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Spiderman Blackcat Fellatio

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Another modification of Fellatio X2 game. This time you play as Spiderman. You should help him to force Catgirl doing a blowjob. Put your cock deep inside her throat and present that bitch with a great portion of hot sperm :)
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Comments (148)
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dariaolsen 2010-03-11 17:30:49
spiderman is back!!! lol
SexGamesAreForLosers 2010-03-11 17:34:46
Leave your mothers basement nerds! See that big bright thing in the sky, its called the sun! Get a life all
wow 2010-03-11 18:13:37
IM numbah 3 biches these felatio games r starting to be anoyying
ZEro 2010-03-11 18:15:24
@dariaolsen hey
SECRETS OF DEADLY SEX 2010-03-11 18:15:54
hmm .... i think that was nice .. but played better before .. + we played smthing same before :P
rick 2010-03-11 19:07:31
por que siempre ponen demos carjo misios
badboy4ever 2010-03-11 19:23:19
Hmmm, any girl here to give me a deepthroat like this?
nice 2010-03-11 19:34:20
good game
Cassidy 2010-03-11 19:41:00
Liked it :)
Cassidy 2010-03-11 19:41:33
@ badboy4ever: I do. I could do even better ;)
codylicious19 2010-03-11 19:43:19
good games i like it.....hmmm cassidy i love to have a deepthroat from make me hard with that pic
addict 2010-03-11 20:35:46
same screen difer char
cutie88 2010-03-11 20:36:08
mmmm i like to give a deepthroat
Big Black Dick 2010-03-11 21:38:43
Whoo-Whoo Spider-Man rocks. Fuck that girl's mouth
Big Black Dick 2010-03-11 21:39:41
You know nobody can fuck a girl's better (except for me) then Spider-Man
badboy4ever 2010-03-11 22:13:39
@ cassidy really? Would proof it? Just thinking bout it makes me hard, and if u do even better i would make u scream licking and fucking u ;)
alexthehuge 2010-03-11 22:45:11
oh yes now that is deepthroat
lolz 2010-03-11 22:50:05
Anonymous 2010-03-11 23:23:49
this is turning into a porn meme
well 2010-03-11 23:52:35
atleast they changed the dialouge
T1H2xT43 2010-03-12 02:21:03
mmm... i would love for one of you ladies to suck my dick
Angela Star 2010-03-12 02:41:58
i wanna suck like that ;P check profile for more info ;D
Furryboy 2010-03-12 03:47:53
spiderman can do what ever a spider can... but that girl can deepthroat a cock like i never knew possible
Rob33 2010-03-12 04:11:58
i am sure you'd be able to give it a good go Angela.
SOA510 2010-03-12 04:50:20
yea i liked it that chik looked fine but its just like the other game with the fox and aligator
Bill 2010-03-12 05:14:47
I'd love a chick to suck me like that.
fuckimbored 2010-03-12 05:56:13
stop these fuckin fellatio ! its the same .wtf ye guys thinkin
gatorfan 2010-03-12 06:26:19
it was ok
Jose64 2010-03-12 07:12:17
i wanna to be suck like that! Check profile Maybe we can Plan Something....
sexycaroline 2010-03-12 07:12:26
this is probably the best out of the three, but i still think i can do better ;)
e36fan 2010-03-12 07:13:02
I love it!
hollyjt 2010-03-12 08:11:17
I can do deepthroat better than that also all I need now is someone to test it on
4nication 2010-03-12 08:29:45
check my profile for pics
10 inch Mitch 2010-03-12 08:35:54
Wow they must be getting desperate to rip off the same game twice!
Anon 2010-03-12 09:29:08
This is another fuckin' version of Krystal Fellatio.....guys....can't u b original....just changing d characters wont make it a better game...
Me 2010-03-12 09:39:22
I've just cum in my girlfriend mouth. Wow!!! lot of sperm.
SexTeen 2010-03-12 09:39:52
It was cute, Loved her tits.
hollyjt 2010-03-12 10:56:41
I could even put on a super hero suit... I loved his cock
codylicious19 2010-03-12 11:40:25
hmmm...hllyjt you are a sexxy woman and horny .....i like love to do me a deeptroath
xxXEveryone-wants-meXxx 2010-03-12 12:22:41
Hmmm i so fucking hard right now! check my profile and watch me cumming ;)
sweet becky 2010-03-12 13:58:17
so much cum...the final scene is AWESOME
personaltrainer 2010-03-12 14:33:24
i like how her eyes popp out when she deepthroats his cock! any girl wanna deepthroat my hard cock like that?
WildAnimal 2010-03-12 14:54:21
It's getting old :P
Strokin4Fems 2010-03-12 15:00:00
Check out my profile ladies. Love to play with you.
rater 2010-03-12 18:05:36
cassidy i rate ur tits a 9 out of 10 babe ;)
hawaii808 2010-03-12 18:15:14
any girls wanna try that on me? hit me up baby
t_nadia 2010-03-12 18:36:21
it's so huge
Daimian 2010-03-12 20:18:13
Another Riku deepthroat clone.... and I thought that people would think that putting on that StarFox themed one would put a top on the clone limits... where are the Original Content? but hey, its a good game either way.
hollyjt 2010-03-13 00:24:59
You can play with me all night long with that cock strokin4fems
hollyjt 2010-03-13 00:24:59
You can play with me all night long with that cock strokin4fems
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