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This is a story of three boys who fool arounds unvolontarily bringing chaos and pleasure all around them. This time, they've decided to play vicking and vandalize a church. Help them escape and get rewarded with nasty scenes.

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52 Responses to “The Mr Pinku Game”

  1. all the nuber dicks better shut the fuck up cause am numa 1

  2. so you are the number dick! your a fool!!!

  3. Wtf is this?

  4. soooooooo lame

  5. this is just crap, not worth your time

  6. this game sucks

  7. C is for CRAP

  8. C'mon, I know GoD doesn't have very high standards but this is just pathetically bad.

  9. Sexy game!!! Wait, this isn't LoK.

  10. very hot scenes! great game i need some help hehe check my profile ;)

  11. haha jokes but i still need help

  12. what is the right order for the dude under the skirt?

  13. Nice game when you all trough ;)

  14. Scratch nose, wait, scratch head

  15. wait nose head

  16. hmm. Kinda gets me wet.

  17. Game sucks but im still horny... Girls Check out my profile if u wanna skype

  18. It is not the best. But it is funny as hell.

  19. It was toooo fun.

  20. Kit Kat you have a nice ass.

  21. Very god :D!

  22. Amazing....not boring at all

  23. it whould be good if it whas a good story but it not good and it's not even chalagig what im tryig to sya this game sucks donkey balls

  24. Actually i find this game pretty good and pretty well done.

  25. @dariaolsen: Nice pic. Let me lick your cunt :-p

  26. funny game

  27. how do you trigger the hidden scene?

  28. Could've been better :/

  29. poor graphics but it was pretty funny

  30. Very Lame!!!!

  31. i saw the picture of the girl sucking dick but i did not get her to do it in the game

  32. Happy Ending: (this is the way... roughtly ^^) Kid 1 > Kid 3 > Option3 > Kid 2 > Option 1 3 2 > Kid 1 > Kid 3

  33. The scene with the girl and dick, when it ask you to play the dong dong again keep saying yes and skipping until you get another pop up.

  34. good poor graphics but it whas lame and pretty borig

  35. good poor graphics but it whas lame and pretty borig

  36. too boring

  37. kind of funny actually

  38. check my profile

  39. Shitty dry jokes and poor drawing, can't ask for anything worse

  40. funny game :)

  41. wanna have some fun .. check my profile and add me

  42. Check my profile ;)

  43. Pretty funny ;) View my profile

  44. too boring

  45. wanna have some fun and make u cum???check my profile then add me on my yahoo

  46. pmsl !! pretty funny game :) spoiler, kid 3 opt 3, kid 2 nose wait head, kid 2, kid 1, play bells few times, kid 1, kid 3

  47. nice game , check my profile

  48. lmao, thats fun

  49. it was lil funny and turn me on too

  50. girls hit me up at 214-205-3418

  51. damn that was funny and if I had to be a nun the girls and boys would never have time to study.

  52. Can you make a game better than this?all you haters are just being bitches yall cant make a fucking game 1/4 as good as this so shut the fuck up you no lives.

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