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You are a little green alien and your mission is to impregnate as many women as possible. To do this you need to be attractive to the ladies. So, go to the gym, study at the university, and you will be more desirable to the earthly women. You also need to sleep and eat to have enough energy, and of course work to buy food and gifts. If you don't have any luck with the girls, you can visit the hotel and get a hooker.

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106 Responses to “Inseminator”

  1. so f'n horny now...feeling like doing some inseminating

  2. lol i wanna be inseminated

  3. i can fuck like that thing too ; )

  4. if only I could be doing some inseminating right about

  5. number 1

  6. number 2

  7. my huge dick is hard! interested girls?

  8. number 3

  9. Is it just me or are the exams a bit hard?

  10. That was kinda fun, but I dont have all day to get him laid hahaha

  11. try this in the matrix 0 99 97 0 0 0 99 0 76 0 30 66 0 49 0 1 2 0 0 3

  12. i will inseminate you daria olsen ;) :D

  13. dude Idk about fucking as many girls you can in 100 days.. but Ik i would fuck hotness 100 times every day


  15. What do against sexual harassment? How can you pay 1000 $?

  16. awesome game very nice and funny

  17. cutie88 is so sweet and sexy :)

  18. esta muy buenas tetonas

  19. this game is stupid

  20. What are you girls up to? This game didnt really do it for me lol

  21. green blob always gets me off

  22. its a pretty fun game but the sexual harrasment suit is pretty much game over. no way to return from it

  23. wow nice game who want tobe my sex mate

  24. very good

  25. any girl interested in cyber talk mail me

  26. nice game, but getting stats is a bit hit-and-miss, and the 2-week restraint limit is annoying

  27. yeah, pretty damn repetitive to. The scenes are hot... well they would be if you werent a little green blob thing

  28. hey sweet becky u hav very sexy boobs

  29. Wanna play with me? Wanna Webcamfun? Add me on skype or msn. Skype: everyonewantsme MSN:

  30. Eaten by a shark on holiday... well that sucks dick!

  31. That whole matrix thing if you just want to save your game is bullshit! why the fuck would anyone want to write a fucking password code down if you just want to continue?!

  32. shouldnt be so fucking hard to sleep with them!!! FFS ITS A CHEAP SEX GAME NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SOME INTESIVE RPG!!

  33. Ha ha, Jaws...

  34. so fucking boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. ha-ja-ha

  36. how to save? please help

  37. wtf is the matrix stuff for?

  38. he's so cute but he only inseminates 4 girls before he goes crazy and gets locked up!

  39. Hello everybody check out my profile if your wise if you know what I mean Girls and guys? I will be waiting for you all

  40. should get a threesome in one of the sex scneces

  41. that take some time of my schedule lol

  42. the way to return in the sexual harrasment is pay 1000 dollar

  43. the flight scene is taken from Snatch lol

  44. god....................... the matrix stuff is the save file for u game lol if u dont have enong time so continue after and really code from sssss : 0 99 97 0 0 0 99 0 76 0 30 66 0 49 0 1 2 0 0 3 works very good really u start in day 3 wich toons of stats relly try it the only bad thing of save is bout u needed put numbers separated like in 1 windows 0 and after 99 ...........

  45. this is lame.. really lame!

  46. Yeah tryed puting in the codes for Matrix and got heaps of stats and got the little green guy laid 55 times ! LOL Go little green man.

  47. check my profile

  48. o ye ive been inseminated and i love it!!!

  49. it's such an addictive game, though him going loopy for no reason is a bit annoying. does anyone know a decent walkthrough?

  50. try this matrix -3 12 46 0 -3 -3 9 -2 11 7 30 17 0 48 0 1 2 0 1 3

  51. Re your character going "loopy": this is not random, but is because as well as the parameters shown he also has a STRESS level. This rises due to work and getting knocked-back by girls, and goes down due to sex and holidays. There is a more recent version of the game out there with a stress bar added, and that helps a lot...

  52. 59 Women inpregnated!!!

  53. i fuck u all girls

  54. nice game dreidz you have a fine ass need it inseminated?

  55. 86,8,78,96 55,73,0,97 0,1130,3 0,49,11,1 2,1,1,3

  56. nice one

  57. your picture looks like that was a lot of fun, sluttygal yummy

  58. hey girls check out my profile

  59. makes me honry ladies

  60. 40+ days: 76,1,50,70 64,81,0,73 76,1,30,66 0,49,8,1 2,0,1,3

  61. matrix here: 60,15,31,50 64,78,0,68 58,1,30,66 0,49,11,1 2,0,1,3 scholar and financial unlocked (finance better) Purposefully set on day 69 lol

  62. how do you save?

  63. i wanna be fucked just like those women!!! any boy interrested??

  64. Parking slot?? :SSS What's for?


  66. hey whosyomamma you look amzing and damn sexy and iacan guve you what you want and then some lol........

  67. I agree with Hotness this time...eheh...i don't have all day! :P

  68. dammmmmmmmm im horny af

  69. sexy game:)

  70. anyone if you can reply. do it for it all of the lonely guys out there. i am oneof them to let you know

  71. sexy sexy

  72. hey sssss thanks for the matrix

  73. stupid ass game cant do anything

  74. nadia i want uuuuuuu

  75. hi guys i am sexy and need a wife

  76. hi guys i am sexy and need a wife so is their bitch's here today huh say yes i need one

  77. would be much better with longer sex scenes

  78. hi dariaolsen if you like me say yes if dont say no beucse if you do i want you your you sexy

  79. dariaolsen i love you your hot i wanna fuck you

  80. stop dariaolsen is hot and i wanna fuck here dariaolsen if you say yes so that a can fuck i will pay you 50 bucks an hour

  81. Made me cum!! Anybody want pics just check out my profile :)

  82. hi its me agein witch one of you wanna do a blwojob

  83. blowjob sorry

  84. 0 99 97 0 0 0 99 0 76 0 30 66 0 49 0 1 2 0 0 3

  85. fuck yeah 83 women!


  87. he stabs the condom with a fork a few times! i laughed so hard

  88. got caught for harrasmenr :s is it becuase im colored? (green)

  89. i awnt to sex right now and fuck some girls

  90. mhm, i like some of those positions, anyone interested in trying them ;)

  91. damn, i agree with dariaolsen, it would be better with longer sex scenes

  92. i wanna fuck pussy so wet omfgg!

  93. go lil green dude

  94. im horny as all hell leave me a message if you want

  95. Im so horny right now I just need someone to fuck, I feel like am going to cum!!

  96. Impregnated 163 women. Damn right. Get the matrix code and play around to find out the most efficient way to get sex without being accused of sexual harassment.

  97. I feel like inseminating now.

  98. 0 99 97 0 0 0 99 0 76 0 30 66 0 49 0 1 2 0 0 3

  99. Hi ladies if ur horny and have a blackberry my bbm pin is 25DCDD13

  100. pice of shit!

  101. So simple and so like my life, but without pregnant the girls


  103. I keep on geting that 1,000.00 fine from that dam judge.

  104. I'm sooooooooooooo horny fuck me

  105. -2 87 55 0 -2 -1 140 0 77 4 29 67 01 48 6 1 2 0 1 3

  106. Good game

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