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Victims of Forest Monster (Part 2)

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Time to visit our forest tentacle monster once again. A fresh sexy victim are waiting him for today. She is noble thief who has stole a biggest diamond of the greedy king. But she made a fatal mistake! She asked for help our perverted monster. Play the game and you will see what happened next :)
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Stephen 2015-02-20 14:06:33
Always rerhsefing to hear a rational answer.
Ricardo 2015-02-20 00:51:32
Thanky Thanky for all this good inframotion!
Reham 2014-06-23 20:24:33
People norllmay pay me for this and you are giving it away!
Gennosuke1919 2012-08-01 15:54:51
Very good game!!!
Hillfingr 2011-10-01 02:29:48
jizz all over i luv it!!!
hotassguy 2011-08-07 08:29:21
MorbidSock 2010-11-28 08:59:27
If you save all of them up you can have Big Climax its very juicey
yhyh 2010-08-14 12:44:54
i wish some thing lik that happen to me
jj 2010-06-23 00:00:35
Great Game right click and play
laura 2010-05-26 13:02:24
very hot game ewri van gilsr sexy
THetruthis 2010-04-06 14:49:29
Game would've been better with some sound .
bob 2010-04-06 12:16:29
Great, just needs sound
sweet becky 2010-02-27 21:21:05
it must be incredible feeling
some1 2010-02-21 15:49:36
where is that girl from?
some1 2010-02-21 15:29:01
where is that girl from?
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Anonymous 2009-12-24 12:36:39
Good game ^u^
celia_mendoza31 2009-12-13 15:03:34
check my profile
XXX 2009-11-06 15:11:25
when will monster forest 4 will be made
dariaolsen 2009-10-18 13:53:15
no more tentacles plz more cocks!
Honsundug 2009-10-11 02:03:53
Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also...
Anonymous 2009-09-16 22:44:23
needs sound
autoauctions 2009-09-14 02:16:27
ohhh nice info
cid 2009-08-22 19:15:58
make part 4 nice game
sweet becky 2009-08-16 15:18:28
fill my holes too
cock sucker 2009-08-13 11:03:45
Instructions: After the battle starts push d. It sets you in attack mode or something Then rapidly click on the hot babe until you get your prize...fucking her.
t_nadia 2009-08-02 11:48:57
oh i'm so horny now
hmm 2009-07-27 12:18:07
Ok, I found the actual game... but it's censored! How to remove it? lol
cutie88 2009-07-17 14:35:12
very exciting!!!
DirtyStOn3r 2009-07-08 05:00:58
Makes my pussy all wet!
k0706 2009-07-05 11:48:04
good game
Kannonpq 2009-06-20 17:04:34
as usal just press x then click her top and u can see her breasts jiggle in the fight keep clicking her bottom to see her panties then ull own her teice as fast
franchezka_ronin 2009-06-17 20:37:21
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Eclipse 2009-06-15 05:13:15
Point and click with mouse to attack andarouse her to get options. Buttons for attack modes a- all purpose attack (yellow) s- spell counter (blue) d- attack only (red) z- interrupt (purple) x- armor only (green)
Anonymous 2009-06-11 02:24:26
She starts to like it after you cum on her enough
Anonymous 2009-06-08 15:23:30
Oh, I noticed that if you tease her all the way to anal, and keeps cumming in her until she gets big, she'll start looking terrified, and when taken out, she'll kinda look relieved. *___* Now THAT is a turn on.
Anonymous 2009-06-08 15:19:05
What hentaisama said about her stomach bigger when cumming in her, I had to check it out, damn, so awesome. I love to see her eyes go all blurry. It's frickin' sexy. Would have been more sexy if her agonising screams had become moanings of pleasure in this. That would have been such a turn on.
TNA 2009-06-02 17:26:22
Fuckin that sexy over and over again cummin all over the ground and her. Thats Whats Up
bochi 2009-05-07 20:52:41
i luv these victims of the forest games. bein' a monster wuz never so much fun!
Shine 2009-05-01 18:35:22
u click on her to attack n click the circles to block her attacks
Masafagger 2009-04-10 13:08:15
really great game
B 2009-04-05 17:53:26
Holy crap there's a lot of cum that flies out when you pull out of her ass!
Anonymous 2009-04-04 13:59:40
ncie job!!! waiting for part 3!
Dani-xXx-Cock 2009-04-04 09:10:40
Its Good ... I Wana Fuck A Pussy .. Any Girls Want To Chat ??
XdieselX 2009-04-03 23:23:40
Nice Game . I love It . XD ^^
X 2009-04-03 21:23:55
VASTLY easier than the mage one, the mage is is nigh impossible to beat legitimately.
MIS 2009-04-03 20:30:00
No tiene musica }:) pobresito ehhhhhhhhh Dont have music pureeeeeeeeeeee x:d Oi, no tem lirta nosaaaaaaa.
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