Inspector J Episode 4

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Inspector J is back and has to find the link between the two first girls who are missing. And it seems that they both know Michelle.

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49 Responses to “Inspector J Episode 4”

  1. number 1

  2. Nice game!! :) Check my profile for my cam guys :3 !!

  3. number 2

  4. looooovely gaaaame... i love it!

  5. Quite stupid, especially the dialogue via cellphone. And how to pass the foreplay? Cant find another spot than her mouth...

  6. can anyone tell me where im supposed to click to get the sex scenes

  7. great game i love it

  8. ok you click the mouth first then her inner leg then her pussy then the [picture ones you do that then the pussy then left leg then her asshole then your done

  9. Mmmm sexy!!

  10. whats this girls name?!

  11. that was very hot!

  12. Hot scenes but very short game

  13. the girl name is michelle

  14. his game.... no. Nuh-uh. Firstly, the common name part. It's "Michelle", though the michelle's in each phone have COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PHONE NUMBERS. But, there can only be one Michelle in the world, right? It's not like it's a COMMON NAME or anything. Next, talking with Michelle. Really? REALLY? Act the nice guy, get rejected, act the agreeable guy, get rejected, because you're too eager. Act the perverted asshole, progress in the game. Yeah, no. I can't really rate the graphics, since it's just footage from a video camera, though gameplay is downright frustrating, and impossible to actually ...

  15. fap to. 3/10 from me- please, it's the little things that keep the game moving. LIKE BEING PLAYABLE.

  16. muuuah ,where to click after her mouth.... :*

  17. I'm a chinese boy,I'm 15,it looks very good!

  18. i liked his cock

  19. caonimashabimen

  20. i am 13 and the game is so nice

  21. Click her hand, then her mouth, then her pussy in pic 1, pussy in pic 2, the hand of the guy, then her ass. Done.

  22. Good game

  23. This is russian girl. She name in porno is Anna, Anuta, Anya, Priscilla, Nataly, Louise.

  24. funny...

  25. what a lucky girl

  26. I love all of the Inspector J games...except for this one -__-

  27. Mia should "interrogate" the girls that would make the game really hot

  28. Click her hand, then her mouth, then her pussy in pic 1, pussy in pic 2, the hand of the guy, then her ass. Done.

  29. this game is very hot

  30. Wow. Love the game. Wish i could be the inspector. Ladies get hold of me.

  31. u have a big coc

  32. waiting for the next episode... impatiently

  33. sexy game

  34. I am boy with big dick. I want a girl

  35. Very sexy game and i wanna fuck all girls here :D

  36. what is the girl name?and from what video is this taken from?


  38. I feel sorry about both this pathetic game & my fellow Chinese who cannot keep their mouths clean.


  40. anshikafucking gimme your address

  41. sexy i need to touch some girls

  42. sexy i need to touch some girls

  43. Ragazze Vorrei Trombarvi tutte...XD

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  45. you look nice with bigs boobs.I want touch you boobs and have sex with you

  46. good game

  47. in pic 2 i have clicked the guys hand and then her ass and it will tell me to try again can someone help please

  48. suck all my dick how many 12345678910

  49. the girl laying on the bed on her laptop looks like sam wynter

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