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Sex Game - Venona Project Episode 1, picture 1 of 3 Sex Game - Venona Project Episode 1, picture 2 of 3 Sex Game - Venona Project Episode 1, picture 3 of 3

Last night was wierd for our hero Kyle. He was drunk like a fish and falled in love with his best friend's girl Julia. The next morning, Kyle came back to his bachelor apartments and starts to prepare it for Julia's visit. Will see what happens next.

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67 Responses to “Venona Project Episode 1”

  1. LOL LOLOL 1

  2. fucking 2

  3. number 3

  4. number 1004

  5. 5 bitches

  6. good 3D graphics

  7. seventh w00t

  8. who cares

  9. were is his doom drawer help plz

  10. wtf strange ending

  11. nous sommes le lundi 28 juin, il est 9:20 pm, temperaure 32C

  12. he got drunk like a fuck and falled in love with his best friend julia. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL good to know the people on this site have good grammar.

  13. lol playing this game in public is treason!!!

  14. I mean can these people even act like adults with there grammar and spelling, or are they just THAT Asian?

  15. where the Fuck is the doom drawer? i looked all over but it doesnt show up

  16. I can't move the character. I can only spin around in circles. This game is gay.

  17. "I mean can these people even act like adults with there grammar and spelling, or are they just THAT Asian?" You're an idiot for talking about THEIR grammar when you are just as dumb. Shut your ass up, Asian hater.

  18. good game only problem is no sound that sucks

  19. This game absolutely blows ass. ITs horrible.

  20. Bring on Magic Shop 2!

  21. GOOD Graphics.

  22. the part with keyboard arrows is so boring...

  23. where is the dam telephone?

  24. not bad eheheh

  25. good game, good graphics

  26. Game is great, sex scenes as well... But what i liked most is warning at the beginning :P

  27. where is the drawer

  28. hell yeah wildanimal... cause u cud get aressted for showing others this game and that makes sooo much sense

  29. so am i alone in saying it wud be kinda hot if the feds busted in when u were having sex?

  30. number 29 yay

  31. waiting for episode2

  32. How the hell do you get anything to happen, I cleaned the apt, bathed, brushed teeth, turned on the music, poured the wine..... then nothing happens. I check the phone but there is nothing on it, no messages. How do you get here to show up.

  33. were the fone?

  34. i got the message that julia will show up in 10 mins but she never does what do i have to do after this please help

  35. you had to let her in the door at bottom right of room

  36. gotta mop the floor, flush the toilet, put the socks and boxers away, and flush the tub water

  37. how do you pick things up

  38. kinda boring

  39. done everything, wash, clean, got sms... and guess what... thats it.... no one at the door

  40. ame sucks! Is there a glitch in the system? Take a bath, flush the water, flush the toilet, grab the toothpaste, brush teeth, find the mop, mop the fucking floor, get the glasses, pour the wine, hide the boxers, format the PC in case of porn on it, turn on the music....where the hell is her message? Am I forgetting something? Check the phone and all he talks about is how beautiful she is. Check the door, and he mentions how he can't leave the apartment. I even look at the stupid drawings and the sappy ass novel, and I checked his piece of shit air conditioner....nothing at all!!! Are those soc...

  41. hmmmm t nadia im so horny for you

  42. where to put the boxers???

  43. wanna fuck you t nadia

  44. that was pretty hot...add more lesson of passion games plz

  45. where is pit of doom?

  46. can't wait for the follow up...

  47. Love Me! View my profile, honey!

  48. I do not have the patience for this!

  49. yes the 2d part is so boring

  50. how to move f*** damnit

  51. Nice avatar t_Nadia ! Who's that ??

  52. los ita suckz

  53. better to deleete this games

  54. where the fuck is drawer

  55. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  56. love the story , but the controls are just awful...i do look forward to the next episode though

  57. hey cutie 88 you lookin good baby


  59. sexy game, kind of hard.

  60. stop with the number bull shit

  61. fukin game

  62. does anyone know where is the door in this game?

  63. What an awkard ending

  64. interesting, not that much interaction though

  65. send me a nude pic on my email

  66. gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  67. Made me hard, i want to give you the best oragasm of your life sweet becky

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