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This is a little quiz about sex, lesbians, bdsm etc. First, you look at the picture trying to remember as much details as you can. Then you get a couple of questions about this picture. If you'll answer all the questions you get'll a grand prize :)

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90 Responses to “Dark Quiz”

  1. so slow........

  2. Блять ну й хуйня, вася, отвечаю ебанный врот (translt : Sorry, gentlemen, I think that this is the bad game. Play something else)

  3. number.2 yeah.

  4. this fucking game doesn,t load

  5. number.5 wowo

  6. 1: B, A, D 2: A, C, B 3: C, B, B 4: C, A, A 5: B, A, C 6: B, B, B

  7. fuckin shit no load

  8. on the loading screen. click in the lower left corner. a link to gallery

  9. gatinha vc gosta mais de red label ou ice

  10. yeah, so slow

  11. the game does itself, and I can't answer the questions because of it, at the end, the pictures are running so fast, so I can't recognize anything about them

  12. Да Иван я согласен...игра галимоя ебанный рот. (Translate: this game is preaty lame)

  13. the game just got weird and i didn't need to answer anything

  14. Seriously, wtf is this supposed to be?

  15. Не игра, а хуйня. (Game kinda boring)

  16. I don't think this is a game cause it does have you answer any question you look at them but don't answer any thats stupid, this is a stupid freakin game I swear it is

  17. learn to program u failure

  18. the game autoplayed for me i dint even have to do anything... wtf

  19. All ladies...c'mon lets chat.

  20. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

  21. she's so ugly

  22. the game doesn't technically work. The screens (pictures and text) fly from one to the other at high speed, irrespective of any action by the viewer. Maybe not a bad game, but a technical tune up is required.

  23. Fucking game doesn't even work

  24. Жжоте пацаны! :) Я как скрины увидел сразу понял - нунах :) (Translate: GIVE US NEW MEET'n'FUCK!)

  25. Th game just playedall by itself in fastmode

  26. Сколько тут русских :) The pictures are awful. Did the artist draw them without hands?

  27. this game fucking sucks

  28. fuck wat happen.y can i play this mother fucker game.

  29. this game sucks

  30. i think they are trying to make you blind with all the flashing colors shit

  31. i don't like the game

  32. 미친 야이 게련아 제발좀 제발좀 모유나오고 섹시한여자들이 고추빨고 젖짜고 젖고문하는것좀 올리라고 이딴 시시한거말고

  33. Тая игра е пълен ташак!

  34. Америкосы хуеплеты,немогут ниче толкового придумать!

  35. This game has een ripped off from the officel cause i reconigze those girls basiclly this is a Failed ripoff

  36. F'ed up as hell. Drop these guys as a game supplier.

  37. Егати тъпотията

  38. fuck u all bitches mother icky icky!!!!!!fucker!!!!!

  39. it doesnt load

  40. Какой-то америконский задрот срисовал тёлок с порно-фоток, а ничего анимированого, интересного и интерактивного не влепил. Вывод - хуйня. кстати, Meet'n'Fuck америкосы делали или япошки? Янки - лохи! Translate ( This game is stupid. By the way, Meet'n'fuck is japan game or not? U.S forever)

  41. Еьанутая игра, тупая ваще!!!! (Америкосы тоже тупые)

  42. Did... did that game just masturbate?

  43. Да я так подозреваю, что может это и наши мутят такие вещи типа meet'n'fuck, потому как пиндосы стремные - засадить за такое могут...

  44. Да ну, нормальные художники везде есть. И это явно не про эту игру.

  45. what the fuck is this? the worlds most spazzy nerdfaggot game? fuck you!

  46. This game suckssss

  47. M a r i e - g e t s - D e f l o w e r e d . c o m / ? i d = 6 3 1 d d d a c

  48. ппц.....одни русские=))(Translate: I think,there is only russians=)) )

  49. doesnt laod

  50. After this useless game?, I am forced in doing something I would never do, more MnF, more MnF etc.. ..

  51. esas putas propagandas nos dejan sin ancho de banda pendejos!

  52. it answered all the questions for me ?!?!?!?!?

  53. Get it right! Bad flash/wave design! Fix it!

  54. Wow... you people are so stupid... (5 stars!)

  55. reaaallly stupid

  56. No comment.

  57. any girls who wanna cyber jake20000 at live dot c o m

  58. worst game I have ever seen

  59. good good

  60. челы харе стебать мне играть понравилась

  61. who wanna fucked me cal 08176811162

  62. It has good music at least... Other then that though it sucks more than a Porn Star in an orgy...

  63. this game made me not even want to masterbate anymore damn now i have to wait on my girlfriend

  64. the game auto played for me

  65. what the fuck is this shit

  66. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  67. `I LOVE your SEX GAMES

  68. sex is coool i had sex with my boyfriends named:Trey,Shay,Brian.

  69. This game was rushed! Poorly designed. REDO THE ACTION SCRIPTING!!!! JEEZ!!

  70. Ребят, ну вы морите!!! Сижу и кипятком писаюсь!!! Давайте побольше комментов по-русски, пусть очумеют =)

  71. oh man i so what more lesses on it


  73. Чета не грузится. Но раз уж каменты по-нашему пошли, - уже весело =))) Йопаный black screen only found. Homemade treasure %)

  74. Сраная хрень,бля. Классика про Чарли или Hollivood jigolo и то круче.

  75. again, a poorly made game that had alot of potential. any girls wanna talk?


  77. ЁБАНЬ))))

  78. bullshit

  79. it looks like a very old game

  80. very poor graphics

  81. i wonder when this game was made

  82. is the game cracked or something?

  83. Interesting article. Were did you got all the information from... :)

  84. You are a very smart person!

  85. What is captcha code?, pls provide me capcha code codes or plugin, Thanks in advance.

  86. amazing stuff thanx :)

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  89. this game sucked

  90. Es gibt nichts Neues unter der Sonne.

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