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A lil present for all the futa hentai lovers. The heroine name is Miaka. Are you ready to join her doing some kinky fun? Caution: She has a dick!
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Comments (49)
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Epic 2013-09-15 18:55:42
Really? 2013-09-15 19:09:12
Oh, Really?
Horny 2013-09-15 19:30:34
I'm so horny now, and my pussy is wet ;)
littek 2013-09-15 19:37:32
a like the girl but i don't like The Dick on The girl
Damn. 2013-09-15 20:09:45
Goddamnit OSB, start posting original shit or atleast link to the author in the description, ffs.
Sgrompf 2013-09-15 20:11:38
and you list this game ? this is a shemale...
wtf 2013-09-15 22:16:50
she had a vagina below her penis...right
ui 2013-09-15 23:10:38
whats the mystery button in the extra section ?
JimAngel 2013-09-16 01:18:58
It's a very cool game loved it
... 2013-09-16 06:44:26
I..But...My boner is confused...
sweet becky 2013-09-16 07:54:36
anal sex? perfect!
Angel 2013-09-16 09:32:51
Personally I like this kind of stuff so I found this a quick little hot flash/game. I do enjoy the options they give you though honestly.
Curiosity 2013-09-16 10:07:27
Vaginal sex, click her toes then click the mystery button!
FreeC0CK 2013-09-16 11:19:47
More pls! this is sooooo perfect!!! bigger boobs maybe? something to change the size of her dick and boobs?
HornyGirlLilly 2013-09-16 14:13:31
I want to get fucked of both
alyssalovetattoe 2013-09-16 19:18:27
boring check my profile so we can have fun lol
Hyrule Navi 2013-09-16 20:53:02
Freaky sexy as hell!
dariaolsen 2013-09-16 21:39:26
i like when guys cum in my ass
ddddddd 2013-09-16 23:32:04
benzykat 2013-09-16 23:41:47
fun little game even if it doesn't do much
nathsan 2013-09-17 11:59:54
mmmm very nice game!
lol 2013-09-17 12:40:23
You can find the Autor @ mittsies.tumblr com
lol 2013-09-17 12:42:00
and furaffinity.net/user/mittsies/
marcelo 2013-09-17 14:49:06
que paja me voy a clavar pero no con esta boludez
SassyAudrey 2013-09-18 14:08:53
Short game, but very hot.
t_nadia 2013-09-19 09:42:07
fucking nice
carlorossi 2013-09-20 15:19:02
for footjobs clik watch and wait 5 minutes then click button mysterious
carlorossi 2013-09-20 15:24:21
I forgot to say that before you have to click on both feet
anonymous 2013-09-21 13:07:26
any girl wanna add my skype ? ;)
Sinner's Pride 2013-09-22 04:04:07
Pretty intuitive game, I must say. Various dialogue options, allowing you to customize your experience give MAJOR points, plus good graphics, though the scenario was pretty generic. Major fappability, customizable experience, and well-done, adjustable graphics bring this game to a 9 on the Sinner's Pride scale. Well done, Mittsies. The only thing that could have made this any better was a bit more length, and maybe had some form of story. (A good story in hentai? HAH!)
alyssalovetattoe 2013-09-24 04:40:16
nice game but i do more fun than that ,check my profile
ankit mukherjee 2013-09-24 13:19:03
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so nice wet pussy fuck
ShavedM 2013-09-26 16:55:11
ShavedM 2013-09-26 16:56:47
I like Miaka ahhhhhhh,she is so hot,girls look at my profile
t_nadia 2013-09-26 23:23:57
Ok, you guys got me, im a male. Im still going to comment thought
sweet becky 2013-09-28 12:41:54
awesome! u should add more games like this
suraj sukla 2013-09-30 16:24:01
good game
jjrocket2000 2013-10-10 19:07:47
i would like to see more futa porn games on this site that would be awsome
anon4 2013-10-10 19:48:19
Thats a trap not a futa
The music? 2013-10-14 06:59:43
music sauce?
Sexy Furry 2013-10-20 19:49:19
i love this game
ayusdin09 2013-12-08 04:34:35
who wants this game that will do it to your self
LOULTD PS3 2013-12-25 03:33:53
i found a version with vaginal only id tell you but i forgot the name of the site i found it on
sex man 222 2014-01-13 17:58:04
holy shit ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sage 2014-05-15 16:43:40
miaka is the shit shes actually from a anime called a space in tim
futafanlisa69 2014-07-17 01:50:11
short but fun
Sadei 2015-09-10 04:46:41
with the right set up, she is one of the hottest girls ive seen in a game.
sparda666 2018-07-01 00:53:50
she is hot even she has a dick...she is dam hot sexy love her
sparda666 2018-07-01 01:00:13
she is hot even she has a dick...she is dam hot sexy love her