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Decoy Princess

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This a horrible disaster for the King and his kingdom when a mighty dragon steals his beloved princess and turns her into its own sex doll. One princess was pissed off of this practice, and she decide to replace herself with a fake princess. This is an interesting story with the pixel art sex scenes. Have a fun.
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Duh 2018-06-19 21:08:34
so am I the only one thats gonna point out the style and stolen sprites from chrono trigger
someone 2018-04-17 21:24:52
s hilarious as this is, it's also a very good story (comparatively speaking) that could warrant some further discussion. For example, did Marilyn get what she deserved in the end? It could be argued that she's going through the same thing she tried to make Katrina go through, and that every aspect of her situation was brought on by her (the ropes were her idea, and the dragons were lured over because she told Katrina to "wave" to them), but it could also be argued that if she hadn't tried to do that, she might have been kidnapped eventually anyway. Also, was the maid doing the right thing by t...
A. Nonymous 2018-03-02 01:57:49
I face palmed so many times at this, I knocked myself unconscious.
anon 2018-02-12 20:11:14
I love that the dragons theme is just the last level in goldeneye 64
Ben 2018-02-04 19:12:37
This doesn't even come close to being a game, it's just a bunch of cutscenes with arrows to move through it like a video. If there was some sort of actual interaction I wouldn't be leaving this comment.
Anon 2018-01-30 23:02:57
Don't you fucking put this shit on us queer people. We don't want it anymore than you.
meh 2018-01-29 19:08:33
not fapable what are u gay
AliceBloom 2018-01-29 18:33:49
hilarious. not really fappable, but still hilarious.
J J Abrams 2018-01-29 08:56:27
Whom do I approach for the movie rights to this masterpiece of modern storytelling?
rolfstomp 2018-01-29 08:25:55
hilarious. not really fappable, but still hilarious.
Beh 2018-01-29 08:22:17
This was... something.
So 2018-01-29 01:08:34
Basically skyrim mods in a nutshell
huh 2018-01-28 22:02:02
so I am fapping to pixels.
first 2018-01-28 21:02:22
1st also If only this was a hentai version