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Create your own character and start your first day at work in the Pump Sales company. There is a few naughty things you can do around here, but most important is to keep your boss pleased. Game is still incomplete and has some bugs.

Filed under: Furry, Quest
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26 Responses to “Panthea v0.06”

  1. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst

  2. first is gay

  3. second is fakin

  4. second is fakin

  5. second is fakin

  6. 'gallery' 'for all'

  7. Dont want to be too cocky but the makers of the game arent so good in english are they? Found mistakes you can see even if your english isnt the best. But story is not so bad

  8. hi what you doing here

  9. Because Oden is obviously who sent the sexy new sales assistant. Why do flash developer never speak very good engrish?

  10. Well, it's different and unique. How many times do you hear someone say "thank God" each day? english*

  11. very nice quest

  12. What is the cheat code?

  13. who can tell me what the slutness is?

  14. Smoke what sam offers you and those options will open up

  15. 'gallery' 'for all' not it gallery for all not it what is it

  16. In the shop menu, I can't select the school icon to do anything. Anyone else?

  17. Gallery with big G

  18. girls who like big dicks chek me out

  19. all characters in this game are over 18... LOL

  20. good not much to do not bad story

  21. Put naked boys everywhere

  22. Fuck you

  23. More naked men

  24. Gallery is the code.

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  26. @your mom Is that why he's on a straight porn game...?

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