where-s-the-milk-iii-milkshake-mayhem where-s-the-milk-iii-milkshake-mayhem


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Warm up that trigger finger and prepare to blast the topless forces of the corrupt Mistikon corporation before they take over the galaxy. Save your super-blast for a screen full of enemies and keep at it until you get to the dreaded sexy sentry bosses at the end of the level!
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Comments (24)
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naughtybabe69 2012-06-16 15:10:22
kinda naughty here ! :D check my profile !
ItaCurious 2012-05-18 08:46:39
Boobs are distracting...:P:P:P
dontcarefornames 2012-03-16 10:07:44
yeah, game is pathetic, only good part is shooting and allowing to show tits which some Canadians c a lot of in public, other than that best part is losing
kanciang 2012-03-08 11:22:57
ang kanciang sado yo ang dak otak kanciang
EEbreasts 2012-03-05 14:23:02
sweet nice i love SHooting
t_nadia 2012-03-04 09:50:42
awesome graphics
yep 2012-03-04 03:36:21
game takes forever to load
deivid 2012-03-03 21:44:29
muito gostoso
IrenneBaby 2012-03-03 03:23:07
I did it no problem. Wish there was more sex in it though
platform 2012-03-02 10:38:15
Hard To Beat Last Boss U Hate This Game
kazeroth 2012-03-02 05:31:21
wish the gun was a sperm gun
Anonymous 2012-03-02 01:33:35
on the last boss you can't shoot the same place twice in a row, it makes the shield auto spawn
paco10grei 2012-03-01 20:02:54
sexy sexy gamess
dariaolsen 2012-03-01 13:32:48
their boobs is the weakest spot
Anonymous 2012-03-01 06:29:58
too difficult and not enough sex scenes
Anonymous 2012-03-01 04:33:33
too easy of a game and no fuck scenes -_-
Dvs_Lucas 2012-03-01 02:54:15
T Nadia i always enjoy seeing that lil avitar ;P
sexy'n'hot 2012-03-01 00:41:17
t nadia, i wanna fuck you
poundinit87 2012-02-29 23:17:20
really tough with a laptop mouse pad:(
2845 2012-02-29 18:51:36
nice game but the boss is impossible to defeat
GoD Shucks 2012-02-29 18:25:00
Nice babes but too difficult.
t_nadia 2012-02-29 17:43:40
i like shooting
m77 2012-02-29 17:25:58
best one in a while.
iscool93 2012-02-29 16:51:57
what a rip u cant even fuck em after u killem