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Game principle is similar to well known 2048 (move tiles).But the idea is to collect the value of 21 (Black Jack)!

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22 Responses to “2148”

  1. 1st done nuff said

  2. 10 lvls, game is awesome i'll play for game not for strip video.

  3. 2nd: author of the game

  4. I like the screenshot, when the OP is losing

  5. Game is way too easy. Just beat it in like, >5 minutes with no "busts" The other 2048 game on this site was also pretty easy. A hint for anyone who needs it, in the normal 2048, you must always make at least 1 tile move, not the case here. If you have only tiles on the bottom, you can keep pushing down to generate more.

  6. 2048 easy? Dang, I've only ever gotten to a 512 tile a few times. :(

  7. I hate this game, it is too hard

  8. pretty hard game, hot vids

  9. good, but girl must be more busty

  10. The highest score i ever got on 2048 was around 100k, i had a 8192 tile on the board. For 2048, always move your tiles down first, then to the right. Your highest tile should always be in the right corner. (Or, if you prefer any other corner, prioritize that one.) When you can't push anything down or to the right, push once to the left, then immediately back to the right. if your rightmost tile is higher than a 512, and a new tile spawns to the right of it, you've basically lost. Never push up, if you have to push up, you lost.

  11. Once i made 6655445454561 at the 2048 game

  12. way to easy, got 11 tiles with 21 on it...

  13. easy once you figure it out

  14. to Glod: I can not put in doubt, that you have made 6655445454561 at the 2048 game...., but the value CAN NOT BE with 1 on the end. (2+2 always =4, etc..... only even-numbered!)

  15. too much thinking involved. i came here for fun

  16. checks me out

  17. I found this hard... and not the good kind ;)

  18. what's the point of this?

  19. I really like this kind of games! Really loves that how she bending over for cam! Yummy!

  20. Hey guys, check out my profile ;)

  21. my facebook is: samar Al-iraqi

  22. What is the name of the girl in this?

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