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Pinocchio's Birthday

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A whole new adventure of Pinocchio! Not anything like you remember from your childhood! Pinocchio is VERY concerned about his flaccid penis. None of the fairy tale characters want his weak noodle. But it all changes, when he asks fairy God mother for some... 'help'. Go around and fuck all the famous characters! Jerk off on people to make them fall in love with you and then fuck their brains out! Enjoy this free parody game!

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Lucas 2019-07-19 06:30:17
Best games for you >>> 1xgame.tk**Enjoy ;)
jackoffer 2019-04-08 03:57:35
I like this game
Power Lord 2019-04-03 04:02:07
This game looks Disgusting!
HornyDevil19 2019-04-03 01:08:45
hey G0D, you are either retarded or you blind, get the fuck outa here you retard, you wouldnt know an ok game if it hit you over the fucking head. this is trash af.
GoD SuX 2019-04-02 16:38:01
ok game otherwise but too long loads.
HornyDevil19 2019-04-01 23:00:46
who ever made this game needs to stop and go back to working on their graphics. all of the games this creator came out with so far are absolutely disgusting, dickhead even put in a footfetish button, makes allot of sense for someone who has a footfetish to come out with this work of shit. its all becoming clear now, these games were made for foot fetish freaks who are as disgusting as the art work in this game.
Myself 2019-03-31 21:42:10
This fucking game crashes a lot.
The thirst for first 2019-03-31 15:01:51
Wut is first?