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Milk Plant Part 5

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Secret torture laboratory keeps working. But our prisoner has been warming to all this perversions recently. Well... Today we'll do it simple without any freakish sex tools. Just a normal human sex. For this purpose, we've called an agent "Giant". He has a HUGE cock and can cumming all night long.
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Comments (190)
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hahahahaha 2008-12-04 03:41:15
i am the number one guy
lol 2008-12-04 03:59:59
finally someone trying to fuck her
2008-12-04 04:09:02
한국인 1빠
...zZz... 2008-12-04 04:39:12
holy shit there is a fifth part.
noob 2008-12-04 04:41:01
why doesnt see bite his dick off? lol
noob 2008-12-04 04:41:12
i mean she*
Hmmm 2008-12-04 04:41:29
Most interesting, this can be either really short or fairly long. Not bad at all really ( yes this is said after playing it through )
man of fire 2008-12-04 04:59:36
i luv this series but cant rly continue from that
Unknown 2008-12-04 05:14:49
Donny0474 2008-12-04 05:15:36
Now that's what i'm talking about lols
SEX Everyday 2008-12-04 06:31:57
Sex everyday, everyday ok
lovely1[STUART M] 2008-12-04 07:05:31
games are getting a bit monotonous, give us gamers more challenges please.
extrememike 2008-12-04 07:08:03
yo wat do u do after he fucks her and cums on her
lovely1[STUART M] 2008-12-04 07:17:50
awesome game, really excelled yourselves this time B UT sound would have been a LOT more interesting . keep up the good work and perhaps in Part.6 anal would be a treat.
adass 2008-12-04 08:23:27
yeah i fucked her in the mouth the boobs and the pussy but when the fucking alarm starts wtf shoud i do TELL PLZ
boy on th prairy 2008-12-04 09:18:28
im so fking horny bcus of th milk plants
Anniversary Guy 2008-12-04 11:19:52
Kick ass, definately worth my time.
joe 2008-12-04 11:36:04
what do after fuck
horny girl 2008-12-04 11:53:32
long load i hate dat shit im so horny my pussy is wet as hell
yurup 2008-12-04 12:17:13
this games are very good i like them maybe someone want to fuck with me
Donny0474 2008-12-04 13:39:18
Hey, did any one play her double, mouth and pussy at same time...
Honze 2008-12-04 14:33:15
dam it was good why not u put it in english so we can understand!!!!,,,,,
me 2008-12-04 14:41:00
bigrog6395 2008-12-04 15:09:46
i would have been boning her since part I, she hot for a cartoon
Anonymous 2008-12-04 15:25:43
this would be soo much better if there was sound and dialogue. I would come so much faster if I could here the grunts and moans and stuff. but this is great :)
phildo 2008-12-04 16:04:34
i wish these games had sound and btw for any girls out thre i am soooooooo horny drop me a message for a good time =)
jamie 2008-12-04 16:10:10
oooh phildo me to we should hook up
Lazaford 2008-12-04 16:10:59
Honze you cant ask them to Translate it into english if you cant write with literacy o.o;;
Lazaford 2008-12-04 16:12:39
And Bigrog and people who don't know this is Tifa Lockhart from Final fantasy 7 >
Kingman 2008-12-04 16:20:28
Eh, liked the others more. She's still HOT though! :P
krazy12111 2008-12-04 16:50:16
Loadind to long
hugewetpussy 2008-12-04 16:57:25
i need a lesbian girls message me\
panda boi 2008-12-04 17:23:13
i cant read the words
awsome O_O 2008-12-04 17:26:28
obama 2008-12-04 18:03:43
wow this is awesome
bigrog6395 2008-12-04 18:40:24
didn't know that cool
mr. drought 2008-12-04 18:45:40
who wants to suck my dick for 24 hour
mr. drought 2008-12-04 18:45:47
who wants to suck my dick for 24 hour
mr. drought 2008-12-04 18:46:05
who wants to suck my dick for 24 hour i put my
mr. drought 2008-12-04 18:46:12
who wants to suck my dick for 24 hour i put my dick in your
mr. drought 2008-12-04 18:46:20
who wants to suck my dick for 24 hour i put my dick in your pussy and make
Vixen 2008-12-04 18:54:22
I don't understand the whole milk outta tits thing. thought that was only for older women who've had kids. Milk has never came outta mine! lol
blackchibi001 2008-12-04 19:15:12
tis is fucking awesome!
MotherFucker 2008-12-04 19:17:01
fucking load
Anonymous 2008-12-04 19:21:40
Big ! Big ! Big !
blackguy 2008-12-04 19:29:56
which horny girl wants to try some chocolate ;)
blackguy 2008-12-04 19:31:24
i love wet pussies
glenfiddich 2008-12-04 20:12:57
good one
kento 2008-12-04 21:25:04
this game is awesome
Ziggyman205 2008-12-04 21:29:29
About time you bone that chick.
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