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It is a kind of TowerDefense startegy where you play as Paul, the leader of a secret society. You swore to protect an ancient artifact : A Golden Shaft. This relic grants huge power to anyone who possesses it. But the rumors spread fast and soon, women form all over the world wanted to get it. Use your magic to summon plants and stop those horny travelers.

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36 Responses to “Plants VS Nymphos”

  1. This is a shitty steal from the newgrounds upload

  2. gimme codes

  3. Nurse, latest code i've got, worth going through from beginning though

  4. code "thanks" to unlock everything

  5. dudes its thanks

  6. Only missing a "remove plant" abillity.

  7. Hi Newgrounds, I assure you it's not a steal from Newgrounds. (I'm the designer of the game, and I'm the one who posted it at both places.) Thank you for playing!

  8. Really hard to beat

  9. "plane ticket"

  10. Weird game....

  11. "thanks" -code

  12. Can it has futa plants because there is human female?

  13. fucking repressed gays want futas even on plants... how can even work? sick faggots

  14. very funny and hard

  15. Codes for Plants VS Nymphos Level 2: magic Level 3: cheers Level 4: upskirt Level 5: tutu Level 6: girls Level 7: nurse Level 8: mozart Level 9: whip Level 10: plane ticket Level 11: thanks

  16. fun game played it for a while

  17. efore 10 level game is pretty easy: 1) first line - acolytes (when you get them on 2 level) 2) second and third lines - penises (100 energy). Wait before first enemy come in sight 3) forth or fifth line - defenders (penises in chains - 120 energy) 4) when you cant kill enemy in time - use bomb (25 energy) Build them all when needed 5) At 10 level first build 4 acolytes, then 1 big penis (500 energy) on 2 or 4 horizontal line (see where is more enemies) other kill with bomb, then build fifth acolite 6) then, when you get 500 energy - build second big cock on 4 or 2 hor. line (where you d...

  18. 6) then, when you get 500 energy - build second big cock on 4 or 2 hor. line (where you didn't build it yet) 7) then build them on 1 and 5 lines 8) build defenders at fifth line and maybe cocks (100), use bombs when bdsms are on half of the cell (or they drop it away) at the endless mode build 1 - acolytes, 2 - big penises, 3-5 - penises, 6,7 - defenders i used 5 line for defenders, maybe it was my mistake (through time they passed my defense)

  19. Nice game with good levels of challenge. Wasn't able to have high enough energy in the later rounds for the more expensive items.

  20. This game is a piece of shit...

  21. Wow, an actual game that was still pretty erotic. I purposely put the acolytes on the front lines just to see how each woman made them finish.

  22. check me out

  23. omg that bug

  24. feel the preassure bitches!!! im age sha ck . com/ i / f0Hj xo8mp

  25. ht tps : / / imag esh ack . com / i / f0Hjxo8mp

  26. level 3 the match is over... are you kidding???

  27. Did that chastity/defence dick thing remind anyone else of Gamagoori from Kill La Kill?

  28. Hey guys, check out my profile ;)

  29. endless is so fvcking hard!!!

  30. ndless is easy. First, select Acolyte, bomb, dick with chains, vibrators and cannon. (Counting rows from up to down, and columns from left to right) First plant 2 cannons at 2-1 and 4-1. These will take care of incoming threat for a while. Then start planting acolytes from 1-3 to 2-3, 3-3 .... 1-4... etc. At some point you will see that not all of the intruders are killed by cannons, you will need to use bombs. Once you are at this point start building defence line with chained dicks at 1-6, 2-6... onwards. Keep doing it until you have a complete column built. In parallel keep building acolyt...

  31. acolytes until you have columns 3,4 and 5 completely filled. If one of your chained dicks is destroyed, replace it immediately. Keep watching you power grows, and once it reaches 500, place cannon in columns and 2, until they are full. The start placing vibrators in the remaining empty squares. If at this point any of your chained dicks is destroyed, replace it with vibrators as well. Now you can meditate for hours....

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  33. seems like impossible

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  35. super sexy game

  36. Very easy game

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