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In this card game you will try to undress a girl Eliska playing against you. Every time she's short of money she will give a piece of her clothes in pawn to earn some money to keep playing. Your goal is to win all her prison clothes!

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38 Responses to “Strip Poker with Eliska”

  1. meh game, she's perty though.

  2. why cant I see the right side of the screen???

  3. hmm pretty good, takesa while to win though

  4. fucking strip poker again!!!! when are they going to learn

  5. like the girl, hate the game. i think i speak for all of us when i say: think of something new! enough with the strippoker! anyways, want some more hot pictures? check out my profile guys xoxo

  6. This game cheats. I had three queens, she had two jacks, and it still gave her the win.

  7. Poker again! how about something else then poker?

  8. i don't like poker,Boring game. Someone here is horny? mmm

  9. Hate poker ... ...

  10. love poker love the girl love the handcuffs

  11. yeah yeay strip poker... again.... im not losing ma time.

  12. I said on the last strip poker game that I was going to ragequit this site if you put up another strip poker. Goodbye.

  13. this entire series is a fucking turn off


  15. be strong...nice tattoo:)

  16. LoL, the game is buged, i done straitgh flush, and it stopped... Nice Bug, ops Game!!!!

  17. boring like always

  18. I love Strip Poker but WHYY CAN"T I SEE THE RIGHT OF THE SCREEN

  19. lol next thing you know they're gonna put Mahjong. :P

  20. nice handcuffs

  21. I like strip poker, but I would rather play for real.

  22. fucking babe is so great like pee

  23. you like strip poker ?wanna play with me angiesweet i will make you feel some better.

  24. funny thing is I won even though I couldn't see or use the fold button

  25. strip good...:P

  26. kirsten dunst? wtf

  27. The virtua girl strip poker are always so slow...thats not good

  28. hot model . but seriously these strip games are trolling up check my profile girls .


  30. any one know this girl !!! what a great body does she have !!!! looooooool

  31. it's not that hard to win...

  32. cute pics but poker takes too long unless its live....

  33. I feel So horney right now... wanna see my pictures and videos? check out my profile.

  34. hey sexy hot GIRLZ! wanna sex webcam? I m big hot male, only girlz with webcam too, add me : ===> ONLY GIRLZ add me plz :)

  35. soo horney yummy pussy

  36. good graphics

  37. boys contact horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  38. loved the outfit xxx

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