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Hero of this game wakes up with a terrible hangover. He remembers almost nothing of what happened to him last night. And, besides all of this, an unknown young babe is taking shower in his bathroom. So there's the beginning of this incredible quest :)

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55 Responses to “Secrets of Heaven”

  1. Good game

  2. I think I just did a number 2!!!


  4. wow. got me all wet

  5. Oh yeah, hot!

  6. num 6 fuck u

  7. Anyone know how to get the 2000 credits for Sin?

  8. Not bad. I played through several times to get multiple endings.

  9. You can get up to 2000 credits by helping the rich guy solve his problem. All you have to do is get the job and go back to your apartment. To get the job from him, you have to do the job with your buddy first.

  10. Has anyone been able to get all 4 endings? I can fuck the cop, the prostitute, and Heaven, but I always go to jail after. Has anyone succeeded in finishing the rest?

  11. To get the other ending just go to your apartment and click on the bed to go to sleep. You get no sex scene, but that is the last ending

  12. nice =) watch my profile for some nice stuff=)

  13. How do you fuck heaven ?

  14. How can we fuck Heaven ?

  15. nice graphics, but could use a little more story

  16. That is so damn hot! I really want to fuck each of those babes!

  17. where is the hotspot

  18. Check out my profile guys ;)

  19. how do you fuck heaven

  20. wow!fuck me

  21. nice game

  22. I can only get the ending by going to sleep, i get the money but how the hell do you sleep with justice and the girl in the sinners club?

  23. awesome graphics and great sex scenes too

  24. Check out my profile :)

  25. how to fuck HEAVEN?

  26. nice game :D but we can have more fun if you visit my profile :D ill wait for you

  27. how to fuck heaven

  28. to fuck Heaven you have to talk to sin about what happened then you get a extra line when you take Heaven back home

  29. I was able to get all four endings, I fucked Heaven, Justice, and Sin. So check my profile out.

  30. I cant even start. AS soon as I touch anything it says she has a gun and stops

  31. make me so horny i would love to fuck so horny girls

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  33. really good graphics. game is way too short and linear

  34. four kind of end

  35. that game make me w et lol u wanna have fun check my profile :)

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  37. can u give me your pussy lisa

  38. damn your sexy as fuck

  39. fucking game

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  44. How do I fuck Heaven?

  45. how download the game

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  47. If you want to suck my huge dick text me

  48. If you want to suck my huge dick text me

  49. lice alic your profile picture is sexy

  50. wie kann man die sin mit dem a-class zusammen ficken ? why can i fuck sin with the A-Class man ?

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