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Red-haired beauty Piper is going to check your math knowledge. The rules are simple, Each time you give a right aswer, she strips for you. If you can beat a whole game, you will see a special bonus video where Piper plays with a dildo.

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69 Responses to “Speed Math Quizz with Piper”

  1. pierwszy :)

  2. LazyHead ;)

  3. Gane, win XD

  4. Very easy

  5. Nice girl, i like red hair

  6. damn ginger

  7. Great game! Hot chick!

  8. I like red haired womans :D If u wanna play with me, webcam, then check my profile, I'm not in the mood for copy and paste ;D

  9. mmm foreign redhead

  10. too easy

  11. Pretty original. I prefer that than poker games^^

  12. the ansers are all not correct

  13. is randi ki tundi mas hai yaar..bhenchod chaat chaat k laal kar do....aur iske bobe to maderchod...kya maal hai yaar....

  14. haha... well she really looked forward to the day this was shot: such passion and dedication in her eyes. :P

  15. Love math and Love Piper. Perfect.

  16. i suck at math :$

  17. Tricky game, but winnable. The ending kinda sucks, though.

  18. Half the fucking answers are wrong or inapplicable. Most of the questions cant even be fucking answered because of the shitty math this game has.

  19. das dasda dddaf fffeddd faaad

  20. the answers aren't wrong....

  21. doin math just plainly sucks

  22. "the answers aren't wrong...." +1

  23. Great movie at the end

  24. lame not even worth the play

  25. The answers are!!!! wrong 16+0x5=80 not: 17 16 18 13 who say its right ........ 6 sit down ^^

  26. learn the rules x and / go before + and - so 16+0x5= 16 'cause it accualy is 16+(0x5)

  27. it's been a while since i've gone to school and took some math lessons, but if the teacher would be as hot as her, i'd pay attention! especially when she would be stripping every time i'd give a right answer!

  28. very hot girl *rawr*

  29. serious some people really have to learn basic math again..as el allready said x and / (or : ) go before + and - ......

  30. answers are wrong? What? Where did you go to school? LOL The answers are correct

  31. Multiplication and division is executed before addition. Try it again.

  32. ReqonquistaGermania is an idiot!

  33. Sometimes it is better to chew than talk. Learn the rules you lazy stupid fucks.

  34. Please Excuse My Dick in your AsS! There you go!

  35. guys you're not good at math

  36. Use order of operations to solve it :P. In other words, multiply before you add. Great game though :P

  37. not every german is as bad in math as ReqonquistaGermania;-)

  38. a like it

  39. Hmm think germania is right. bad game. why they dindnt write 0.5?

  40. HA! My teacher was old lady... So this is good :P

  41. nice bonus video

  42. ye the bonus video is really nice, made me hard.

  43. if you are feeling really horny girls thenemail me at doctorwhofan@live.co.uk we can exchange pics or whatever you want im here to please (;

  44. It is not winnable.

  45. It is if ur fast enough to solve the problems lol

  46. To skip to the end, click repeatedly on one option until you have like only a fourth left, that'll buy you some time, then just solve the rest. :-)

  47. Well...good pics...but the video????is that a video???? bah!!

  48. interesting educational method=)

  49. tooo fast!!! O miro a la pelirroja o hago las cuentas!!! jajaja

  50. done in 32 secs

  51. hmmm horny girls add me at juicyjizz@hotmail.fr we can have fun cam2cam, i m male

  52. hmmmm horny girl oyeah

  53. check my profile

  54. wish you could go back through the pictures after finishing it

  55. gago kayo ee

  56. there is no answer!

  57. the secret is to just click one bubble till its right then u win

  58. nvm i got lucky -_-

  59. Okay 9+2x3 is fucking 33!!! Sucks balls

  60. you're wrong... 9+2x3 is 15

  61. nice game,girls look at my profile

  62. mmm foreign redhead

  63. Hey i feel so horney right now... Wanna see my hot pictures and videos? check out my profile.

  64. boys contact me...im horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  65. the mathematical order is multiplicatoin/division then addition/subtraction so the answers are correct if you do it in that order.

  66. khlbhjlkjhl

  67. now i want to play with my dildo

  68. @ReqonquistaGermania Order of operations, faggot

  69. Can someone tell me her full name please i need to know!

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