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Our today's post is not a brand new game, but an update of the furry sex quest Panthea. So what's new has been included?
1) A new mini-quest called 'Picnic Event' with 3 different endings.
2) 3 new h-scenes and 2 mini h-scenes.
3) 12 new dialog screens.

Filed under: Furry, Quest
Game Size: 4.3 MB

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22 Responses to “Panthea v0.07”

  1. FIRST!!!


  3. thank you!

  4. What are the cheat codes?

  5. In the dress up area if you make Peyton naked her bush flashes

  6. Codes were changed only 10$ patrons were told the code

  7. Patreons*

  8. fuckin puppie smokes shrooms wtf lol

  9. xz17wrT opens gallery

  10. How do you get the Masseur skill?

  11. I just want to unload a fat nut on someones face

  12. good,hope the finish it

  13. very hot scenes

  14. Cool new porn game -

  15. vrey good

  16. vrvvdood

  17. on day 3 theres always a glitch where there are all girl slots are flashing...

  18. how to get skils ?

  19. furry anamals

  20. dogs and cats and dogs and foxs and wolfs

  21. how do i get skills

  22. what are cheats

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