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This is a little hentai RPG in medieval style. Our hero is a guy who has decided to fuck the queen at any cost! But before he has to get some sexual experience dating with other sexy girls around the map. Good luck!

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128 Responses to “Taihen Sex Game”

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  6. too long to load

  7. this game is just huge...

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  9. owh..so sexy

  10. is this game good?

  11. love it :) i love pussy

  12. Took fucking AGES!!!! to load!

  13. dose anybody know the name of the BGM?????

  14. to long load ad not fucking worth it

  15. that was pretty fun! wayyy too long of a load tho! any ladies wanna share pictures? hit up my profile ;)

  16. what is the name of the queen, the redhead big tit girl?

  17. i dunno, i like the game but the load time was horrible

  18. Uhhh, I'm waiting... loading time is too much...

  19. I was thinkin of puttin my dick too in the avatar, ahahahah...

  20. Or maybe Batman's...

  21. really...

  22. Takes a really, really long time to load, and I don't think it was worth the load time. Made the mistake of having sex with the queen before I got all the items and the game ended, so I had to do it all over again. Not bad, and someone put a lot of time into it, so I liked that it was different.


  24. wow! they fail SO badly at counting!!!

  25. that was a fun game

  26. Nice, a decent game with a lot of stuff to do :)

  27. Super long load time and then total crap! What the hell? You walk around talking to people, and answering questions about history, then see some very lame crudely drawn sex scenes, and get an item to go speak to the next person. Redneck girl in bottom corner has dildo, give it to nun in right corner to get something from her. Shopkeep has carrot that bunny girl wants. Get money up top by doing survey with someone up there. I talked to the queen and fucked her, the game ending.

  28. I dont know why it is taking so long to load here, I played it the other day on another site and it only took a couple minutes

  29. well it takes a long time to load but at least its not a demo.

  30. Hentai, huh?

  31. it takes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long

  32. ahahha nice game! i like it!

  33. i'll play in yhe morning aftr it loads

  34. i don't like this game

  35. boobhagoo pnis


  37. What are you people talking about? The load time wasn't that bad. Also, it was a fun game, not great but fun. I especially liked the nun (the picture with the crucifix hanging off her dildo, priceless!) and the bride (asking what wedding symbles mean will fucking our hero).

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  39. good game...hit me up if you wanna chat...preferably ladies

  40. Jesus had 12 disciples, not 7.

  41. The game had potential, but they severely wasted it.

  42. check my profile for my info...need some fun here

  43. seriously how do you get the items?

  44. seriously how do you get the items?

  45. hum hum i like that. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  46. It's a good game should be more like this one.

  47. i really enjoyed the game...it's worth long load time

  48. Great game long load, longer dick!!!!

  49. really great game i love it! :)

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  51. load long!

  52. sex sex yummy yummy!

  53. sexy game :) looking for boys to chat with

  54. this game is bull shit

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  56. check my profile

  57. check my profile

  58. great game!i have known a lot of new things from those quizzes

  59. this was a funny game....."my little princess likes to play in the woods wonder wat shes up to now" and the nun was hot

  60. The Redhead Queen - not sure what her other stage names are but on vghd she goes by Ashley Robbins

  61. long as piss to load.. but good game

  62. im new to this, send me a message

  63. good luck!? to whom? to the hero or to the one who will play that game... lol by the way you may want to check my profile for some info and care for some chat.

  64. it seems to be an old game but its great anyway

  65. so sexy i wanna fuck

  66. yah, it's good. is that what you want me to say?

  67. you work so hard. sorry if i make you a very busy man, woman rather.

  68. you almost make my stomach ache... why don't you just sit there and relax.

  69. promise i will try to play that game.

  70. hey! send me a message ok, just look on my profile, you can see my e mail address there

  71. Stupid game .. don't waste ur time on

  72. nice graphics and music

  73. looongggg loooadddd

  74. bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, as i promise i played the game. bzzz, bzzz, bzzz, bzzzzzzzz...

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  78. i lobe pretty girl

  79. ok this game seriously takes way 2 fucking long to load

  80. marion is smoking hot

  81. some questions were so stupid and had wrong answers...good game anyway

  82. view my profile and add me ther See you ther. . . . .

  83. annamae you make me super hard

  84. Too quick of a game.

  85. I'm Still Waiting for game to load.. I am looking to chat with a chick so check out my profile for more..

  86. To "sexytanya" you really r sexy, I really wanna put my rock hard cock between your lovely tits

  87. great one for desires

  88. low quality pics...but i liked the game

  89. dammit! long LOAD!

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  91. what the fuck?

  92. anyone want to fuck?

  93. wow it finally let me send a message needed to add fuck to it just to post

  94. this game takes to fucking long to load!!!

  95. its ok makes me wet


  97. Yes it's goood.

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  99. stupid system messenge

  100. im new hear wats with all the numbers?

  101. a girl looking for hot sex

  102. *which of these is not a medieval entertainer?* and the answer is joker wtf

  103. Does anyone now the name of the soundtrack ??

  104. Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack * ??

  105. most retarded game ever

  106. anyone want to fuck

  107. long load

  108. Nice game it made me so horny

  109. hey Marion, nice pics. I wanna see more.

  110. awesome game!

  111. i want fuck

  112. I banged the queen :D

  113. LOVE THIS GAME!! hehehe so fun and retro!

  114. LOVE THAT GAME! wish it was longer thou :(

  115. too long to load men

  116. fuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee

  117. dude,you're very young to fuck;)

  118. hey, then how about a 15 guy? ;)

  119. hey, then how about a 15 guy? ;)

  120. livi zintro

  121. any lesbian girls, i want em

  122. many of the "correct" answers were wrong, i wish people would at least do a little bit of research for these

  123. Dang I wish t_nadia was with me right now. mmm

  124. i love you, nadia!

  125. What is the name of the bride?

  126. very nice games..!!i like a horny pussy...! :))

  127. No, the one to who you bring the ring you get from the nun. You know, the one where the answers are fidelity, fertility, love etc.

  128. Can someone tell me the full names of the girls please i need to know!

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