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Rock-Paper-Scissors with Jamie Lynn

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This is a strip version of Rock-Paper-Scissors game. And your opponent will be a young beauty Jamie Lynn. She looks very sexy, so I'm sure you can't stop playing until you beat that bitch and see her gorgeous naked body.
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reiter920 2009-12-23 18:35:42
pretty gay im not gona lie
Nick 2009-12-23 18:36:10
not bad game
Nick 2009-12-23 18:42:27
i take it back, it is a bad game
Mischka 2009-12-23 18:53:11
Fair enough game, but the final goodie view isn't much.
bobo 2009-12-23 18:59:43
pick rock=maybe win pick paper or scissors=tie
JohnnyWalker 2009-12-23 19:02:32
any girls want a 10 inch cock?
sweden 2009-12-23 20:06:29
i'm nr 7 hihi
Hono 2009-12-23 20:51:31
Good Game its so fucking hot when you win she goes nude its tight
dariaolsen 2009-12-23 21:49:35
it seems to be a cheating cant win whatever you choose
dariaolsen 2009-12-23 21:53:52
im should always choose rock to win
person 2009-12-23 22:10:23
That game was shit. But theres a nice sex scene at the end if you get all five right in a row.
Anonymous 2009-12-24 00:30:03
waw we i wun as if it cheats like fuck take this game off man its wank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Anonymous 2009-12-24 00:51:25
This game isn't sexy. It just makes me wanna punch the bitch when I lose.
anonymous 2009-12-24 01:07:46
sucks you cant win
qbeczek16 2009-12-24 01:54:07
girls check out my profil
horndog 2009-12-24 02:03:45
Hot chick, stupid as fuck game
Bigred456 2009-12-24 04:46:51
Hate this game. ladies check my profile.
Anonymous 2009-12-24 06:13:03
somehow i won she takes off it all
Dr. S. Cooper 2009-12-24 06:35:13
I don't understand. They have rock, paper and scissors - where's lizard and spock?
papa 2009-12-24 08:06:33
hhhhhhhhhhh game sucks 2009-12-24 08:14:54
game sucks but i won .................. and btw , she is not that pretty >
Wabbit 2009-12-24 09:10:23
Hey, I'd shag her.
ivy_nhie 2009-12-24 10:04:38
check my profile for my info ...need some fun here now
Spike 2009-12-24 12:06:08
Hey! It's a fun little game... and she IS pretty!
cutie88 2009-12-24 13:32:33
good game though it's hard to win
me just me 2009-12-24 14:38:44
5 nil i win
mickey 2009-12-24 14:56:19
fucked up game ...............................its of no pleasure..dont try it
Younghungdumb 2009-12-24 18:11:21
she should masterbate with a dildo untils she cums as the prize!
unanimous_hahah 2009-12-24 19:42:41
she shouldn't look so pissed off when she undresses and walks away
BiLori 2009-12-24 20:28:57
Ok so a dissapointing game to say the least.
lhea 2009-12-24 21:24:01
can somebody help me, im too horny right now!!!
WildAnimal 2009-12-24 21:59:16
Boring... Nothing more and nothing less.
asd 2009-12-24 22:05:01
not worth playing the girls hot though anyone know her name
sigh 2009-12-25 01:50:55
What a piece of shit, seriously
... 2009-12-25 05:34:05
always pick rock, BULLSHIT!!!
Anonymous 2009-12-25 06:18:04
i like onani
t_nadia 2009-12-25 14:36:12
funny game.....the bonus striptease should be a bit longer)
TreF 2009-12-26 08:40:21
There seems to be a pattern. lets say you pick paper, and she beats you with scissors. if you do paper again she will pick scissors again. Over and over and over actually. so if you lose, pick whatever would beat the action she has just won you with. If you win, pick the "item" that would lose to the "item" you just won with. After doing this about 5 times i discovered it does not hold true every time, but it def. increases your odds.
Anonymous 2009-12-26 20:53:26
Boring.......i won but the prize u get wining isn't all that great, all she does is strip naked and walk off and also, its not that difficult to win, just keep pickin rock. 2009-12-27 11:28:59
I'd pick GUN & then tie her ass up-rip 'er clothes off & lick my "holiday treat" all over, especially giving lots of attention to her pretty bound barefeet....but that's just me:)
sexyhot 2009-12-28 17:30:57
dariaolsen 2009-12-28 19:13:16
i wanna play this game with guys
равшан 2009-12-29 07:00:09
game full
celia_mendoza31 2009-12-29 13:39:01
check my profile
ela re 2009-12-29 14:35:54
this game sucks hardly...the girl isn't hot
Alucrash 2009-12-30 01:52:36
A really boring game !
zoe22uk 2009-12-30 18:38:29
she kicked my arse
anonymous 2009-12-31 19:52:50
you just really need to be smart to win
RedPain 2010-01-01 12:04:46
"you just really need to be smart to win" you must be really too damn fuckin stupid if you cannot win. too fuckin easy, really lame. the only good part of the game was only jamie lynn. Suck game!
punxnd109 2010-01-01 14:03:54
girls!Wanna play on cam?Add my name on "jahoo"
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