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Open your own brothel and make this business profitable.

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24 Responses to “Zum Damenhaus Brothel”

  1. Just A shit

  2. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Has potential

  4. Game sucks

  5. sim bro is waaaay better!! this is soooo lame!

  6. strumpets better

  7. has potential needs better graphics cut the sex animation from 45 seconds to 30 seconds

  8. too bad the end of day report doesn't work

  9. game not worth a fuck

  10. What I've learned. Both 1st people you see are both VIP's, the white haired can go to town to buy slaves or go to the forest to find plant girls or wolves, she's dominant, the orange haired is sex loving. VIP's can work in the bar, after which you can add a slave or plant girl to help in the bar to be the waiter. Slaves are prone to male domination, plant girls are female dominant, private showroom requires a wolf and a girl to work.

  11. could become a nice game, i remember the first versions of Simbro were pretty much lame like this, but with the stuff added through the months, became good, this one has great potential

  12. There is another game similar to this one, it's downloadable and may need using cheat engine because of in-game economy, google it RJ138742

  13. Likes 3/3 => get 10 coins, likes 1/3 or even 0/3 => get 120. WTF??? To send the client to the girl you must click at the middle third of the room. The graphics is a piece of shit.

  14. Wish there was a Fast forward button during the work period...

  15. no save option....

  16. game auto saves

  17. Just a bad game

  18. i like this game.download?

  19. The most important thing is the room! If you don't match the room you'll always receive 10 coins, so: No Room=10 Room+0/3=15 Room+1/3=30 Room+2/3=60 Room+3/3=100

  20. Great game, but damn: you must improve it! It could be so amazing... just make it more fast, and inprove slave's manage.

  21. ___123___Free Sex Games - Zum Damenhaus Brothel - Games of Desire___123___

  22. you are limited on how much you can make, and you could introduce new levels in the game also you are limited on the girls you can have more slave chambers out number what you may have as far as girls

  23. I need password for download this game anyone know it ?

  24. The game fucks but I like the sex in it

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