Cum of the Dead

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Porn Game - Cum of the Dead, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - Cum of the Dead, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - Cum of the Dead, picture 3 of 3

Zombies gets horny too! Play this simple hentai game to clean old photos from fungus to discover what's happened with lost civilization! Let's play!

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118 Responses to “Cum of the Dead”

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  8. i hate this kind of stupid photo cleaning game, i am waiting for this month's official MnF :D

  9. Me so horny. Wanna fuck me, girls

  10. pleasee fuck so horny....

  11. shit game!!!

  12. please fuck me babe


  14. I like the doubleteam and bukake photos....made me wish I could join in

  15. how many photos are in this game to clean and whats the special reward or is there none

  16. Nices pics, but they are not worthy of the job!

  17. sexy fuck me!!!!!!!!!!

  18. its so nice

  19. stupid game

  20. i been infects

  21. zombie zombie

  22. fresh meat

  23. very boring game

  24. Nice but kind of getting a bit boring ^^

  25. I have seen some lame ass games, but this one is the laimest

  26. I have seen some lame ass games, but this one is the laimest

  27. what a bad game

  28. what a bad game

  29. sad ass shit!!!!!

  30. disapointing

  31. very bad game

  32. OH MY GOD what a damn shit game. ONE OF THE WORST GAMES EVER!

  33. The site it takes you to at the end is a Sophos reported attack site, FYI.

  34. After 25 minutes, You get a link to a FUCKING PAYSITE!!!

  35. How many pic's are there. Anyone beat the game let?

  36. not worth the efort u have to put into it. great pictures thought.4-10

  37. there is an end

  38. they have Jill from resident evil in some of the photos.. the work sucks but the pics are great!

  39. when did this site start censoring what we say .. that is wack!!

  40. yahhhhhooooooooooooooooooooo this is so very may big cock i wish will gne hear now uh uhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh

  41. what did the zombie said to the hooker? Keep the tip.

  42. Those damn desktop-girl pop-ups are interfering with my game, so I must wait very long to charge laser. And I can't shut these damn girl down!

  43. too slow

  44. Load of crap

  45. try the cross under the right corner under your screen to put the desktopgirls off adrian24

  46. too damn time consuming and boring

  47. lamest game ever:(

  48. Even after you beat it u dont get a gallery so this game is failz

  49. I want Milk Plalnt !!!!!!!!!!!! Is the best game of Game of Desire !!!!!!!

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  51. Hmm. Pictures are good, game is slow, and simple. All in all, could be much better if actually there were something to do.

  52. jolo dude seriously...thanks! ive been trying to get rid of them damn girls for hours..

  53. These zombies should wear condoms, they are probably carrying some serious STD's.

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  55. Pic so cute but Game .........

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  57. i'm very disappointed


  59. IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  61. Most of the pics are Resident evil girls

  62. NICE PICS!!! To bad you have to turn your head to get a better look at them.

  63. i want some naruto episodes bcoz i want tsunade and her fucking huge tits.....

  64. this is boring

  65. not too slow though,wait a while the gun will charge up and get the dust away quickly

  66. you should make the game called Zombies Fucked My Neighbors=)

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  73. fucking zombies:)

  74. hey desire. you dont have one

  75. Maybe he/she is making fun of you?

  76. Yeah It's A Nice Game

  77. This game is lame. LAME!!! Nice pics, Lame game!

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  79. How many fucking pictures are dere? = =

  80. wtf?...this game sux!...really bad!


  82. very boring cleaning wtf

  83. any girls want a 10 inch cock?

  84. this game stinks like bug balls

  85. kinda gets boiring after a while but good pics wish u could look at the ones u got

  86. t nadia dam your one sexy bitch, where do you live? maybe we can meet up sometime


  88. thoe pics are from resident evil

  89. takes long time but tottaly worth it

  90. thank you,wranga...send me a msg

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  100. boring, repetitive, and censored =====> don't bother playing it

  101. strange and boring

  102. fuck this game its a peace of shit

  103. Takes too long

  104. this game could let u upgrade ur weapon. and the pics shouldnt be all censured >.>

  105. the pics rule. you losers just refuse to do work for it.

  106. The girls are so hot!

  107. Hey! I Love this game

  108. some pics are censored

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  112. why the fuck is it only showing resident evil hentai?

  113. took me half an hour to finish,not that bad,but no good

  114. i'm so horny and wet

  115. hi becky u want fuck

  116. well isn't this a fuckin stupid ass game

  117. very nice games..!!i like a horny pussy...! :))

  118. there is at least 30pictures beats it under do it

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