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HS of the Dead Fuckers - Full Version

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A fun sex game where you have to control a gang of crazy zombies who are going to catch and fuck an innocent busty bimbo stupid enough to walk into a graveyard at night.
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Comments (29)
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nn 2018-06-20 23:28:04
Such Second lul
Doomsday 2018-03-07 02:47:49
You punk ass losers have ZERO sense of timing!
me 2017-09-04 16:43:33
ha when you hit tumblr for the share thing you dont even need to actually have anything to do with this in the post prompt
David D. 2017-07-21 22:50:28
for those complaining about the saw yall suck i did it in my second try. step your game up man
jmharry 2017-07-07 11:00:33
haahahahahaha asdasdxdzvsa asdasdasdsa
Jessica 2017-07-04 21:14:54
Add jessicawancanobe I do nudes
ripThatNoob 2017-06-03 11:48:37
Anyone knows the song?
Gamez 2017-05-30 06:28:41
Won Game On Second Try Its Easy
Karl 2017-05-29 19:45:59
Tato hra je full takže best game in my three best games :D
hdhf 2017-05-28 22:49:16
mm 2017-05-22 22:32:50
А можно было без этой хуйни в начале, просто одну еблю оставить? )
For real though 2017-05-22 15:55:02
Ik you daft cunts won't ever look at these comments, what's more even if you do you'll probably just laugh away at them. Regardless this is by far one of the most terrible games I have witnessed on this (quite frankly) fucking bollocks site. Do you daft, witless wankers actually play test these before they go out to the public? Get your shit together guys.
Friendly Advice 2017-05-19 21:07:57
click one of the share link icons, close the window after like 3 seconds, then the "bonus scene" should work fine. AKA, you don't actually have to share it to view the scene
NO1 CARES IF YOUR FIRST 2017-05-19 00:44:36
Hopefully it works next year XD
hell 2017-05-16 23:28:31
MrDickson 2017-05-15 16:32:55
I dont know what to say. I remember the demo was just one scene. you added to pretty little scenes and call it a full game? You must be kidding, really
deti 2017-05-14 14:38:35
Bravo! After 6 months you decided to release a game.... Andstill adding tat stupid share link. You are an assholes!
Mackenny 2017-05-13 13:51:08
Boys, that saw is what? Absolutly unplayable...
Gideon 2017-05-13 05:18:37
Fuck this game
Uarmar 2017-05-12 19:38:54
It is almost impossible to play with touchpad :/
Adblockers block sharing links 2017-05-12 18:16:55
If you are using an ad-blocker like Adblock Plus, it is probably blocking the Share links; you'll need to disable it on this page.
Tuberkelhokko 2017-05-12 17:26:26
This is retarded, there is no pattern to the saw, it's just trial and error over and over
rengar 2017-05-12 16:29:22
I can't find any share button, there is just the text
Buzz 2017-05-12 12:15:14
I think I should have more scenes and the rest of the anime characters.
ste papu 2017-05-12 02:08:48
Primer comentario en español dejen su sexy Ward
It works 2017-05-12 00:47:18
The button works after you share it using the links below
Guba 2017-05-11 20:46:44
If you are going to go back and modify old games to include a "please share this" thing how about also adding in a scene select or something people would actually want?
Such 2017-05-11 19:37:42
Such Second lul
John 2017-05-11 19:31:25
Haha i'm the First