Rock-Paper-Scissors with Jamie Lynn

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Porn Game - Rock-Paper-Scissors with Jamie Lynn, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - Rock-Paper-Scissors with Jamie Lynn, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - Rock-Paper-Scissors with Jamie Lynn, picture 3 of 3

This is a strip version of Rock-Paper-Scissors game. And your opponent will be a young beauty Jamie Lynn. She looks very sexy, so I'm sure you can't stop playing until you beat that bitch and see her gorgeous naked body.

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123 Responses to “Rock-Paper-Scissors with Jamie Lynn”

  1. pretty gay im not gona lie

  2. not bad game

  3. i take it back, it is a bad game

  4. Fair enough game, but the final goodie view isn't much.

  5. pick rock=maybe win pick paper or scissors=tie

  6. any girls want a 10 inch cock?

  7. i'm nr 7 hihi

  8. Good Game its so fucking hot when you win she goes nude its tight

  9. it seems to be a cheating cant win whatever you choose

  10. im should always choose rock to win

  11. That game was shit. But theres a nice sex scene at the end if you get all five right in a row.

  12. waw we i wun as if it cheats like fuck take this game off man its wank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. This game isn't sexy. It just makes me wanna punch the bitch when I lose.

  14. sucks you cant win

  15. girls check out my profil

  16. Hot chick, stupid as fuck game

  17. Hate this game. ladies check my profile.

  18. somehow i won she takes off it all

  19. I don't understand. They have rock, paper and scissors - where's lizard and spock?

  20. huynaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  21. game sucks but i won .................. and btw , she is not that pretty >

  22. Hey, I'd shag her.

  23. check my profile for my info ...need some fun here now

  24. Hey! It's a fun little game... and she IS pretty!

  25. good game though it's hard to win

  26. 5 nil i win

  27. fucked up game ...............................its of no pleasure..dont try it

  28. she should masterbate with a dildo untils she cums as the prize!

  29. she shouldn't look so pissed off when she undresses and walks away

  30. Ok so a dissapointing game to say the least.

  31. can somebody help me, im too horny right now!!!

  32. Boring... Nothing more and nothing less.

  33. not worth playing the girls hot though anyone know her name

  34. What a piece of shit, seriously

  35. always pick rock, BULLSHIT!!!

  36. i like onani

  37. funny game.....the bonus striptease should be a bit longer)

  38. There seems to be a pattern. lets say you pick paper, and she beats you with scissors. if you do paper again she will pick scissors again. Over and over and over actually. so if you lose, pick whatever would beat the action she has just won you with. If you win, pick the "item" that would lose to the "item" you just won with. After doing this about 5 times i discovered it does not hold true every time, but it def. increases your odds.

  39. Boring.......i won but the prize u get wining isn't all that great, all she does is strip naked and walk off and also, its not that difficult to win, just keep pickin rock.

  40. I'd pick GUN & then tie her ass up-rip 'er clothes off & lick my "holiday treat" all over, especially giving lots of attention to her pretty bound barefeet....but that's just me:)

  41. winwin~~~

  42. i wanna play this game with guys

  43. game full

  44. check my profile

  45. this game sucks hardly...the girl isn't hot

  46. A really boring game !

  47. she kicked my arse

  48. you just really need to be smart to win

  49. "you just really need to be smart to win" you must be really too damn fuckin stupid if you cannot win. too fuckin easy, really lame. the only good part of the game was only jamie lynn. Suck game!

  50. girls!Wanna play on cam?Add my name on "jahoo"

  51. that was so gay i thoughtt id see something


  53. she's cheating

  54. this game is a cheat u anyhow choose also win 1

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  56. Easy :P Nah but ok strip

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  58. cheating

  59. hi add me in my profile if u want a plesure.......

  60. i won 5 to 1

  61. i won again in 10 turns 5 to 2

  62. again 5 to 1

  63. ur very lucky

  64. qualcuna di Savona che voglia sesso ben fatto?

  65. shity game

  66. Fuck This Game

  67. i got to win sumhw n d bitch took off her everythin'. she's sexy.

  68. she is fuckin hot

  69. nice wana have pleasure check me

  70. she cheats

  71. i agree with you

  72. this game looks like it would be fun if it wasn't a demo

  73. BORING>..................................

  74. Elle a un beau cul et de beaux nichons : pas dur de gagner !

  75. i beat that shit it took me 2 tries

  76. how do u check ur msgs??????????

  77. what a monster cock! wow!

  78. thank you. :)

  79. in my game she always does a PAPER-SCISSOR-PAPER-ROCK-ROCK-then over again from paper. try to see if it is correct in your game vs her.

  80. i got five in a row, two times by this tr ick. either, the pattern is there or i just got very lucky.

  81. pattern stopped after refreshing site. well there is created a pattern i know.

  82. randomly created*

  83. if u like my dick say i do and whatever u want

  84. i wanna suck it

  85. i would so let u too

  86. if u like my dick write something

  87. im the girl who stripped

  88. oh show me some more baby i love ur pix

  89. you should get somthing better if you win

  90. do you have games with stripping guys

  91. lol its a tie wtf cnt win

  92. wow.. shes gorgous!! amazing breasts!

  93. not bad....

  94. jest tu sex dziewczyna

  95. Here is a sex girl

  96. nice game

  97. buen juego

  98. this game is rigged you cant win fuck

  99. girls add me

  100. pretty erotic

  101. always lose

  102. lame striptease...i can do it way better=)

  103. i wooon 2 times

  104. i'm losing 5-0 :/

  105. paper is the only one that wins

  106. nice girl

  107. take at every time scissors and you will win 5:3

  108. take at every time scissors and you will win 5:3

  109. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  111. anybody heard of AChat? Awesome online multiplayer sex ladies add me

  112. shes so hot!!!

  113. i won i won i won...........she has a great body.......awesome boobs...n a hot pussy.....jamie lynn, i wanna fuck u sooo bad,,...

  114. game sucks beat it less than five minutes. The Chicks tits are awesome but the final prize the strip tease should be longer.

  115. Man she's hot

  116. shit game

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  118. this games sucks why make a game dat u cant win she oviusly cheats

  119. very nice games..!!i like a horny pussy...! :))

  120. this game is so gay

  121. i'm crazy fucker bitches

  122. any body wanna play with me.

  123. anyone want to have fucking sex?

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