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You goal in this game is to find the pictures of the same pornstar, that is shown on the big picture on your left side of the screen. Small pictures are falling from the top. If you see the picture of the same pornstar, click on it. You must find 5 pictures of her.

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36 Responses to “Recognize the Star”

  1. ich bin number one

  2. a bit lame

  3. trial and error with no reward. Someone on this website needs to stop green lighting total bullshit.

  4. #4 miau! mrrrmiau!

  5. What a shit game. Good grief.

  6. Is there any chinese here?

  7. ni men dou shi sha bi

  8. this game sucks

  9. What a waste of time and effort

  10. I liked the "End" button

  11. This game is broken

  12. just what I wanted!

  13. "Damn, I am behind on my contract to make one porn game per fortnight" "Fuck it, I will just make them click on random pictures even though its 2015 and they could just click anywhere else online for free streaming HD porn" "What? People go to games of desire for games? You talking shit bro."

  14. this is super counter intuitive since ur suppost to be looking at the girls but u can win by matching the backgrounds/outfits idk all the blondes kinda look the same to me

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  36. nice pics. wanna watch mine?

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