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Our hero is a 20-year-old computer geek. He never had a date or a girlfriend. And today he's finally decided to lose his virginity and go out to the streets to find some fucking hot chick. But unexpectedly, a UFO's appeared and took him to another galaxy. Let's see what happen next :)

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99 Responses to “In Dreams”

  1. huh im number 1, but who gives a crap anyway?

  2. No more unfinished games!

  3. I wish North Pole Glory Hole was free! Even though it aint that related here. :-P

  4. bad art, bad animation, bad wording, bad story, bad spelling, bad game. don't finish, scrap and start over.

  5. wth is this...

  6. The only thing that made any sense was the fact that aliens abduct people through macs... What? ...Its true!

  7. its ok i guess but make it better

  8. genielas

  9. If anyone here say bad things to his game, they can make thers own game, its not eazy to make games!

  10. i belive a preshool child wold make better game

  11. too much text

  12. needs to be full game

  13. its actually very good :p too bad its not finished. keep up the good work

  14. fuck you motherfuckers i was trying to be cool youre rely basterds thats it i am not gona visit you again assholes good luck with popularity!

  15. the talk abouve is to the site

  16. where is the game??????

  17. would someone lend me their pussy for me to destroy?

  18. This game makes no sense and... It sucks. You can't even figure out how to get anything from anyone! >.

  19. Needs audio.

  20. it didnt make a lot of sense, but it wasn't terrible

  21. are there any other sites for free online sex games except gamesofdesire,sexhotgames,playforceone??????????????????

  22. weird game

  23. a book or a sex game? too much text, but is OK

  24. Spanish? i speak spanish but is a mix of spanish and english the game? if you choose the wrong friut, the text in english is: it isnt the fruit, search the rare friut. and i the gym, the text is: dont talk, im training.

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  26. @Alex Try sexgamesbox,aduly-sex-games...u will love it...

  27. I meant adult-sex-games....even try fastfuckgames...:)

  28. can't wait for real game to finish

  29. what to do at florist's utena? guess i attempted all possible answers, but always killed

  30. ... I feel sorry for Ranma, to lose his female virginity like that... and there wouldn't be that much blood...

  31. Laaaaaaammme!!!!!

  32. stupitly

  33. thanxxxxxxxxxxx for ur ur reply man whoever u are

  34. Wow, that was weird haha

  35. The guy who creates the game is crazy of virgin blood, i have sex with girls, but i never with a virgin, but if i do it, i don't get crazy like him of his blood

  36. *her blood...

  37. How to fuck ranma pleaze?

  38. @the anonym that wanted north pole glory hole free Me tooooo it makes me wanna go subscribe to mnf

  39. HEY ANONYMUS, cant say how to do it

  40. the web doesnt allowed me

  41. I think i got a really nice dick. If u agree add me on Msn or Skype. MSN: Skype: everyonewantsme I'm waiting for you on webcam ;)

  42. FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! An unfinished game? Is this a joke?

  43. no fun check out my profile instead

  44. i'd love to strip for you

  45. great gme!!!!!!

  46. its all rite i wld love it to b finished i thought the hints on the choices when u get a bj from an-18 were pretty funny

  47. I was gonna say good attempt for an amateur programmer, but then there was rape and blood and I got sick to my stomach. Sex games aren't supposed to make you want to puke!

  48. hey guys guess what if you click play when glory hole tells you its a demo youll go back to start then click play again

  49. right click and click play

  50. what a fucking game

  51. any girls want to chat with a cute guy

  52. it's a good beginning with a lot of thought on the scenario, especially on the number of choices we get. too bad it's not finished yet but i think it'll be a good game if it ever gets finished

  53. pretty bad game

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  55. check my profile

  56. check my profile

  57. didn't expect ranma to be in the game

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  59. please finish

  60. finish finish finish haha can someone help me with the fruit part?

  61. Good Work in progress i`m really looking forward to the finished game,i'`m hoping for a bit of sound.

  62. This game is boring. And its sorta weird having Ranma in a type of game like this...

  63. Colwinter is right. he is a beginner creating games, but he can change somethings if he do it in the demo. Like the guy, or some aspects, like blood and some stupid dialogs. Another Way, sweet becky is right too. Is good in the beginnings, but i don't like too much the characters, specially the principal character. But in the future, he will do better games than this.

  64. i cant wait full game

  65. what a shity game

  66. alright for an unfinished game

  67. pretty lame

  68. unfinished game this mean foolis hmpf

  69. got me pretty horny, but not as horny as hottness makes me.. i want to fuck your tits so bad!

  70. this page fucking sucks, god send this page to scrap please.

  71. jogo maneiro

  72. i wish these people would learn english before attempting to translate games into english

  73. Warum kann mann die spiele nicht auf deutsch bringen

  74. whats that

  75. where is Sakura in this game? I can't seem to find her

  76. Yeah luna.....Where is Sakura in this game? Hello anyone???????

  77. alex you can try one of these sites Hornygamer , sharks-lagoon, wetpussygames, lessonsofpassion

  78. okay....... the guy's back looks like three asses. Only bj's right now, sort of disappointing. Also, you didn't make sakura scene yet, which is sort of depressing (btw her eyes in the show are green, but she looks better with blue eyes in my opinion :)). Multiple camara angles would be nice (besides the view of 3 asses and his long, chicklike hair).

  79. kinda dumb in a way

  80. Please finish the game is interesting

  81. Please finish the game, and get a better translator. It could be a good game, when finished.

  82. Oh, and the main character is supposed to look like a fat lazy nerd. But you really should get rid of the strange back. It's unrealistic.

  83. hey check my profile and read it please. then lets have fun

  84. why is it that ppl who make these games have terrible english

  85. great game with lots of potential, too bad it takes so much work and time to actually reach the potential, but hey better than nothing

  86. they got one thing right - a Mac will be the death of you

  87. this gamessucks

  88. how the hell do you get the rare fruit

  89. How can I fuck android 18?

  90. I think this game is not so bad.

  91. @johan nice try...i think you should finish it. do you have other games?

  92. this game better be finished soon. i like to see its ending.

  93. that game would be great i think but that virgin thing is a pitty

  94. when will they finish the game????????????????

  95. boys contact horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  96. is this game ever gonna be finished

  97. I want to finish this game, but i need help, please send me a message if you think that you can help me! thanks.

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  99. This is a good game, but it just needs to be finished so we can get further into the game.

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