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Teen Rebecca

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The main goal of this game is to blackmail gorgeous teen Rebecca into shooting porn with main hero. After you've done the first part you have to fuck her and fill her with sperm until she gets pregnant.
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aisy 2013-12-16 17:08:03
Not bad.steamy
Rom 2013-12-16 18:10:22
That's pretty bad .. No story (other than text intro), bad controls ..
Evil Dave 2013-12-16 18:33:26
Pretty average. Was interested for about 30 seconds.
dickens 2013-12-16 19:04:36
awesome game in my opinion creampies always make me horny
sweet becky 2013-12-16 21:02:47
loved anal option
bigballsbreeder 2013-12-16 21:25:25
mhhhmmm, nothing as good as an impregnation hit me up and ill knock you up;)
STATHAM 2013-12-16 22:43:10
Not bad hoped there was more to it.
Hyrule Navi 2013-12-16 22:46:37
This game is interesting....but fun ;)
Dickens 2013-12-16 22:54:27
The sex is hot and the impregnation thing is a big turn on for me
Madlord 2013-12-16 23:35:35
I wouldn't care very much about this game if it didn't play to my fetish. It's fortunate that it does play to my fetish thus: fap, fap, fap.
Baron Horatio Von Fluffypants 2013-12-17 02:49:58
How the hell do you play this?
no sound 2013-12-17 03:47:12
audio pls
lol 2013-12-17 04:57:37
really u idiots fund away to improve this crap? it still sucks
Anirban 2013-12-17 08:28:28
I want to fuck you
Jack 2013-12-17 12:53:54
Anirban, and i want to fucked by you---
sparkle 2013-12-17 16:32:50
he want to see this pretty pussy ?
t_nadia 2013-12-17 21:55:42
it was fun
anon mouse 2013-12-17 23:56:41
just right click and select `forward`from the menu, and itll take you to the end of the game, after that it unlocks the Bonus feature, basically all the controls available.
Pick PIck 2013-12-19 03:18:17
I give this gave a 1.
hiyofr 2013-12-19 06:39:20
lolz.... this game had the worst storyline ever. right-click, and choose forward, then skip to the bonus scene.
Play through. 2013-12-20 09:48:46
If you click to the end, you'll miss the back and forth to push deeper (X-ray vision) and the sperm boosters that make his nuts bigger.
samaraluv 2013-12-20 18:16:08
loved the game got me reeeaaaall hot who wants to fuck me!!!
Rocy 2013-12-21 05:18:41
Hw to dowlod this game
iiSexii 2013-12-21 22:18:21
Alright :p
Nah 2013-12-22 00:42:28
In what country would this be a plausible story?
dariaolsen 2013-12-22 11:43:50
would love to get fucked like that
sue 2013-12-24 11:20:12
```````is ok so dood
s1ut 2013-12-25 08:20:54
How do you play?
Skylar 2013-12-26 10:55:59
Impregnation is sort of bad if it's forced, It can lead to abortions.. but if you WANT it.. that's totally different. This douchebag MADE her pregnant without her wanting, it's quite cruel if you think about it.
Chris 2014-01-01 21:56:38
Getting girls pregnant is a super turn on for me, especially if you get to fuck them while their preggers
super_cool 2014-01-24 07:34:17
any girls interested in dicks?
_Destiny_ 2014-01-26 04:37:08
not too bad love the anal option I wish they did more to it I feel like something was missing
-AztronX- 2014-02-02 17:07:25
not so bad at all but it is better if it is in real: =D.Ha!,girls are the hot stuff.,=P
pussydestroyer 2014-02-12 18:06:58
god i came 6 times when i was on the pregnant option. couln't stop getting hard
sex-beast 2014-03-02 05:42:09
super cool, i am;)
Donna 2014-03-15 09:57:13
Your answer lifts the inlecligente of the debate.
Dorothy 2014-03-15 21:28:12
I secrehad a bunch of sites and this was the best.
Davit 2014-03-17 04:43:00
Aurora Myers-WaltersOmg Jake your actually in Japan Wow we all thoguh you were lying cause Sam and Talita saw you on thaa weekend. Hope you had fun or still having fun
Mr.Goke 2014-06-15 10:26:31
Hot game it was fun