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Sakyubasu No Tatakai I

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After 1000 years in exile, Eva has finally been freed from her captivity. After the death of her father, the Netherealm has been thrown into disarray. Can Eva restore her once great power, overcome her siblings, and rule again? Find out in the first part of Sakyubasu no Tatakai. Well. Actually, no, you won't find out because this is only part I.
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regladadar 2015-06-16 12:19:28
This game is awesome!! Check my profile!
Boarf 2013-12-09 17:52:51
The trick is to do and redo the parts you can manage until you have enough "souls" to gain abilities that can protect you. Quite a bit tedious.
kits01 2013-02-04 13:14:01
nice game , check my profile
snake2020611 2013-01-07 03:53:27
The screen is very small
frogman01 2012-11-18 10:44:28
guys does this games has sound or what
frogman01 2012-11-17 12:01:40
srs;y fuck this games to fucking hard to play
frogman01 2012-11-17 10:42:35
man this games is awesome but no sound
mariaprincess 2012-10-16 11:54:41
check my profile and let go for fun on cam
regladadar 2012-08-08 15:36:12
Very hard game but so fucking nice!! Check my profile plz!
biktori407 2012-07-29 14:14:38
Nc Game and pretty easy for me Just take long time if there was sound and some Help was way better =]]
Anonymous 2012-07-29 06:29:40
what a fuck
Anonymous 2012-07-29 06:09:10
How to play
cutie88 2012-07-26 21:35:16
plz add more games like this
Webb 2012-07-22 13:44:56
Pls help guys! How to kill Beezy?
Toxic 2012-07-21 10:56:50
This is way too damn hard. It's not even worth it. I'm finished with this crap.
marc 2012-07-20 05:52:59
how do you beat bizzy please tell me
katie_moore 2012-07-20 04:17:41
someone messege me
flo 2012-07-18 22:46:46
anyone can tell me how to beat the mask pls?:D (awsome game *-* sex & action)
michael14 2012-07-18 01:57:13
don't jump but dash
Scot.T 2012-07-18 01:56:54
great game dont give up on it, worth playing
mac 2012-07-17 19:18:05
i try jumping over the shield bee but i cant make it over
sweet becky 2012-07-17 14:05:50
good game... made me wet
juicyboy 2012-07-17 13:37:26
Hi girlz, I m big male, I want to c.u.m for you only for girlz I ve got webcam, for girlz with webcam too..ONLY GIRLZ any age, join me to have fun 8======D warm kiss for you Girlz :)
michael14 2012-07-17 01:11:48
AdellB 2012-07-17 00:59:42
Hey to beat the bee girl with the shield just stand there and when she does her sword move jump over her and hit hit hit
Flipe 2012-07-16 14:48:42
How can you beat the red mask fire-breathing demon Coliseum?... to Red mask always kills me. Fire fire fire aaaaaaaaaaaaaah Game over
hotmarina33 2012-07-15 20:40:17
nice game
handsomeguy46 2012-07-15 14:38:10
im love this game
michael14 2012-07-14 02:38:10
goed game but it require a lot of skills
cutie88 2012-07-13 11:27:48
enjoyed it
(F)Lupe 2012-07-13 08:57:32
this game is pretty fun! :O
yaxin 2012-07-13 01:21:08
how to get behind bee shielder
fucking anonymous 2012-07-12 18:50:18
what happened to the original red riding hood for the logo?
VINDETTA 2012-07-12 18:35:52
How Bezzes asassins must kill?
bit 2012-07-11 09:05:47
this game is too hard .....
Anonymous 2012-07-11 08:22:03
This game does not work. I have the latest Adobe, and it's not working
Anonymous 2012-07-11 01:12:34
amazing sex scenes i should know i f*cked all of the bosses and finished this part of the game
Jolly Roja 2012-07-10 08:37:05
Amazing game! Had to stop twice to clean up before finishing it LOL
Indignated Gamer 2012-07-09 14:50:15
If you have read the warning you'll know that this game is stolen
dariaolsen 2012-07-09 11:49:51
excellent! please add more games like this
Talin 2012-07-09 11:02:50
Lol, Gorepete call you guys out on that one. Seriously, go to the forum, you'll probably be able to play the new one AS HE'S MAKING IT and help shape the game by giving lots of feedback. like me and a few other hundred people did with this one. Although it's funny, this site keeps stealing games and one of these days it's going to be from a pay-to-play like Meet-N-Fuck only they'll have the balls to sue.
MurrayJane 2012-07-09 06:38:40
Someone should let the Japanese know that games are supposed to be fun. That's why they put people in lobster tanks or vats of hot water in all their game shows. Just playing this game is taking part in sadomasochism.
pissed guy 2012-07-09 03:57:44
how the fuck do u get passed the stupid ass fairy!!!!! plz some one help shit
hh 2012-07-09 03:32:31
how do you get pass the fairy?
Anonymous 2012-07-09 02:07:05
great game, one of the best ever. hope part 2 wont be as hard
AcexSpade 2012-07-08 23:13:51
Go on legendofkrystal forums to know how to kill the bosses or to have some advices
anonymeous 2012-07-08 22:27:53
how do you beat the guardian with shield? it follows all my moves
anonymeous 2012-07-08 19:36:49
the angel boss is craaaazy... ;) amazing game though
Anonymous 2012-07-08 17:03:59
how to get behind bee shielder
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