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The hero's name is Henshi. Maybe he looks like a total nerd, but the truth is that he is an alien bio-robot equipped with a breeding function. His home world has been thoroughly annihilated and he is the only person who can bring the aliens' genome back to life :)

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215 Responses to “Finalizer”

  1. all number idiots are morons!

  2. Leter A biches :D

  3. hot game

  4. Wheredo you get the nymph stuff?

  5. how do you get the serum?

  6. I can affect the girls and start fucking them, but how do you actually seed? I did it once and I don't even know what I pressed.

  7. Where's the nympf stuff?

  8. when you go to the lab just keep going right and use the key.

  9. where do you get the nymph serum, I know if you fuck the plant chick in her ass you get a key, but that still doesnt really help much

  10. plant girl?

  11. fuck the rose girl in the ass then she looses a key

  12. 16 hung and fit looking for milf, email me

  13. theres a key in the ass of branch lady. just have sex and then e her legs and finish again

  14. but waht is to do after we read the nymph book

  15. jerk off on the plant after opening the door of the plant girl

  16. how do i fck that branch lady in the ass? only had pussy tits and blowjob

  17. To get the plant stuff, you go into the plant lady's house, fuck her in the ass for the key, then go to the other room. If you read the book in the kitchen, it gives you a clue. Go back to the single potted plant and jack off once to summon the nymph.

  18. i`m not getting a key to open the door behind the branch lady... am i fcking the wrong 1 for a key??

  19. nice game!

  20. you have to fuck their face & tits before you can fuck their ass

  21. Very very very nice game... Realy..

  22. Nymph can be found by fucking the lady with the flowers in the ass...

  23. still no key from the plant lady... did all that is possible -.-

  24. How do you fuck them in the ass I have tried the way written here and nothing happen what am i doing wrong how do you know you are fucking them in the ass? plz help

  25. able to give some hints as something wrong or doing something they do hacked game

  26. The positioning for anal is tricky. you need to be down a ways on screen and sort of near her feet.

  27. I dont know how play this game. Can somebody explain the game, please???

  28. How do I read the nymph book, it won't show I supposed to press a button when I read the book?

  29. Oh Yeah! ~~ i finish this game. >///

  30. I got a total of thirty five seedlings in the game. That includes all of the police women that attack you.

  31. I beat the game and continued to fuck and seed 5 more women.

  32. well its kinda easy after u read the nymph book u cum on that flower and nymph pops up after that u can do kinda all

  33. I have followed the directions but when I press "E" it doesnt do anything, I use the spore and then try to seed but it wont let me once I get the spore bar fully charged again. HELP please! I have tried holding E and spamming E aswell as holding and spamming the spacebar

  34. yeah i fuck all de chick they are 35 xD

  35. I've found that if you go sort of between the two stools, face left and press "e", that you'll fuck her ass. otherwise you juts keep doing normal sex.

  36. where is a single potted plant

  37. I have absolutely no idea what you're supposed to do in this game or what buttons you're supposed to press in order to perform certain actions. It all seems entirely random

  38. what the fuck?

  39. mi record 28

  40. where are the last 4? got up to 31. also, how do you beat it if you avoid being beamed up?

  41. To fuck her in the ass you need to turn away from her, but have your feet in front of you

  42. How do you get the lab key?

  43. how to have sex with that rose flower branch girl ? ever time i press E or spats she calls the cops


  45. 35 is my highest

  46. ffs how do you fuckin play this game anyone?

  47. when i get the key after i fuck a lady in the toilet wat shld i do next?

  48. 35 total

  49. walkthrough please

  50. Do not understand the meaning of inside

  51. use your brain the controls for playing this game are the standard left handed keys ( w = up, a = left, d = right and s = down)

  52. how to fuck and seed i dont know plz help just write how to do and begin with!

  53. I know but I don't know the game process

  54. Is this boy should start doing

  55. I know how to play This game is fun I don't know the key to the

  56. cant find the book :(

  57. where is the secret lab and what do i do with the damn green key?

  58. imple Walkthrough: Once you start the game, press E next to the status button on your machine to see what you need to do. E will exit the dialog window. Go to the right and up the stairs to find the dildo, press E when your hands are near it to grab the battery. Go back to your machine, and stand on the mat in front of your machine and activate it with E. Masturbate with Space to fill your spore meter, then head out of the house. Go all the way to the right to find the black lady in the bathroom. E to stun her then E again to start handjob scene. Fill your stamina bar, you can also fil...

  59. i can only find 34 not 35

  60. I hate chat restrictions. Sex spots (with hands touching female) top left - vagina top right - mouth bottom right - tits bottom left (must have done all other positions) - ass. read book in Citroen house, then access lab across street. use key to access lab and get serum. Go to branch house, and fuck MILF in ass to get key. Masturbate on rose plant, and seed nymph. Finally, seed 20 total to win game.

  61. I have to say, I like the flower lady

  62. i cant get in the lab

  63. i even have the key

  64. Max hit E at the door with Dr. Citra on it

  65. gme:good qualit:=(

  66. Have the green key. Can't even find the lab for god's sake. Is it the locked door in the Branch house (which I can't open with E and with the Key) or in the one right after the house with the book (can't even enter house)

  67. Anon- you can enter the lab (its a blue building) by pressing up when you're on the street instead of down to enter the house

  68. For those wondering how to have sex, after pressing e twice, you press d then w. After you've changed positions, you press d then w then e to ejaculate. Sometimes you have to press s or a to change positions. But to ejaculate you always press d then w then e.

  69. Nice game. Would have been awesome if the girls can get pregnant.

  70. 37 seedlings.

  71. how do i fuck someone??

  72. Cool game! Made my cock fuckin' hard

  73. Where is key to the lab? I fucked sms-texting in toilet chick in four hot spots and still don't have key.

  74. how do you get the item from the nymph?

  75. how do you get the pink hared chick on the right to fuck you?

  76. also the fuck you do in the room with boxes after lab?

  77. I don't understand this. What are the controls for when you start going down on a woman? All I do is either get behind her and massage her breasts, lick her pussy from the front, or sit on her lap while she jacks me off, and no matter what I press, I can't stop. It goes on until my energy is spent and I'm back in the main room. What are the controls to control what you do during sex?

  78. Can somebody list all of the girls you can have sex with? I can only find up to 30

  79. The controls are absolutely terrible. It doesn't explain anything outside of how to walk around

  80. A single flower pot in which

  81. what is a single flower in?

  82. Ok, the controls are not v well explained. In short, there is a build-up in speed so you have to go Normal, Fast, Turbo (A-D-W) whenever having sex and then press E to seed. However, the 'foreplay' section before the initial fuck, you have to do (A-D-W-S) and then E. When you press S in-sex (rest) it regenerates your stamina much faster than in your room. Hold space to build up green bar, go up to a girl you can seed (Game progress) and press E, then press E again and press A, D, W and your speed will build up.

  83. nice game

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  85. how did you get more than 30

  86. Damn, maybe I'm wrong but I think this deserves 5 stars

  87. This is fantastic. Hope to see more of this in the future

  88. Can you even get more than 30?

  89. yes im at 34

  90. Girls show all on webcam, no registration:

  91. Arrivata a 36!!

  92. How to reach more than 35 ?

  93. btw 5 stars from my side.. great !!

  94. How the hell do you get more than 30?

  95. Dont stun milfs or teens. raise spore in front of them cause they'll call the cops. Female cops... ^^

  96. valid targets: laboratory: the laying woman, your landlady, school: teacher, the twins and their mother, the kid at the street ..

  97. Even with the cops I still can't get over 30. Do different cops appear each time?

  98. Yes, there are different cops. Can someone explain how to get over 35?

  99. How the fuck do you play this? I have the fucking battery but now what?

  100. i liked this c:

  101. Godd - go back to starting spot, use the machine

  102. how can i get nymph female serum?

  103. help me i cannot find the nymph veginal secretion


  105. Great game once you get the controls down.

  106. fucking good

  107. Sono a 37 !!!!

  108. fucking hot game

  109. Sono a 37!!!!!

  110. how do u fuck 36 girls?

  111. Sono a 37!!!!!

  112. Watering the flowers

  113. Cant find 36 and 37, only reached 35

  114. very great game!! 4 star!

  115. i got around to fucking to the milf in the branch house, but i can't seem to fuck her in the ass. i'm pressing e on her legs, and it's only doing vaginal

  116. how to get the serum? I can't get the key to enter the lab

  117. which buttun to funk in ass?

  118. cintu u need to try to press e in different positon on the gals. by the way i don't know how to get the key to the lab can you help?

  119. got 31, anyone knows where to get more girls to attack?

  120. The game black page Walkthrough for SIMSEH: Chapter 1 (Finalizer)

  121. Do not be fucking with teenagers and children.

  122. mmm... amazing game! would love to be one of those girls

  123. how can i get nymph veginal secretion

  124. only 35,how to find 36.37

  125. there are 37 female,bur only find 35 seeds

  126. nice game , check my profile

  127. Great Game! I finished once but it's addiciting. Just a question. How do I fuck the fat white lady in the ass?

  128. How ta get level 3? I can`t understand

  129. how do i have sex with all the girls

  130. how do i keep from being beemed up

  131. does the game slow down for anyone else ?

  132. nice game, luv the group sex scenes, did 34 of em

  133. takes a while. save option would be a nice addition

  134. how can i download the game

  135. How can I get the card on the tree?

  136. that took a long time but it was actually fun. I got 34!

  137. how to you resgiter meet and fuck ??

  138. i don't know resgiter meet and fuck

  139. do you help me

  140. i get 30seedlings oye

  141. how to get the rest of 4,wo only get 30

  142. mmm so many sex scenes! awesome game

  143. 35 seedlings

  144. got 30 but loved it!

  145. how inseminated the female police and the maids if they run before they succeed?

  146. Girls show all on webcam, no registration:

  147. horny game

  148. Anal Sex = Fuck Them, Turn to the Right of Their Body, Press E and Have a Good Fucking

  149. Check my profile

  150. how do you get the alpha male serum on the lab

  151. how do you get the right-hand pink twin?

  152. sex with the girl from the bathroom(far right),get the key

  153. witch botton i can fuck in the ass at the branch women

  154. the hottest game ever!

  155. nymph??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. 35 plantulas

  157. the keys is not work correctly. you cant play - just angry :)

  158. someone can how can fuck in the ass to the women branch only can fuck in her pussy and how found the nimph vaginal secretion

  159. @wolverine: you must E on her feets, after you done BJ and Boobsjob

  160. you have to stand in the right position to fuck her ass it is around her ass with your head looking at her feet

  161. how do you save

  162. thanks bob i hope this time finally fuck her in the ass

  163. somebody know how find the nimph vaginal serum

  164. awesome! plz add more games like this




  168. cant get passed 35, anyone willing to give insight?

  169. Could someone please tell me, how to continue after 20? I get beamed up immideatly...

  170. how do you get a girl to fuvk you in the game?

  171. someone needs remake this with better animations!

  172. i like it

  173. great game! so many sex scenes

  174. want to fuck them in the ass? turn back just at the edge of the legs and then hit E yeahyuh...

  175. FUCK aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  176. To fuck them in the ass, it has to be a type B and you fuck them in the pussy, then mouth, then tits... Then you go to the feet, facing away from the face and you hit e... BAM ANAL!

  177. saya sangat suka

  178. saya sangat suka

  179. nama saya niki saya sangat suka sekali

  180. loved this game when is the next misson quit

  181. whens the next misson out

  182. How do I get that Nymph Vaiginal Secretion stuf?

  183. very good!!!!

  184. whens the next misson out

  185. MAX SEEDLINGS is 36 probably

  186. Yea i got 35

  187. great feel

  188. I beat the game. At the end you unlock a mode where you can fuck any girl at any time for as long as you have some of the blue meter left.

  189. Some of us are better visually than others, it may help the ones starting out to know which house or lab to go to in order to find out where we have to be step by step, instead of saying "plant lady !".

  190. how do we know which cops are easiest to fuck and at what level?

  191. i want to fuck a woman,but i am 15 years oid

  192. if you're going to be on a pornsite at least pretend you're 18

  193. imple walkthrough: 1. All the way at the right, get the batteries and use them on the generator-thing 2. Fill up spore meter by jerking off, then leave the house. 3. Go all the way to the right and fuck the girl in the bathroom. (You get a key) 4. Go to the lab, it's in the area next to the beginning, go to the right once inside and unlock the door 5. Press E on the red tube, then go back to the generator. 6. Fill up Spore meter then go to the house with the pink mailbox. Fuck the woman in there. 7. Press E in different areas of her body to do anal, after you cum she'll drop a key 8. U...

  194. hope will come out finalizer 2

  195. to do anal walk away from her towards the door that you can in and then press 'e' if it doesn't work get a little closer to the door if you do pussy and it will

  196. Finished the game at 35 pussies good game

  197. COOOOOOL GAME!!! 36 girl only

  198. cool game i hope will come part 2


  200. sverige.txt;1

  201. for the nymph stuff, you must cum over the flowerpots in the backyard of the garden

  202. for the nymph stuff, you must cum over the flowerpots in the backyard of the garden

  203. Very very very nice game... Realy..

  204. Good game

  205. ...............

  206. .............

  207. lue diao lue diao !~~~zhen ni ma ren cai!

  208. Reached 36 indeed example: Cheerleaders "BEAVERS" by choosing different positions in front or next to multiple girls press E-button and you might grab another girl and proSEED :-)

  209. I found 35 seeds Don't know what to do next

  210. Was there ever a sequel made for this game?

  211. I just have 34...

  212. this game is really fucksome

  213. I wish this game had more episodes!!!!!!!!!!

  214. I can't fuck Mrs Branch in the ass. It doesn't matter where I hit 'e' I always fuck her pussy. Is there a certain spot where you have to hit it? if so let me know.

  215. To make the game load, move your mouse in circular motion fast or click quickly.

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