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To describe main Star of this game in few words let's say - sexy Milf with juicy breasts and big ass - Kayla Quinn. Enter in some commands for Kayla to perform. Check back regularly because Not all the commands have been programmed in. To unlock the hardcore mode, You must type "i am 18 or older" at first. Then You can enter ALL what You have on Your dirty mind :)

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469 Responses to “Virtual Kayla Quinn”

  1. Fiirsttt!

  2. Welcome to branleurs-land

  3. Doesnt even do anal.

  4. she don't make anal

  5. this game sucks

  6. to slow, game freezes to much

  7. bullshit

  8. Nice concept but the code on recognising things needs to be tightened up ALOT

  9. too old !!!!

  10. model's damn old....ppl like 85+ Might like it......!!!!!

  11. freezes too much

  12. its just to slow

  13. cum on boobs

  14. Can You Be more specific in detail on how to enter the other mode i tried what you said to do but its not working be more specific and get a girlfriend while ur at it

  15. Get a fucking day u fucking perve ima cop and if think im joking just fucking try perve oh and just like tye said u need a fucking girlfriend cus the porn is disgusting numbnuts

  16. Yea get a day job wat he said fucktard

  17. Gang Bang setting

  18. she is OLD but too HOT and she didnt want the ANAL :D

  19. Someone is a compulsive liar, 4 posts up.

  20. type in 'Kill yourself' and she gives you a WTF look.

  21. Wow this works like a dream!! (Just always be typing "blank, vacuous deer in headlights look *shrug optional*")

  22. i am having trouble with game

  23. can someone please help me thanks

  24. Needs a Rape option.

  25. doggy style

  26. suck tits

  27. i don`t like it at all

  28. pinch nipples

  29. there should be an orgy command or at least lesbian

  30. his game doesnot work it is shit

  31. suck dick

  32. this game fucken sucked dick

  33. This is Not Bad But Too Short I Love The Idea But I Want More Popular Porn Star

  34. suck balls

  35. why not vicky vette

  36. very nice. Need many more versions.

  37. game was ok but didn't want the guy in in it would of been more interest if their was a femail with that girl then it would of been sexy but the babe was hot and sexy andd had a great body

  38. lick balls


  40. this game sucks ass

  41. she dont understand me

  42. bagussssssssssssssssss

  43. Fuck this game sucks and it doesnt suck that good at all fuck!!

  44. Finally stopped locking up on me. But, each command seems to be too short.

  45. целюлитная жопа!! а игруха класная

  46. soo good

  47. how play

  48. original game but scenes are too short, and no possibility to use anal :s

  49. Good concept, bad realization. No sound, orders too short (could have buttons for pause and stop if commands are long) must have anal:P

  50. anoymous is right. but he should not make fun of Dane Cook.

  51. Try "hello"

  52. I am 18 or older

  53. also "cum on ass" gets a response


  55. lick balls is nice

  56. Meh, still not good..

  57. finger pussy. good concept. needs prettier girl

  58. slap. the bitch deserves it!

  59. some one help me please

  60. kiss, cock, tongue, pinch

  61. kiss, cock, tongue, pinch

  62. you need to fix it it mess up


  64. Dude... She's a total bitch!!

  65. suck nipples and she sucks on his nipples and grabs his cock

  66. Games a peice of shilt, tried the commands they didn't work. maybe tthe programmers should make better games.

  67. Also : "chicken" (=dance) "kiss"

  68. Where's the creampie option!


  70. good game but i wish ive been in that masns body i would lick her pussy

  71. Half you can't spell or type out a grammatically correct sentence, the rest of you are just plain fucking idiots. Damn, i'm glad world war 3 will end all life coming soon ya fucking morons.

  72. เล่นยังงัยง่ะ....บอกหน่อยคับ

  73. not bad. Itd be better with a hotter babe tho

  74. who wants to have a tutorial with me

  75. Dou You Play With me

  76. can you do jamie too

  77. skirt cum on tits lick asshole stomach

  78. y do they allow this kind of website?! ridiculous

  79. At the end of the day, this is certainly not a bad game. It did cost nothing after all. She aint that bad at all, but the clips are probably too short when you type something in, longer clips would make it better. Hope to see more like these!

  80. 怎麼玩啊

  81. Not bad, not bad. I agree that there should be another girl there. Maybe I could do it. Need hotter partners though.

  82. needs sound

  83. this suks it wont even fuckin load!!!

  84. deep troat

  85. type(get me a beer) lol

  86. cum in mouth

  87. cum in pussy

  88. try hello and bye lol

  89. Love this. She's older but still sexy. Lack of sound is understandable for a free version of this game. Her idle stare is odd looking; a sexy smile would be much better. I like how repeating the same command can give different results. A few commands still undocumented: 'get naked' (instead of 'strip'). 'bend over' 'legs' 'squeeze tits' and 'finger' work in both modes.

  90. jumping jacks works too

  91. she should be younger and I realy would like a girl who would sit naked infront of me when I´m horny

  92. kiss and rub also work

  93. sexy girl. sexy game. made me really hard. but missed sounds

  94. slap face slap tits slap pussy

  95. cop guy you are retarded and can't type worth shit

  96. go to hell,,!! damn games

  97. cum on breast

  98. y wont the game load, its annoying me

  99. suck finger

  100. Oral Doggy

  101. processing to long

  102. rub clit until u cum

  103. try pussy in adult mode

  104. t para mio pututuy!!!!!!!!

  105. i wan to see porn

  106. i am over 18 years old

  107. put ur finger in ur ass

  108. finger yourself

  109. jumping jacks

  110. finger your pussy

  111. try suck finger

  112. threesome gets same response as anal

  113. this game is so fuckn boring

  114. also all you bitchs complainin bout da game get a life you sick faggots and while your at it you fuck faces should at least try to get a girl

  115. When Kayla is nude try "clap your hands"

  116. Type "dick"

  117. more of this please love, next time with sound please

  118. slap ass

  119. finger pussy

  120. She`s not 20, but who cares? She`s a hot woman!

  121. i am over 18 years old

  122. i am over 18 years old

  123. i liked it but thats just me

  124. are the any more games like this?

  125. how to pllay this game????

  126. I don´t know if there are some games like this. But there are a lot of soft versions in the internet...

  127. can't enter the better mode,what to write???

  128. i have trried eveything but nothing seems to work

  129. make her cum+do anal

  130. type cum on face

  131. suck suck dick

  132. i love sex and iv had it before

  133. i am over 18 years old

  134. "cock slap"

  135. you can type one of these: cum fuck blowjob

  136. "rub" lol

  137. needs sound and needs to be younger

  138. finger pussy is good

  139. shes got some nice nice tits!

  140. This game need to be fixed * I love the concept but needs to be better

  141. other codes: cock/cock slap pinch nipples suck tits kiss hello threesome bye clap your hands sex after 2xpussy fuck you chicken tongue

  142. let us fuck 2402918998

  143. i am over 18

  144. creampie

  145. why not anal?

  146. a lot does not work

  147. i am 18 and older

  148. this is crap,she dont do much

  149. a few not necessarily listed: clothes: take off bra, take off skirt, take off panites, undress cumshots: money shot (breasts), cum (face) misc: air guitar, cock, clap, jumping jacks, show pussy, smile, beg Oral: blowjob, suck cock, oral Solo: masturbate, rub pussy, breasts the male: pussy, lick breasts (If anyone figures out a way to chain commands together - i.e. "Deepthroat+cum" this will get alot more fun)

  150. i am older

  151. no finger

  152. anal dont work but creampie does

  153. i am over 18 years old

  154. stubid game

  155. i am 18 years old

  156. another one is pussy on the hardcore

  157. suck suck dick - fellatio - oral (diferent) - deep throat

  158. anywhere else i can find a game like this?

  159. well come up with a better game and you wont have to worry.. oh yeah and get a younger tramp she is a turn off

  160. That guy doesn't look too enthused for some reason. o_O

  161. this game was hot

  162. I like it I like it

  163. these are always hot games

  164. Oh my god i sooooooooooooooooooooo want another game like this only with anal comand.

  165. where are there other games like this?

  166. shes hot

  167. Not the sexiest woman but I like the game Any one want to send me a message feel free : )

  168. i am over 18

  169. creampie

  170. its to boooooooooooooooooooooring

  171. suck dick

  172. her pussy looks like its been fuckd a whole lot

  173. her pussy looks like its been fuckd a whole lot

  174. i am older than 18

  175. muß man irgendeinen Active x aktivieren,damit das Spiel läuft?

  176. u an 18 or older hehehehhe

  177. hi play pick kick hair nose dick bye

  178. how play???

  179. i see nothing wrongw/ this game so fuck yourself if u dont like it

  180. LOL, type in: "fuck you" and she'll give you the middle finger.

  181. u no what ? THIS........IS..........CRAP!!!!!!!!!! B*****ds

  182. a new comand: suck balls

  183. i am over 18 years old

  184. i am over 18 years old

  185. This game is stupid. It sucks. I wanted a lesbian and I get a fucker. This game should me more like sexing or something like that because this game SUCKS!!! All in capitals.

  186. no lesbian action

  187. u should program her to do anything

  188. fuck- fuck you- finger ends up flicking you off

  189. am 18 or older

  190. i am 18 or olde

  191. am 18 or olde

  192. I am over 18 years

  193. show pussy

  194. not bad,just a bit BOOOORRINGG

  195. 남자랑 섹스

  196. 남자랑 섹스

  197. try asshole =P

  198. i'm hotter:)

  199. titty fuck works

  200. sex she boy

  201. trop vieille bonne pour la casse

  202. i like the mode for adults!

  203. dariaolsen your sexy ;)

  204. am 18 or older

  205. am 18 or older

  206. how do u make her fuck a guy

  207. dick,just follow the instruction above)))))))))

  208. she don't anal :(

  209. she is hot how about more role play

  210. suck suck dick - fellatio - oral (diferent) - deep throat

  211. i like her guy's's always erected

  212. Ladies, meet me in wudjablome CA on jakmehoff street

  213. it's very good that the game has a mode for adults.we're bored of games without it

  214. I like the game but it's a shame she won't do anal

  215. are you? =)

  216. still wont do anal even though it says it will

  217. sex = titfuck

  218. I am 21 year

  219. i am 22 years

  220. 'drink cum' is the best!!!!!

  221. this games is great and fuck all the losers who say otherwise: anal is gay anyways its not even sex u retards


  223. i am 18 ou older

  224. suck suck dick - fellatio - oral (diferent) - deep throat

  225. sex - doggy

  226. more naked guys!!!

  227. hey kayla can i borrow your boyfriend for a while?

  228. funny tattooed couple)))

  229. wow her tits are huge but her pussy needs a shave

  230. i like her boyfriend's dick

  231. try fuck me

  232. Aloha! vsv

  233. Aloha! yii

  234. nice me to you

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  236. it wont do anal

  237. and the most popular phrase is...:)

  238. i am over 18 years old

  239. good for you)))))

  240. mastubate

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  242. type "crawl" .

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  246. suck suck dick - fellatio - oral (diferent) - deep throat

  247. suck suck dick - fellatio - oral (diferent) - deep throat

  248. VERY HOT!!!

  249. try typing rub. not that great but it works

  250. it seems i should write the same)))

  251. im 18 or older

  252. add a lesbian feature

  253. t nadia's humper me and her are humping and the game sucks uhhhhhhh so good sex uhhh UHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  254. can you type something else?)))

  255. fuckin awsome

  256. I do not understand

  257. Better if it wasn't an ugly, old ass model

  258. i agree. fortunately there's attractive guy fucking her

  259. missionary

  260. i'm 18 and older and can't get porn

  261. i know you are 14yo )))

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  263. she looks retarded

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  268. love this one verry fun

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  270. nineincheslong00,it looks like ten inches

  271. oh yah u like it huh

  272. so who whats up baby u like what u see??

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  274. type in tattoo

  275. where can i find the similar games?

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  350. good idea but it would seem it could use some adjustments

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  352. i am 18 or olde

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  354. she is very slow at processing and is very limited. however it was a nice suprise to find out she can fuck and give a blowjob and also take a cumshot. and she can masturbate as well :)

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  366. i love this game

  367. Why the fuck are you repeating yourself?!?!?!?!

  368. theymight be dumb asses and think that its not working

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  383. attantion gamesofdesire we defiiiiinetly need more games like this. i like anime as much as the next guy but the whole thing about it being a real women is so much more satisfying

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  385. stop repeating like parrots

  386. legs, feet, butt, belly .....She's Amazing

  387. Missonary....hahaha

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  390. i am older

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  392. the dam "juicy ads" r blocking the text box

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