!!=).......................AND I WISH I WAS JERYMY........

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  10. the best meet and fuck yet!

  11. Hot Fuck with the Girls

  12. they shud do a crimbo 1

  13. Hot Fuck with the Girls

  14. finally... >:3

  15. OH YEAH THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. not to shabby

  17. niceee!! (IM THE 17 !)


  19. another meet n fuck...awesome :X

  20. wow....after a few days they will go again like " we want more meet n fuck" lol XD



  23. meet and fuck are the best bring more


  25. T.T why did that old fucking man join our partyT.T?

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  28. this is the best sex game site

  29. hey MNF fuck off this game is better than ur fucking face

  30. i wonder if they make the pics them selfves...well its really good the drawing and the flash i say top nouch =)

  31. Yeah, finally a new game^^ love those^^

  32. another exelent game

  33. Dangerousdave are u really dangerous???huh??

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  35. bye guys need to musterbate

  36. most predictable mnf but still good

  37. not as good as the last one, but still nice

  38. finally are ya happy

  39. Bha the Mett n Fuck before this one was 10 times better...

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  50. i would be better if have boobjob

  51. i would be better if have boobjob

  52. now everyone is happy about a new meet'n'fuck and tomorrow, with the next update, they start crying again for more of 'em... geez... that sucks. as if they would live for programming this games...

  53. niceeeeeeeee

  54. Anyone wanna cyber? I need a girl. Just say your email.

  55. you guys suck, instead of watching real girls do real strip dances,(me) you spend all day playing these games! sure meet'n'fuck's are fun but come on, anyone out there wanna watch me? im bored!

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  57. how make the plesure meter full with touchingher leg? But touch where?

  58. awesome man

  59. I don't understand why people freak out over these...they're nice but not that amazing...

  60. Ahhh a MNF, u all happy?... pleeeaaaasssse don't ask for a new MNF tomorrow...... DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT COMMENT FOR ATLEAST A WEEK............THANK GOD.....

  61. i wish i am emily......................................................................................................... oh yeah feels tempting......................................................................... ummmmmmmmmmm yeah.............................................................. that was awesome me and my bf do that we just follow it.....................

  62. bad ending O.o

  63. i agree with donnie's comment from above.....these games are great, but seeing nothing but MORE MEET N FUCK NOW typed over and over and over gets pretty friggin' old......

  64. so whoever wants me ill be waiting for u ill give myself to u wherever you wanna put it

  65. Hmm Kim69.........I'll send you a message and let you know..........

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  68. yes i am lol u silly boy look at my profile it has my webcam vid ;)

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  70. I Think There Will Be More Soon Because The Last One Wasnt That Long Ago And Now There Is This One Which Makes Me Happy!! =]

  71. Just played it. BANGTASTIC!!! You GoD guys rock!!!! Keep em comin so I can keep cumin!!

  72. are u a virgin?

  73. Dave....that is sooooo stupid waiting to load the game....

  74. how long did it take

  75. how long did it take

  76. awsome i love these they should make 1 in space.

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  78. lets do it!

  79. This was interesting. Great game, but im afraid that tomorrow old song gona start again: more meet n fuck, we want meet and fuck, meet and fuck here and there, and so on...

  80. A good game

  81. hey kim im ready and waiting ;)

  82. Ha! I can already hear it too WildAnimal.......sigh. Oh, and to Kim, check your email silly willy. ;)

  83. Meet and fuck is for suckers, stupid games!

  84. ^^^^^You've got a winged fairy wearing a crown with green hair for an avatar, and you're calling other people suckers???? Hmmmm..........

  85. i cant get past the pleasure thing

  86. Hahahaha... By the way Dave what is your avatar representing?

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  88. Dave, Do you have a problem with it? Kiss my ass and eat my balls sick mother fucker!

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  90. yay new meet n fuck

  91. Ouch... Now he got angry... Well im here mostly for loads of laugh :) Comments are best thing around here :)

  92. WildAnimal----It's a screencap from Jeff Lieberman horror/comedy 'Satan's Little Helper.' Check it out sometime. Cosmo----Are you flirting with me?? Ha!

  93. Thanks for info... Now do i see love between you guys? Dont be shy guys :) Let your emotions do the rest! Hahahahahahahahaha!

  94. Hahaha! Actually we're going to star in the next new flash game. It's called "Meet N Kill!" =)

  95. J'ai aimé ce jeu.

  96. Hmmm.. i dont think that necrofilic game is what these horny fuckers gona like. But hell sex apetites are different for all of us... Hahahahaha!!

  97. oh my god kim..

  98. Pussy Cat, if you're referencing to Kim's webcam vid, then I must say that I had exactly the same reaction. ;)

  99. Bwahahahahahahaha.... Oh well... You will notice in time :)

  100. Hey Kim, Wanna cyber? ;)

  101. Hahaha, oops, sorry WildAnimal..........I guess my eyes were drawn automatically to Pussy Cat's pic! Can't really blame me though, hehe. But yeah, you're right, the horny bastards on here would be pissed, although the game would pretty much just be me hitting Cosmo in the head with a hammer. ;)

  102. LOLZ "can I join in?" "no" "no more debts" "ok"

  103. Yea i know i get distracted here and there as well :) But i was laughing at something else :) And man we are here to spread love and sex. Hahahahaha. Leave killing for some other time :)

  104. Oh, you mean that the girls are probably really guys?? Yeah I figured as much. Don't worry I require heavy proof before I'd do anything stupid with them. ;)

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  106. these are ok but the only thing is the women all have have huge tits, dont they ever make one with normal loking tits or even small tits there so much better.

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  108. This was worth the wait, CONGRAGULATIONS.. but can"t we have more Jake, Charley, and especially Milk Planet...

  109. oh WildAnimal i guess the same ;p

  110. oh no it looks the same!

  111. Hehehehe. :-)

  112. did you guys like my webcam vid?

  113. Kim69.. where you from? O_o cause I'd love to do the thing you want so bad! :D reply to me for me email :)

  114. Interesting :)

  115. Kim, I didnt like your vid..I loved it! :D

  116. I cant believe you'd just go and do that on cam girl :o :D

  117. great vid have amazing tits...didnt get to see much of your cute little pussy though :( should do another vid with sum toys :P

  118. I knew as soon as i left this thread it'd go chat crazy! Oh well.........Anyways, yeah the vid was supercalifragilistic.

  119. This game is boring and crap...WE WANT A MEET'N'FUCK GAME!

  120. Huh?? Please tell us you're joking......If you are, then I'm laughing my ass off. If not, then, well, I guess your mother should've flushed when you popped out. ;)

  121. if any girls over 15 wanna exchange pics, send me a message

  122. Now, now, Dave... Watch your temper ;) Fun and games people, fun and games :)

  123. im so glad all of you like my vid! if any of you just wanna chat you know where to find me ;)

  124. This fella raises his hand to chat. But he doesn't know where to find ya. :(

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  126. i think we all know why A men is on this website, he describes it for us :P

  127. This game is fucking awesome

  128. Hello kim. Can i have an e-mail adress? hm... And some photos

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  130. i pitty the guy who made this piece of crap.

  131. Good vid Kim it was you tits

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  133. kool-aid rocks o.o

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  135. i love meet and fuck

  136. kim69 wats ur email?

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  138. awsome guys

  139. Pretty good game. The English was a lot better too.

  140. if any of u guys wanna chat just leave me a message ;)

  141. this game series is the shit no doubt bout it

  142. i want to chat :)

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  145. thank you for the game, love the manual option too.

  146. wow this one was terrible, you didn't even get to tittyfuck her!

  147. out of all the game series, this is the best, easily.. my favourite scenario would be a cop pulling over a hot stunner, and she has to talk her way out of getting a traffic ticket by selecting a more pleasurable punishment! If you lot want more games, then send the makers of this game your ideas. At least this will keep the series going and may even make your scenario a cartoon reality!


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  153. Hahaha! this site have big increase in male members every here and there... Expecialy if there is some girl like... Well, TightPussy, Kacey, Kimberly and now Kim. :-)

  154. Artwork was atrocious compared to older ones. If you fuckers werent so single minded about the games, they would have more time to make them better. FFS your on the interenet, there is more than one place to get your porn.

  155. In dance we trust+)

  156. the game was awesome Kim's video was better!!! I could watch that for hours!

  157. Was a bit short imo. And i have seen better Meet'n'Fuck before. The plesure grafic is better inn this one though.

  158. sorry but this is not a good game. the worst in the series and a real step back.

  159. Yeah, good game. Very nice big tits, I Like that.

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  171. too short. and it seemed like the art was lower quality this time too. not very good, imo.

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  173. kim ur vid is nice

  174. I dunno why everyone gets all up on meet and fuck, I think the 3D's are way better!!!

  175. the best game i ever seen in my life... yet

  176. Yeah Kimmy, I liked it too!!

  177. Are there more comments for Kim or the game?? lol

  178. it was ok

  179. Well Kim is the one that makes heat around here these days :)

  180. Anyone bother to check who posted kims video? lol

  181. Great game, happy ending. :D

  182. it's about damn time

  183. hey sophie maybe if u were signed into messenger we would talk to u

  184. Wow this game is the shet. i realy like it. when does comes out another like this?

  185. Yep, made me fart

  186. sweet, nice start, nice ending, nice job MEET N FUCK, what's next?

  187. a hot chick and tons of money for a contest im extremely jealose of jeramy(bad spelling)

  188. i hate to say it but this was the least effective and most boring meet'n'fuck game ever.. sound sucked especially

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  190. y'a pas un peu de français la ^^

  191. nice meet'n'fuck

  192. so sexy....what about a lesbo one? I almost cummd on mah screen

  193. Pretty good, alot of improvements. I didn't really like the girls voice though.

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  207. ...And NOW do you see part of the reason why I dislike these series? They're entirely too predictable, and the fan base is spammers.

  208. adout fucking time!!

  209. ive played all the games and this is the worst this one sucks. i mean whats with the old guy joining in WTF

  210. Kim...- that's not your video... you took that off of some other site... i've seen it before...

  211. is it ohk to masturbate at thirteen???????????

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  224. Finally a new Meet N Fuck game. Bout time too! Mmmmm so horny I am ;p.

  225. loving these games..horniness

  226. Complete waste of time...

  227. it not even hot lar

  228. finnally a meet and fuck but the girl look ugly make it look like Karen next time...

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  230. meet and fuck is cool man

  231. This one is Kinda sweet in a perverted way. I like it, meet in fuck always has the coolest storylines. Yayy, now people will stop b***hing about not having Meet&Fuck....until tommorrow, heeheehee!(^_^)

  232. LOL "Drink some vodka. It will help you, I promise." funny ass lines

  233. absolutely brilliant game and also superb sound effects. keep up the GOOD work researchers will be back for more.

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  240. Best one yet!

  241. Satan Approves!

  242. this game was the best of the meet and fuck games they should make more like this. i wish i was jeremy

  243. This is final version???!!!! ;(

  244. i want a wet pussy so bad... :(

  245. why u ask this as the final version?

  246. Good game, graphics are great Original story

  247. exelent finaly new meet n fuck game

  248. LOl i saw this when it came out but i didnt wanna click it cuz i had maxed internet LMFAO

  249. Hey im a virgin that needs someone to teach me everything so i can please you xox_bbegyallaura_xox(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

  250. great a new one

  251. worst one so far. wtf is up with the old man? also: - ugliest chick yet. some of her facial expressions make her look she has downs syndrome. - pleasure meter is way too big. it blocks the action! just make it a small meter off to the side. - the speech balloons also sometimes block the action. - the sound is better than previous versions, but still not great. needs some diversity. - more options is better. like in hawaiian vacation. those were some good options.

  252. That one wasnt great as the ones before but still it was good keep them coming

  253. hey guyssss remember me if you wanna chat im available and ill satisfy your every need ;)

  254. What about your needs Kim? How can i satisfy your needs? Hehe :-)

  255. nice game thankssss


  257. man this game made me so horny any gilrs need some help?

  258. Good game. I like the pleasure meter, too!!

  259. I loved that shot from behind!

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  296. The meetnfuck games are awful. The girls in it have way oversized boobs, how can anyone be attracted to this shit? Not only that, but these games are just as bad as the "choose your own adventure" books you'd get when your kids.

  297. meet n fuck has always been this sites strongest most popular item and the games they come up with are the best ones on this site

  298. I never believe that this is real story. The last story was better then this one because of subject. But some sexsual positions was better in this story.

  299. Nice game

  300. make another mnf game featuring anne hatahway

  301. i love the ending, all of meet n fuck game are fantastic!

  302. It's that damn good

  303. I'd like a mute option

  304. Sorry the last one was so much better. The graphic has deteriorated this time and that moaning is really annoying. On the plus side, it's a new meet n fuck. Please make one similar if not better than the Haiwaii one. Cheers.

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  306. ok its a new MnF so we dont get new games for 3 more days ? :)

  307. Yeah pussy cat...i have been asking that to myself....


  309. don't matter this game I wanna fuck "Kim69"

  310. nice but no tit fuck?!! could've left the old man out of it!! MNF Hawian vacation is still the best MNF!! make another one soon!!! can you download this game to the harddrive?

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  312. it was very good

  313. sure, u can ravenge, use mozilla browsers video downloader addons

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  315. really not that good could have left out the random guy at the end

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  349. Shady or not, we still have loads of fun :-)

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  351. U have to wait but that was the sexyest game in the sex book

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  354. nice ending

  355. Thi aint a comment about the game, I loved it. GoD guys, what's up with all theses web strippers showing up on my screen. Got no prob cause their hot, but they ask to click on them and when I do, I get linked to some crappy sexless site. If you ned to advertise, make it for something in the adult industry.

  356. they get money with that stuff ps: NEW GAMES :(

  357. I wonder why we haven't gotten a new game in a while?

  358. a bit boring!! and stupid! why did the landlord join?!?!?!?!!

  359. We want new game... No matter how stupid it is. ;-)

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