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Marta is a very sexy brunette and she wants to check if you know something about Geography. If you get 16 answers right in 60 secondes, you'll get to see the bonus video.

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65 Responses to “Geo Strip With Marta”

  1. Cool Game! She's hot!

  2. YA SECOUND"!!!

  3. nice game :))

  4. i guess this game wouldnt be more hard, and she dont know how to be hot, and the video is sucks

  5. q merda n dah p ganha

  6. Better then strip poker I suppose.

  7. how am i supposed to know this shit?

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  10. Made it in 32 secs.

  11. hot martha

  12. whoever said the game was good is clearly a retard who didn't even play the game. How the fuck am i supposed to know the capital of every nation in the world?? and the time it this adult game or a learning game..?

  13. Flash can not be used on a translator in English translation, I do not understand, so it can not continue the game

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  16. It's very hard, but the girl is very hot. If you take notes, and remember the main ones you might be able to. Most won't put up because you really have to think about some of them though. Shame the girl in this is hot.

  17. its all right

  18. She is so hot

  19. very difficult questions

  20. girls look at my profile.....

  21. video sucks balls

  22. all you have to do is right click, click on forward, then it'll take you to the photo album where you'll see all of the photos

  23. some of the nations are pretty obscure

  24. that girl is hot

  25. I'm useless at Geography. Anyone willing for a private tutoring. See Profile for more

  26. Everybody bitching needs to read a damn book sometime.

  27. The ugly bug in the code. Once you went through the quiz, you cannot go further and start again.

  28. The ugly bug in the code. Once you went through the quiz, you cannot go further and start again.

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  37. i can't win:(

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  45. gr8 last video XD

  46. good game but it's too short

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  48. Marta is sexy and hot. Good game because I like geography.

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  50. i'm really bad at geography :(

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  63. What the fuck? All of that and there's a shit video at the end? -_-

  64. Mmmmm. Night

  65. i love it

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