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What animal do you associate yourself with? Find out what animal sign suits you best.

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54 Responses to “Your Animal Instinct”

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  4. what's the point of censoring hentai?

  5. True, and what's the point of this stupid quiz when you don't have sex at all?

  6. it says i am a wolf

  7. It says I'm an eagle.......well I'm more of a night predator actually ;-)

  8. It's says I'm a wolf. She wolf is more like it. haha. :D

  9. Funny. The animal I am is the same as the Chinese Zodiac.

  10. I'm a snake. I can say a big snake.

  11. im a wolf

  12. I'm more of a bat!

  13. wolf, and some nice pics

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  16. wolf ! is there anything else ?

  17. Snake, pictures beautiful

  18. i wolf too ;)

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  22. Eagle and some very hot pictures

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  34. "Your Animal Instinct" i thought the background photos would be bestiality

  35. i really like the 11 pic

  36. says I am a wolf! lol

  37. im a snake

  38. Wow kinda spooky i got my favourite animal, a wolf

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  40. i got eagle

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  54. A snake, huh? Seems fitting, giving my username

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