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A Perfect Wife - Part 2

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The story continues. In this part of the game you will know more about strange relationships among Eleonor, Mike and Steven.
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First? 2017-03-30 03:31:37
Um, looks like i'm first. So yeah. First. (walks away)
Random 2017-03-30 05:48:59
Stars 2017-03-31 01:48:29
I believe 36636583 is zero stars. 12244334 is three stars. Endings depend if you get 0, 6, or 1-5 stars. After you start type ' star ' (star in upper left corner will turn green) to get help identifying star scenes (star in upper left corner will turn red). Help word is ' duty '.
wtf 2017-03-31 04:27:19
the part where you go to kiss her when taking photos... she pulls away, how do i get that star?!
guy UNdrer 2017-04-02 17:11:07
^ Touch panties GGGGGGGg
wtfffffffffffffff 2017-04-08 00:13:13
how do i get his zipper down in the shop
hardknocks 2017-04-15 10:16:37
any1 played haraem heroes
stillavirgin 2017-06-29 07:44:30
i think i m a sadist
ripon 2017-09-22 11:12:14
ETRB 4TH 2017-10-24 17:38:19
LAME GAMES 2017-12-12 02:11:38
Sharks Lagoon games always have such fugly men and not great women
pandy 2018-01-08 03:17:22
vary 2018-05-18 02:22:25
the best fucker 2018-06-03 09:21:01
how do i ger the ziper down pls tell me
adam 2018-07-14 12:39:03
11912225 0 star ending