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Slave Lord

Sex Games - Slave Lord - Free to Play

Sex Game - Slave Lord, picture 1 of 3 Sex Game - Slave Lord, picture 2 of 3 Sex Game - Slave Lord, picture 3 of 3

After years in exile the Darklord returns to Vorgor and begins amassing an army. However before you can attack your enemies in the peaceful lands of Erolandia, you need to gain more magical power and the most potent source of magical energy is .... sex.

Filed under: Quest
Game Size: 5.2 MB

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44 Responses to “Slave Lord”

  1. I'm first =D

  2. no one cares

  3. im fourth

  4. Any guide for this game?

  5. anyone know what to do to raise her obedience?

  6. To train obedience you first need to have her clean the orc caverns, then once you have enough buy the lash and "train her".

  7. How do you... earn cash?

  8. Oh... didn't even notice that 1 item in the shop was for free...

  9. well that was easy all you have to do is to get her to work to do that get her the clothes in the shop then go to the goblin at the cave area talk to him and click on making your slave work then from there you get money then you can raised the stats for all of requirements be careful and not to over tired her or else it will backfire on you

  10. At the bar dialogue she's called Nelaana regardless of what name you chose for her earlier. Otherwise, the game's not bad. Simple, easy to understand, easy to complete. Just don't forget to feed her every "day" even if she's not starving after you get her obedient enough.

  11. How do you stop her from fainting while lashing her? I maxed her energy, fullness and mental state!


  13. *u* Perfect!

  14. Michelle Gallo

  15. Look for "Concubines of whoredor". It's the prequel.

  16. I have all the options open, but how to attack other cities

  17. they still develop it so still can't choose other cities

  18. love this game and I hope that when updates come out they get posted here (unless I can find a direct download of it for later versions)

  19. How you travel to Erolandia?????????

  20. Great game. looking forward to the finished product.

  21. NOW THAT WAS A GAME!!! 10/10 FAPS!

  22. best game i have played on here

  23. This can be a good game but whatever I do, there's Nothing for making obedience >

  24. to get obedience at start buy the free outfit at the store, get her to clean the floors of the cave till you can buy the whip. when you whip/paddle her stop after the first option to continue or not, as she gets more and more obedient you can go further with the 'wooden horse' (again start low and work your way up as she gets calmer) and keep an eye on her willpower.

  25. man this game is awesome! Can't wait for full version!

  26. Why wont it let me interact with the game?

  27. can't wait for the version with more and better features plus more girls

  28. interested in learning how to save progress?

  29. Any word on next game update?

  30. nice game

  31. this is a good game I just with you could play as an evil Female overlord who enslave girls

  32. Fucking best game ive ever played

  33. Amazing game, it has so much potential! I can't wait for the next update release!

  34. j adore cette page

  35. help what does vibe do

  36. this game deserves to have a better version, with better drawings and a lot of stuff added, i'm looking forward to it

  37. this is degrading, where's the programmer's honour? misogyny and slavery!!!!

  38. GR8 G4ME!!!!

  39. wow i've never seen such a good game

  40. how the fuck do i get her to clean and stuff

  41. how do you get her energy up? Ive waited hours and is still not up

  42. never mind i figured it out

  43. There is new, updated version on newgrounds.

  44. how do u move on to different territories.

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