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This little adventure game can be enjoyable for all the lovers of furry hentai in LoK format.

Filed under: Quest
Game Size: 2 MB

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49 Responses to “Mr D's Krystal Ball”

  1. I like wolfs and foxes

  2. LoK is great!

  3. I have no bloody life...

  4. is this the only games out these days? when are they gonna release proper games?

  5. whenever you are ready to pay them...duh..

  6. this is stupid

  7. awesome scenes!

  8. any game that makes me want to play with myself this much is awesome haha

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  10. Holy tits Superman! This is great!

  11. kinda sucks...but is very funny KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  12. All characters in this game are fictional? YOU DON'T SAY?

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  24. Wow. Just wow. Proof that animation is a priveledge, not a right. I would just say it sucked but I have too much respect for the root of that word.

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  26. fun game though

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