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After crash landing once again on Sauria, Krystal finds herself stranded in a remote village. While the Sharpclaw Tribe have changed much since the fall of General Scales, it becomes clear that much of their savagery still remains.

Filed under: Arcade, Quest
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146 Responses to “Legend of Krystal vG”

  1. What's the fuck?!?!?!?!?!? Not working!!!!!!

  2. firssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  3. This game is rubbish of them all.

  4. Lol, the game is not even starting

  5. You have to click on the warning.

  6. Which warning? I just see: 100%

  7. how the fuck do I save.

  8. nice quest

  9. wonderful game. so horny. press the warning at the top to start

  10. dear lord! this looks complicated, but imma fan of the rest of so... gonna give it a shot.

  11. I thought the point of the LoK engine was modularity, so character models could be swapped out. There's no option to play as a human if I'm not into this retarded furry shit.

  12. Gosh, finally, i was waiting for a new Krystal game to come out for sooooo long! One of the few good games in this site lately

  13. this game was good about a 3/5 in my opinion. they did a lot of changes like status's, work, and even interactions. over all not bad though i have no idea on how to get a a rating. i can only get a C which sucks.

  14. Nice skyrim swords

  15. Space Pirate.

  16. how many time before he removes this game ?


  18. Got a ranking of B. Did mostly Nurse work

  19. I got rank A basically you have to beat the dude and become the queen

  20. Got a ranking of A. ;) Did mostly Maid and Dancer work

  21. I have got A and B so far, haven't explored all the options yet but waitress leads to A and huntress leads to B

  22. Got rank S+ was impregnated by wolfs then didin't fought with the spirit in temple so the Azura possed the child of Krystal

  23. Rank C Whore by gathering.

  24. i got Rank A for pack leader

  25. of course you people would steal this -.- people probably cant even figure out how many endings there, well being a big legend of krystal fan and having followed this game all the way through its development i know how many there are and who made made it. which is something you probably wouldnt know either.

  26. original was better but this was still good

  27. S+!!!!!!!!!

  28. Great comments, there, dumb-ass complainers. You start out with a profound misunderstanding of how free internet games work and wind up with you shattering the internet with your stupidity.

  29. So, how do you interact with people? Is there supposed to be sound? I can just click left and right on the frames and walk by everyone.

  30. awesome graphics, great game

  31. Wanna some sexchat or maybe cam?

  32. Can anyone fuck me like this

  33. nice game,honestly,i didn't hoped for much,but there's a lot of things you can do

  34. basta chiedere

  35. not really into furry stuff but not bad

  36. Clicks are not working in the game!!

  37. This is a pretty good game and all but what the hell, where's the sex?!

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  39. Rank A Dancer :D

  40. Ranks S+ azura the destroyer of worlds?

  41. Townsperson Medic

  42. this is soooooooooooooo sexy

  43. How can you have sex? It is only letting me go left and right

  44. how can I interact???

  45. send me a message

  46. how do u get to the sex scenes?

  47. Spend my whole game working from: Maid to Babysiter : (They are blue colors) and if you do same thing as I did you will get story with wolves! Rank A: Pack Leader

  48. utorial: When you start the game. On top of the screen there will be "Town Folks 0/12", that means that you have to go around the village and talk to them. To talk to them you have to click BLUE KRYSTAL above their head. Once you talked to ALL OF THEM. On top of your screen will pop out text saying "END DAY" You click it. From there game will start. Once you done with Town Folks you will appear in the house. In there, You click on "Schedule" and choose what job you want to work. Every job will affect the story and you will get diffirent endings. Of course if you take your time you can play ...

  49. ank S+ Azura, Destroyer of Worlds a darkness swelled in Krystal. her pregnancy was supposed to be a joy, albeit unplanned. but the demon of life temple had polluted her womb and the fragile child stood no chance. the demon possessed the child growing in Krystal and soon she gave birth - a daughter named Azura. coming of age, the demon took control of the young psychic and began a campaign of sexual conquest. Azura's lust was insatiable and planets fell to her dark corruption. soon the universe became a twisted, demonic shadow of itself - and the demon reveled in the never ending flow of ...

  50. Rank* S+ (cont.: flow of bodies to ravage.)

  51. can some one share the guide?

  52. thftxhjtfh

  53. fucking hot game

  54. Are you fucking serious, this shit even older than the other meet and fuck, I don't want to jackoff to a FUCKING FURRY ANIMAL

  55. Then why the fuck did you comment on it asshole!?

  56. what can I do to have the rank S and the pregnancy of Krystal ? Help me plz

  57. Enjoyable game, hope it gets expanded on (more endings, jobs etc)

  58. really need to see the pregnancy and the ending S+ anyone can help me with that ?

  59. nice game.... hot scenes ..... like to fuck some too

  60. Legen....wait for it...dary

  61. How dd you get rank S?

  62. I want to get it too, hope someone will help us

  63. Read the chat guys.. You need to get impregnated and then don't fight with the evil ghost in the temple.

  64. but with which job and other we need for that ? the evil ghost its when you are nurse ? the orange evil ghost we see ? thats the kind of question


  66. When i get to "select data" screen i cant select empty slot, and if i choose load the game does nothing.

  67. Best game on here i played in a long time, i love it!!

  68. Anyone have a tip on job and what doing to have the Rank S. Job I need to do, what kind of answer I need to do to have the Rank S, its the only one I dont see. thank you for your answer

  69. Very Nice game :P WoW seriously amazing. I just have some difficulty with Rank S, anyone can PM me for help me to got this rank ? Thank you

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  71. awesome game

  72. S+, if i remember correctly there are two main steps. during the summer when you are working there is a scene where Krystal runs into a wild wolf, you need to pick an option you'll fail at. this will lead to a sex scene but you'll be rescued and warned. during your second summer you'll be ambushed again and you should chose to fail to fight it off and they will impregnate you. during this time you should be raising you exp in the stat raised by temple work. get it to 75 exp and go for the final sex scene (the no option) in this stat ONLY AFTER you get pregnant.

  73. If I understand I choose to fail my ambush on wolf ? they will say Im pregnant or I will see ? And its the Nurse job I need to do for S+ ? And what is the option I need to choose with wolf ? cauz I have 3 set and Escape and Soothe or something like that ? And with the demon spirit I need to accept the vessel at begin or not ?

  74. I think I've determined some of the ways to SUCCEED in evading the wolves. So far: SOOTHE works if you have high Charisma, ESCAPE works if you have high Flexibility. Those make sense. Unfortunately the other three tactics are just numbered, so that's up to trial and error that I haven't gotten around to trying.

  75. can someone help me the game doesnt start for me its frezzes where it gives u the options start day and stuff why is that

  76. Laz, I dont want to succed to evading the wolves, I ask how to be impregnated to be pregnant. I want to know what I need to doing with wolves to succeed the impregnation

  77. during the first summer if you fail to evade the wolves the wolf will stuff berries in Krystals mouth and then their will be a sex scene where there is no insertion. during the summer season of your second year a wolf will ambush you again and if you don't fend it off the actions will repeat and this time they will fuck Krystal resulting in her becoming pregnant. if this happens you will get the obligatory 1 day of rest and then the person watching you should chastize you. after that your impregnation should become more and more obvious

  78. for the nurse job you need to get at least 75 xp and do all the special scenes for that job. i don't think your choice for the first two matter much but on the last one you definetly need to refuse the blue spirit and engage in the sex scene. for the wolf you can choose any option you want, if your stat is high enough you will fend it off, if it is too low the wolf will fuck you. the options are color matching to the skill.

  79. I miss certtainly a step Im dont impregnated, I doing nurse job, I doing the bad ending in intelligence, I dont succeed to be pregnant, anyone can tell me how ? I have try all things in intelligence to be pregnant, but I miss something and I dunno what, so please help me

  80. 75 xp in morality or in intelligence ? cauz the bad action drop his morality. And I need to do just nurse or accolyte and priestess ?

  81. i had it in intelligence. yes you can do the other yellow catagory jobs as well. and explain what you do when the wolves ambush you so i can try to help

  82. I try anything to fail the ambush to be fucked and be pregnant, I dont need to escape if I want to be pregnant, I doing the wrong choice on the special event to have less morality like explain in the forum, but in the wolf impregnation if I choose the yellow set I will escape the wolf and dont be pregnant ? I want to know when you doing the Yellow Class, how can I be pregnant, the wolf fuck me in DP and mouth, but some come to help me, Its not work.

  83. the stat at 100 % in intelligence its a problem ? cauz maybe its that who dont work, I really try anything to have this RANK S+

  84. EVER select yellow option, yellow is a guarenteed escape. i don't think i t matters which of the others you chose, if your stat is low in that section then you should lose. someone coming to help is normal. the first time they chase the wolf off after the handjob and what not. the second time you encounter the wolves you should also pick an option you have a low stat in so that the wolf will fuck you. after they come and chase off the wolf you will rest for a day and the lizard watching you should talk with you and Krystal will say she is feeling sick and then the shelizard will congradulate y...

  85. fuck, first word is NEVER. from the ..., now that it has been implied that Krystal is pregnant, Now you do the 3rd intelligence sex scene and get fucked. if you do it before you get pregnant then it won't work

  86. who is that lizard watching ? I need to talk to someone after that fuck with wolves ?

  87. I need to chat after that fuck ? that will work on pregnancy ?

  88. Yes she tell me stupid girl and a lot of shit like that after the 2nd fuck, she tell me congratulation but I dont see the pregnant or anything after that

  89. Here's what I did for S+. Year 1, dancer (purple) tree. Summer 1, intentionally fail dark wolf check (red). Year 2, finish dancer (purple) tree. Summer 2, intentionally fail dark wolf check (red). After failing the check I switched over to priestess (yellow) tree. Year 3, finish priestess (yellow) tree. After that I did farming (green) for all 3 scenes then maid (blue) tree for the first scene. I ended year 3 there.

  90. I dont understand what you want to say in the end when you talk about farming and maid. When you talk about finish priestess tree or dancer tree its stat at 100% ?

  91. or finish the tree its mean you have doing 3 special event ?

  92. 3 events. You don't need to hit 100% on any skill. And the farming and maid was just something to kill the time. I doubt you have to complete a 3rd tree after completing the priestess tree and choosing no on the 3rd event.

  93. I have try what you say and I dont have the rank S, what you have answer on the dancer tree and on the priestess tree to got your S rank, cauz I have doing all you have say and I have finish with a B rank in Medic. Can you tell me your choice on the 2 jobs ? cauz it wont work

  94. I provided the options that work, so that you can avoid them. Nonetheless, playing the Yellow tree only, I get Medic no matter what, even after ensuring Krystal gets pregnant before the final battle. Even when I chose NO, the demon always fails.

  95. plz add more games like this

  96. sex quest furry not bad

  97. Wow great game, took some time to get to sex but it was great when it happened. Would definitely replay to see the other routes and grades

  98. nice game.... hot scenes ..... like to fuck some too

  99. How do you not get impregnated?

  100. this is what you need to do to get the top ranks in the game to get Rank A Queen of the Sharpclaw you need to Get strength high and the good ending you also need high morality and high loyalty. To get Rank A Dancer you need to get flexibility and the good ending you also need low morality and low loyalty.

  101. To get Rank A Cult Leader you need to get intelligence high and get the bad ending you also need low morality and high loyalty.

  102. To get Rank A Pack Leader you need to Get charisma high with the good ending you also need low morality and low loyalty.

  103. and finally to get Rank S+ Azura, Destroyer of Worlds you have to get intelligence high with the bad ending you also need low morality and any loyalty you also have to get pregnant at the second Darkwolf summer raid.

  104. Here is how the stat works: each work gives 2+ and 2- on stat. (The colors are the colors of the jobs you have to do) hope it helps. 1.Red: str+ loy+ flex- sens- 2.Green: cons+ temp+ char- loy- 3.Yellow: int+ mor+ str- libi- 4.Purple: flex+ libi+ int- mor- 5.Blue: char+ sens+ cons- temp-

  105. and feel free to ask me what I did to get all the A ranks and the S+ rank, though I personally found if to be fun figuring out how to balance the stats for all the ranks.

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  108. I dont understand schedule anyone help to me please!!!!!!

  109. Not Working

  110. A Ranking... finally did it pretty well...

  111. thank you sweet Becky. and Dvraq what don't you understand about it I don't mind helping you?

  112. wow just fucking wow. I loved this game I loved it! the sex was good and it wasnt mindless plot. I fucking loved it lok you have out done yourself in every way shape and form. Im competly imprressed with this game. I mean I still played your old games when I was younger and as I have grown so have you in your ways of making games. I honestly give a fuck to see the other endings and I dont even do that with ps3 games anymore fucking fantastic A+ nothing wrong with this game. fucking awesome!

  113. nice game but i do more fun check my profile so we can have some fun

  114. Lok games make me wet each time

  115. nice game but boring ..........

  116. ell guys I have ran into a problem. I was playing your game as normal trying to see all the different endings and I reloaded the page a after accepting a yes or no choice of course so I can see both choices to choice which one I like and what story I wished to progress with well now my save file is gone because I was useing slot number two and from there its blank aka like I never had a file and from there there is the number one slot that is blank. I can go into it from there there is a kryal that is day 1 with the power to do up to level three work and from there she is too stress to work an...

  117. d I have randomly generated stats that guard shouldn/t have as in like so to say maid like stats or other stuff but Im bringing this up to you because I love tyis game and wish to see all the endings. keep in mind I had almost completed all the endings with c and b and a rankings so I dont know if this factors in with what is happening. please help

  118. uhh how do i get the other guys to fuck me?

  119. How do I get pass the 100%

  120. plz im stuck on the loading screen how do i get past it so i can play the game

  121. how do i get past the loading screen!!!!!

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  123. please i want to play the game how do i get past the loading screen

  124. please i want to play the game how do i get past the loading screen

  125. my charac its pregnant xd

  126. godina 3 i igrata e prevartqna

  127. godina 3 i igrata e prevartqna

  128. can someone tell mee how i get other clothes for krystal? or how to get her naked? thanks :/

  129. how to play

  130. its coming up Infi% and not woking am i the only one

  131. hahaha dan dan dalandan dan dan sarap real lasap na lasap real real dan dan dalandan NESFRUTA XD

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  134. this geme is coll

  135. i try to press start day but it does not work :/

  136. completed the game, didnt quite like it, and i didnt get horny. it needs more improvements. this game was clever made though... :)

  137. what you are supposed to do is do one line of work, and one line only. you get three scenes and then you get your rating. if you saw all three scenes, you probably get an a, if you did multiple line you probably got c or d, only 2 of 3 scenes is a b

  138. How to download the game Anyone could tell me?

  139. so wet and horny right now anyone who wanna who can fuck me

  140. i just wanna be fucked by those wolves

  141. I have to say this is the best Legend of Krystal game I have ever played.

  142. got all rank a's and special ending... =) wont let me post more

  143. how to work this game.because i just see is 100%.

  144. cooooooooooooool i love thes game

  145. secret blowjob seen in the bar place

  146. too bad there aren't any more of those games, this made me cum!

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