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Spaceship Hijack

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An alien hijacked a space ship and captured one of the crew :)
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LisaPhilips 2019-02-13 12:59:27
Hi, bоys! Find mу photоs hеrе -->
Anom 2015-12-27 09:35:31
Good graphics, but not much options. :-( Like the concept though, if I were a alien hijacking a ship there'd be a lot of female members disappearing. Or better yet, coming back with a present in their bellies. ;-)
avatar 2015-12-24 16:21:20
nice sound fx :)
sd45t-2 2015-12-24 14:34:32
This is not a game!!!!!!!!!!1
none 2015-12-24 10:57:54
the things this site posts :(
RumbleRon 2015-12-24 10:05:37
god knows whats going on here
rmlong1974 2015-12-24 05:09:45
Nice graphics but to short, no options so kind of lame
Stupid is 2015-12-24 03:33:47
As stupid does. And this game is stupid.
nokaram sanim 2015-12-24 01:11:39
click run this time up the page
nokaram sanim 2015-12-24 01:08:52
shadow click read
klotto 2015-12-23 23:14:37
Anon 2015-12-23 22:13:00
Bottom right corner of the game has 2 buttons that allow you to zoom in and cum
lycan1953 2015-12-23 21:56:43
What are you supposed to do?
Hotbigcock 2015-12-23 21:31:14
This game is too short...little bit pathetic
lycan1953 2015-12-23 21:21:47
What do you do to get started?
Elton Teo 2015-12-23 19:27:54
screwfirst 2015-12-23 19:27:28
nobody is first so shut up