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This time you'll have to take a rendez-vous with the mayor's secretary. The interview will be very hot! There's no doubt anymore, the mayor is involved in all this! You've got to find a way to see how. You need to get an appointment with one of the mayor's secretary...

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49 Responses to “Inspector J Episode 6”

  1. first to burst

  2. The dialogue was atrocious but hey, tits.

  3. pretty ok game she has a great pair of tits would love to suck on them

  4. great game it was fun

  5. her boobs are hot and her pussy is good

  6. hot scenes. now i need to find my pink dildo

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  8. does it actually have an end or a sex scene, as I got her naked, clicked the mouth and pussy and then got stuck in a loop where i could do nothing else !

  9. Re Frustrated. there's a toy under the pillow on the left

  10. Very sexy videos :)

  11. there is a pink dildo under the left pillow

  12. I'd probably love being sexually abused by two guys but that wouldn't be considered abuse then... Check out my profile!

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  14. Total fucking complete shit. As always from this series. Thw women are skanky, the places all look they are shot in homes(of course), the outfits they wear are not what one would wear for said episodes, the dialogue is lame.

  15. I like this girl a lot ;)

  16. wish you could see here fucking you :L

  17. i like it

  18. who's that girl at the beginning? the one when you really start the game?

  19. is there a hint word?

  20. fucking bs.. u dont know where to click

  21. Awesome! Can someone tell me the girl's name please? I really need to know please?

  22. girl's check-out my profile

  23. None of these Inspector games load for me. Does it require some software

  24. wish i could see the inspector's dick in the sex scene

  25. it said that i has to click the picture but when i click it nothing happen lol

  26. good game, umm it makes me wet i need some c ock lol check my profile

  27. I cant figure out what to click on when she is just standing in front of the

  28. click her boobs first then she'd start undress and you should continue to click her clothes include shoes until she is naked. then you click her boobs again and follow her hand to click.

  29. sexy bitch...i will screw her

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  31. hot game. waiting for the next episode

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  36. This game was shit. After ya get her to strip, ya have to click her hair, mouth, breasts, right leg and vag. There's a dildo in the left cushion that she will grab when ya click it. From there ya tease her vag, mouth, breast and back to her vag. The sex scene was terrible.

  37. where do you click to undress her?!

  38. i tried the tits but it wont work.

  39. pretty hot game

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  49. Tracy Delicious aka Tracy Lindsay

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